VA scandal a preview of Obamacare
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The Veterans Administration is the second largest bureaucracy in the country and the canary in the coal mine for healthcare in America. It only serves nine million veterans and veterans are dying on waiting lists to see doctors. This is death by bureaucracy!

The bureaucracy needed to oversee Obamacare will quickly become 10 times larger than the Veterans Administration bureaucracy. Can you imagine the frustration, red tape and waiting lists if Obamacare is not repealed and 300 million Americans will be at the mercy of what will be the largest bureaucracy in the country?

Conservatives have been warning of the horrendous effects of Obamacare and fought against it since day one. We now have a perfect example of how Obamacare will affect us all. It’s time for all Americans to wake up and realize that the uncaring incompetence of The Veterans Administration bureaucracy is what you can expect from Obamacare.

Conrad Quagliaroli


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June 03, 2014
Quagliaroli, did you serve in uniform? Were you wounded in combat? Did what you saw in combat cause you PTSD? Are you an old veteran who needs cancer treatment?

Then shut up.

just sayin
May 30, 2014
There is absolutely no comparison between the single payer VA system and private health care system of The Affordable Care Act. Many of the problems with the VA can be traced back to funds being blocked or cut by the Republican Congress. The escalating cost of veteran health care is a good argument against future unnecessary military adventures. A nation that is constantly at war cannot operate a health care system for veterans on the cheap to make conservative politicians look good. Our veterans deserve the very best of medical care regardless of the cost.
Red Westside
May 30, 2014
Obamacare requires uninsured people to get PRIVATE insurance. The idea is that there is less burden on the rest of us if uninsured people get coverage and pay SOMETHING. Since Reagan signed the "Anti Patient Dumping" law in '87, insured people have had to pay for those who had no insurance. Hospitals have to care for anyone that shows up in their emergency room. Ppl w/out insurance use the ER as a primary care physician because of that law.

The VA is government run and totally funded by tax money. Obamacare isn't government run and ppl have to pay their own premiums. Actually, Romney invented Obamacare; Romney had a nearly identical program in Massachusetts when he was governor. Why not call it Romneycare?

Of course, there would be less VA problems if we didn't get into two wars that had nothing to do with catching the people who bombed the towers on 911. Why not demand that your senator propose a tax bill to pay for more and better VA staff, equipment, and hospitals? If you want something to happen, man up and pay for it.

All your gloom and doom has not one idea to help fix the VA problem, and not clue on what Obamacare is about.

It is a wonderful analogy, the canary in the coal mine, but it isn't reality.

People who callthemselves 'Conservative' hate Obamacare for one reason: A democrat signed the bill into law.
John Ward
May 30, 2014
Fiar View
May 30, 2014
Red Westside, you are exactly correct. I will add that anyone who was under the care of the VA knows they have had problems with giving timely, quality care for over 60 yrs. My Mother said in the 1950s it was a fight for my Grandfather at the ATL VA every time he went. Also, Congress, Bush and Obama were warned by some within the gov't that the number of veterans needing care would be drastically increasing with the useless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those warnings were ignored and now all that anyone in Congress wants to do is point fingers, form committees and have hearings.

I have a solution- FIX THE DANG PROBLEM NOW!

Finally, it seems that everyone bashing the Affordable Healthcare Act forgets that Medicare is a government program AND a single payer system. The Medicare recipient can get a supplemental policy to cover the 20%, which Medicare does not pay, but it is a SINGLE payer program. The ACA is not.

Also, the ACA is not perfect, but Congress should work together to improve, not just vote to eliminate it. If U.S. citizens had waited for Republicans to help with people who could not buy insurance, especially those with preexisting conditions, we would still be waiting. And using health insurance savings accounts is not a solution. Expecting anyone (except the wealthy, who can buy health insurance without a problem) to save up enough money to pay for example heart bypass surgery or cancer treatment is absurd and not obtainable.
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