Obama defender learned new word from Rev. Price
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DEAR EDITOR: Re: Maria Acevedo letter to editor, “Price not living up to higher standards like pastor should,” Tuesday’s MDJ

Ms. Acevedo would do well to exhibit some intelligence here and answer her own question: “Does Rev. Price and do the Republicans want military confrontation?”

First, you can’t exclude Democrats, Libertarians or any other party for that matter, as they all have members who disagree on the question of intervention. Everyone I know personally or engage in conversation on this subject is absolutely against intervention. Therefore I can reasonably conclude that this consensus can be largely applied across the political spectrum. That Ms. Acevedo includes all Republicans in her assumption shows very little faith on her part.

I read Rev. Price’s columns every week. The good reverend writes articles covering a wide range of narratives, all ending on a positive note. “Diatribes”? Look it up.

Again, Ms. Acevedo incriminates without factual basis. The new word she learned this week (“solipsism”) applies very much to Obama. She should examine any number of her president’s speeches and observe the inordinate number of personal pronouns he uses. For him, it really is about him.

Incidentally, many in his own party apply the label “weak” to his responses to global situations, not just Republicans.

Note also, Rev. Price is retired from full-time pastoring, meaning, he is free to express his opinion on political subjects as much as John Doe. However, Rev. Price speaks with gauged clarity and pastoral caring when speaking on subjects that appeal to, or affect, the general populace. He is not belittling Barack Obama; Barack does that to himself with his style of leadership.

Rather, Dr. Price issues warnings that need to be heeded and spiritual advice that should be learned. When viewed through a lens, all the work Dr. Price has done in, and for, the community over the years, any reasoned person can conclude that he is all about love, not war.

Tony Maddox


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March 28, 2014
It is very simple to check the Reverend's credibility. Check his column in 2008 and see if he felt George W. Bush was weak and feckless when Vladimir the Russian bear invaded Georgia. My guess is he was smothering Bush with honors and praise!
Kevin Foley
March 28, 2014
The right wingers didn't give a hoot when Putin invaded Georgia. But when he annexes Crimea, where the majority population self-identify as Russian and where Russia bases its Black Sea fleet, Obama is "weak."

More of the same double standard.

I'd love to know (and I have yet to hear) what you conservatives believe the president should do about Putin/Crimea.

Red Westside
March 29, 2014
So soon as we know, we will relay it from Fox studios. We won't know until we are told what he should have done, after the fact. Hannity and Rush et al will hook us up with all we need to know.

Thank God we don't have to think about this, because it gets complicated if you do. Glen Beck will sort it all out.

We will have to wait and see what Obama does before we decide what he should have done. Geez Kevin, you want us to predict the future? Give me a break. I don't know what the geniuses at fox wilol come up with tomorrow based on what Obama or Hillary does today. It should be enough for you to know that Obama will do the wrong thing, because that is the way we see it. No need for honest debate with premises and logic; the no spin zone will reveal one highly spun side for us. That eliminates the confusion in the marketplace of ideas.

Because, after all, the ends justify the means, and the ends are impeachment of someone who, despite all manner of evidence to the contrary, is: a Moslem, an Athiest, a Communist, a Socialist, a Kenyan, and he is trying to destroy the country to make himself great. (Well, I am not really sure why he is DELIBERATELY set on destroying the US, but that is what he is up to.)

I know because Rafael 'Ted' Cruz told me. And because functionaries of Australian Rupert Murdoch's "news" outlets say so. Cruz's father fought with Castro in Cuba against Batista. Cruz's dad was IN FACT a genuine, dyed in the wool COMMUNIST and Cruz himself was born in Canada. But that doesn't matter, because God watches Fox news. And Murdoch only got citizenship so that he could buy more media outlets, but who cares to wonder if he would rather that Australia be the only Super Power instead of the US? But I digress...

Ok, here it is:

1. Putin invades Crimea.

2. ????

3. Putin changes his mind and retreats.

Did I answer your question Kevin?

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East Cobb Senior
March 29, 2014
@Kevin Foley & @anonymous, When Putin invaded Georgia, his intention was to completely annex that country back into the old Soviet Union. U.S. military intervention was not an option then or now as a response to Putin's invasion of the Crimea. However, contrary to the uninformed FOLEY and ANONYMOUS, George W. Bush did immediately return, with U.S. military planes, all Georgian troops fighting in Afghanistan back to Georgia to repel Russian aggression. He also supplied these troops with the military hardware necessary to support that effort. The result was stopping Putin in his tracks.

Obama on the other hand, when asked by the Ukrainian President for military hardware to support defending the Ukraine from Russian aggression, gives MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat). Go figure, Obama's response versus George W. Bush's response. The feckless, weak, incompetent Obama has sent a message to our enemies that it's "Open Season" to do whatever you want wherever you want, whenever you want and if we don't like it we'll certainly tell you so with the same hollow rhetoric Chamberlain spewed to Hitler. Assad, the Redline is if you use chemical Weapons, Iran, we'll use force if you continue to develop nuclear weapons, North Korea, stop testing nuclear weapons and developing inter-continental ballistic missiles or there will be "consequences". HOLLOW MEANINGLESS WORDS, When will this clown Obama learn that weakness invites challenge. So far Obama's response to Putin is, we're not going to let any of your Oligarch buddies visit Disney World or cash checks in American banks. I rest my case.

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