Obamacare battle shifts to Medicaid expansion
by Kevin Foley
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Credit the anti-Obamacare misinformation minions for doing a fine job stoking fear, anger and confusion over the Affordable Care Act.

Just have a look at some of the comments from MDJ readers if you don’t believe me:

“You … make it sound like all you have to do is pay $45-$105 monthly premium and you’re done! All medical work is covered! Yes, you can get a physical, but what if you have a cold, break an arm, get cancer?”

Fact: This reader has confused Obamacare with the junk health insurance it outlawed. If you purchase health insurance under Obamacare, any ailment or injury is covered. The deductible you pay depends on the insurance you purchase, nothing new.

“Hope you don’t need medical care or you might find that whatever you have is not covered, or that there has been an error and you are not covered for anything, or that the closest hospital to you that is ‘your plan’ is in the next county.”

Fact: Whatever you “have” is covered by health insurers and virtually every hospital accepts federal exchange insurers like Humana and Blue Cross-Blue Shield as payers.

In addition, important preventative services are now available at no cost to families with health insurance.

“The last thing a 27 (year old) earning $25,000 per year is looking for, or even understands, is a so-called ‘tax credit’ since they don’t itemize their tax returns.”

Fact: If it reduces the cost of their health insurance by 50 percent or more, young adults will learn to itemize.

Right wing pundits and politicians tried mightily to exploit the prejudices and resentment of conservatives. Alas, they failed.

More than seven million Americans enrolled for health insurance by the March 31st deadline; 11 million if you include Medicaid expansion.

Naturally, conservative commentators baselessly called the enrollment figure “a phony number,” to quote Charles Krauthammer on Fox News this week (notice how they’re always projecting their own dishonesty?).

Let’s hope consumers of conservative media start asking themselves why Krauthammer, Limbaugh, Coulter and all the rest relentlessly denigrated something that helps so many Americans.

Why do they favor denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, or allowing insurers to set lifetime limits on claims — or making women pay more for health insurance than men — practices now banned under Obamacare?

While these nabobs impotently rail on about the “evils” of Obamacare, Democrats have shifted their attention to Medicaid expansion.

Most Republican governors have rejected expansion, including Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, five of the poorest and sickest states in the country.

Their intransigence is nakedly political, backed up by more falsehoods. For example, Gov. Nathan Deal said he doesn’t trust the feds to cover 100 percent of expansion’s costs in the first three years, and 90 percent thereafter.

But Deal knows Georgia can opt out if Washington fails to deliver.

So Georgia Republicans said no to 70,000 new jobs, $276 million in new local and state tax revenues and the $8 billion economic impact Medicaid expansion would create, according to a study done by Dr. Bill Custer, the state’s top healthcare economist.

One conservative governor who did see the light is Jan Brewer. She expanded Medicaid, a decision universally applauded by Arizona’s business and health care leaders.

Brewer understands federal tax dollars paid by Arizonans were taking a one-way trip to Washington to pay for Medicaid expansion in Democratically-controlled states such as California, New York and Illinois.

Not accepting federal funding, reasoned Brewer, was dumber than a box of rocks, which brings us back to Deal and the legislature.

You conservative Georgia voters are already paying for Medicaid expansion in Blue States, and Democrats thank you kindly.

Maybe you should tune out the pundits and demand Georgia’s Republican leaders bring some of your tax dollars home.

Kevin Foley is an author, writer and public relations executive who lives in Kennesaw.
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April 05, 2014

Minister of Propaganda for the current regime.
Laura Armstrong
April 04, 2014
In the latest on Obama and the Democrats' "war on women" the unemployment rate for women rose last month from 6.4 percent to 6.6 percent, meaning 180,000 women lost their jobs due largely to the failed policies of this president and his joke of a health care takeover. But not to worry, as prominent Democrats say women trying to feed their families should be HAPPY to be home, because now we can do crafts with our kids and find time to can vegetables like Michelle does with her garden or some other such baloney.
Papermill Gal
April 04, 2014
As reported today and yesterday, when Obama minions could not get enough people to sign up for their substandard, expensive, government forced "health care" they simply started the application process for selected citizens, notifying them by mail that the process was underway.

How's that for controlling our lives, the long arm of the feds reaching out to "help" us??? Kevin, any time someone needs to say "clearly" or "Fact:" it's always a complete load of dung. MDJ, lose this guy before he writes ONE MORE TIME about FOX news. Please.
dixie boy
April 04, 2014
Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana may be poor, sick and dumb but we're darn proud of it, dang nabbit! It's our heritage.
Charlie Kandul
April 04, 2014
Dear Mr. Foley,

I am amazed that you have yet to pick up a pencil and paper and begin doing some basic math, a calculator would make the assumption this is difficult addition and subtraction. Mr. Brumby and Kettle would turn over in the grave knowing that you are distorting the facts and misleading the public.

1. This is not Democrats and Republicans, this is my parents and my children.

2. The cost of insurance has sky rocketed since the passage of the affordable care act. 5 years ago, I paid $2,500 a year for a family of 4, with no deductible. Our policies now require deductibles and we pay $8,800 a year, before insurance kicks in - Sir if you think that is affordable, I will be sending my application into the Journal to be your assitant, you are making far to much money.

3. A financially challenged woman was in front of me at the doctors office last week, she was very sick. You said she signed up for the $100 a month ObamaCare, the person behind the counter said yes, but you have a $6,000 deductible.

4. This woman and myself have the same problem, we both can say we have insurance, but when it comes to visiting the doctor neither one of us has functional insurance!

5. The President could have saved the American people Billions of dollars if he would have just passed a law that said Insurance Companies must accept people with pre-existing conditions and they can't charge people more for it.

My challenge to you sir is state the facts, not your opinion. When you write you are referencing Universal Health Insurance, not the Affordable Care Act. I read your article and it is simply highlighting the fact that our education system is failing and we should turn our attention to fixing our problems and not creating new ones.

Thank you.
April 04, 2014
Agreed. Otis would not be happy with this editorializing. In fact, he would say, "Where are the local columns? Try writing a column without mentioning FOX news. Don't attack our readers! Controversy is ok, but don't libel people."

I knew Otis Brumby, and he would NOT be happy with you Mr. Foldy.
Kevin Foley
April 05, 2014
Dear Mr. Kandul - When I receive a respectful note like yours I will reply. I have distorted nothing. You have me confused with conservative columnists like Ann Coulter.

1. This is about ensuring that as many people as possible have health insurance, the next best thing to universal. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

2. You are correct. I wrote recently how my company's insurance premiums were jacked up more than 40% since ACA was signed into law. Now that it is the law, insurers must justify rate hikes. As for deductibles, the better your policy, the lower they are. However, under ACA, you and your family receive a number of basic preventative services at no cost and your medication co-pays are the same.

3. I never said a financially challenged woman could buy insurance for $100. I said a 27-year-old male could to ensure if he broke his back his family wouldn't be bankrupted paying for his care. If the financially challenged woman qualifies, she can sign up for Medicaid.

4. No, you have functional insurance. You are mistaken.

5. The president doesn't pass laws. The president is trying to "fix" the runaway costs of healthcare in America. Again, the real solution is universal healthcare.

I state facts to support my opinions. You have me confused with Mel Fein.

Thank you.
Ben Twomey
April 07, 2014
Kevin, you say you present facts. When are you going to start?

You are deliberately calling this man a liar, and offering liberal talkng points in an attempt to agrue with his personal knowledge and experience of his situation.

How totally pathetic you look.

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