Debate marred by ‘softball’ questions
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Most of us who attended the second Georgia GOP Senate debate at Kennesaw State on Saturday appreciated the opportunity to hear what the eight candidates for the seat of retiring U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss had to say.

The Bailey Performance Center had a capacity crowd of approximately 600 people. Many wanted to view the debate but were out of luck if they did not reserve one of the limited tickets in advance. Why not hold the debates in a venue capable of a larger capacity? The GOP has expressed the desire to be “more inclusive.” Has Reagan’s “big tent” disappeared?

Rather than challenging questions from the two talented panelists, the questions were softballs. Perhaps that is the reason the three candidates who currently hold seats in the House of Representatives, with over 40 years in office among them, appeared to be digging out quotes from previous stump speeches rather than sharing their experience and insights.

The panel did not ask one question on immigration, a very important topic. GOP insiders in Washington are offering to “legalize” over 12 million “undocumented” workers, the very same solution proposed by their Democratic opponents. Such a move will most certainly distance the majority of the GOP base and increase future Democratic voters, a death knell to the Republican Party.

With more “illegal aliens” in Georgia than there are in Arizona, questions on immigration would have really provided some necessary information to Georgia voters. Perhaps that is why the questions were not asked?

Jan Barton

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Robert Johnson
February 06, 2014
Great letter Jan Barton!

Solution? In 2011 the state passed a law addressing illegal aliens - the liberal press was outraged and filled the air and newspapers with sad stories of illegals flowing out of Georgia becuase they were afraid of being arrssted and deported.

Seeking info is almost funny with the "you can't stop them...give them them...FORGET ABOUT THE LAW! FORGET ABOUT AMERICAN WORKERS. FORGET ABOUT OUR COUNTRY! Forget about our own unemployed!

The part about "box cars" is supposed to make people think of Jews and Nazis and be afraid to speak up about enforcement. The GOP wants you to believe the idiocy that Seeking is pushing, which is why they don't ask about imigration at these "debates" What to do about the 0 million illegal alien here now STARVE THEM OUT. We watched many of them leave in 2011, just keep up enforcement. Like Mexico.

I am a Democrat. But not for long if these illegals are allowed to stay!

Realistic Look
February 09, 2014
And how long is this "starve them out" going to take"? 2 yrs, 5 yrs, 10 yrs? Many of them have American born children now & the children don't want to leave, so they don't want to leave. How many homeowners are going to use everify when they get the yard work done or trees cut? Do you insist that your roofer or painter employ U.S. citizens or work permit employees? I have had my house painted & my roof redone, contracted through an established company with an American speaking, looking person. ALL the workers were Spanish speaking. And it was the best quality I have had done. They work hard.

Are we going to build a wall across the Gulf coast of Mississippi, AL, GA, FL & so on? And what about the Canadian border? Build a wall there? Because Cubans came by boat. Mexicans can too. As fast as we find a way to "block them", they find a way around it. Just like the crooks with cyber crime on your computer. Ask an IT person it they are ahead of the hackers? We are not living in 1980 or 1990 or even 2000.
on balance
February 06, 2014
Seeking Info-- I am glad SW Gal answered you. Your answers re: registering, collecting tax, and all , as most liberals thoughts, does nothing to fix the problem. If you spend only one minute being honest with yourself, you will see that.

Attrition Through Enforcement. It has been declared for years. those who do not understand the destruction of uncontrolled, illegal immigration is wreaking upon our country.
Seeking Info
February 06, 2014
Barton- I was at the debate also and your observations abut the format are correct. I try to keep up with open events when there is an upcoming election, but I had heard nothing of this one until I read the Sat. AT column in the MDJ, which did not mention the requirement for tickets. I had to put my name on a waiting list & did manage to get a seat in the theatre. I understand the overflow crowd watched a live stream in an adjoining room.

That said, this event was not about informing & influencing voters. The vast majority of the audience were registered Repubs who were merely there to cheer their chosen candidate on. During the debate the woman next to me was surprised when I did not sign in on the GOP registry that was being passed around. She asked what district & candidate I was with and when I said none, she looked astonished & said "Really?"

Practically every candidate's answer to the vaguely worded questions was that Pres. Obama was awful. That was not answering the question. They were not asked their opinion of Pres. Obama, they were asked WHAT THEY WOULD DO ON VARIOUS SUBJECTS & PROGRAMS. The only candidate who came close to answering the questions with their plans was Rep. Kingston. Give him credit. Gingrey took the role of "tough guy". What a laugh!

If the Republican party wants to win over more voters, these events need to be advertised publicly and NOT invite just the party officials and the candidate's campaign committee & volunteers. But I continue to get the feeling, that the Republican party just does NOT get it.

Barton-Tell me what this country is going to do with 11-20 million illegals? Load them up in boxcars & ship them back? You cannot stop them. Build a 2000 mile long wall and they will enter by boat. Better to register them, put them paying payroll taxes, social security, worker program, path to citizenship and importantly enforce employers, of ALL sizes, to use everify.
SW Gal
February 06, 2014
Immigration is a very important concern. Attrition through enforcement is the answer. If we enforce our current laws, (to your point, E-Verify is certainly a good part of the solution;) and if we do not offer jobs to people who are here illegally nor provide other entitlements, then we will not entice people to break the law. Unemployed Americans need jobs.
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