Braves protestors trying to get to first base
by Dick Yarbrough
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Dick Yarbrough
Dick Yarbrough
It is the policy of this column to take you where no reader has gone before. Recently, my columnist commandoes infiltrated a closed-door meeting of the group planning to oppose the move of the Atlanta Braves to Cobb County from Malfunction Junction to a new $672 million stadium with $300 million in upfront taxpayer support. Let’s listen in:

RAP! RAP! RAP! This meeting will come to order. My name is Rich Pellegrino. I am the chair of Cobb Citizens for Government Transparency and will be leading the effort to — as they say in the sports world — strike out this deal. Yes, the little guy in the back with the bowtie. You have a question?

Yessir, my name is Figby. I thought you were chair of the Cobb Immigration Alliance.

Well, I was. I mean I am, but ...

Weren’t you the guy who was involved with getting a couple of illegal immigrants to fast in protest of a bill in the Georgia Legislature to make illegal immigration, well, illegal?

Yes, that was a couple of years ago, but ...

Can I ask how that came out?

Uh, not well. They were on a honey-and-lemon diet. Turns out the bees thought we were a bunch of doofusses and refused to cooperate and we ran out of lemon trees. That was — as they say in the sports world — an error on my part. The next time we do this, I am going to put them on a sorghum syrup and pecan diet.

And did you also encourage students to walk out of class in the middle of the day at Pebblebrook High School in protest of the bill?

You betcha. That was one of my better ploys. You see, I ...

So, rather than have them in the classroom, you decided to encourage them to skip class? You call that responsible?

Well, gee. I don’t think it was that big a big deal. They were probably just learning English or some dumb thing like that. Besides. ...

And if memory serves me correctly, aren’t you also the chair of Cobb United for Change?

Yeah. So?

Seems like a couple of years ago, you were involved in one of those Occupy Whatever movements near Kell High School.

How did that work out?

Not as good as I hoped. There were only two of us. Me and one of the guys that fasted during the illegal immigration bill debate. He only came because I told him they were serving crullers. Look, why are you asking all these questions? You’ve got the other people in the room looking down at their shoes and muttering.

Well, I am wondering why those who oppose the stadium deal want you leading the charge? I’m trying to think of a protest in which you have been involved that has been successful.

Oh, yeah? Well, I got you this time, buddy. I am going to be joined in the stadium protest by none other than Debbie Dooley, who heads the Atlanta Tea Party. This may surprise you, but the Tea Party and whatever alliance I head today are closer than ticks on a yard dog. As we say in the illegal immigration business, we are hombres. Any more questions, smart guy?

Just a couple. Ms. Dooley resides in Gwinnett County, doesn’t she?

So what? A lot of my protestors come from other places, like Berkley, California, for example. Having somebody coming from Gwinnett saves on bus fare.

Didn’t Gwinnett County build a baseball stadium a few years back for the Braves’ Triple-A farm club?


If memory serves, that stadium was built with taxpayer funds, too. The county paid $5 million for the 44 acres of land that the stadium occupies and incurred about $77.5 million of debt for the stadium’s construction.


So, where was Debbie Dooley then? I don’t remember seeing or hearing from her when that was going on in her own backyard. And did she threaten to have the commissioners in Gwinnett County defeated in the next election? After all, isn’t that where she votes?

Boy, you ask dumb questions. And I am tired of — as they say in the sports world — fielding them. Besides, I am late to my next protest.

May I ask what that one is?

It’s called Occupy Riverwalk. Guy named John Williams got it started. Has something to do with a tax protest. Debbie is going to dress like an Indian and dump tea in the Chattahoochee. I’m bringing the sorghum syrup and pecans. This will be — as they say in the sports world — a home run.

I love this job.

You can reach Dick Yarbrough at or P.O. Box 725373, Atlanta, Georgia 31139.
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January 14, 2014

Although it is satirical piece, it does illustrate the coyote tendencies of Mr. Pellegrino and some of his associates. My commissioner, Lisa Cupid has given a fair ear to this group, but she is a very intelligent person and in time will give them the attention they rightfully deserve. If you have ever seen the "historical" document Rich spreads to our fine Hispanic neighbors you will know all you need to of this fellow. The apocryphal account helps to unite people of all ethnic backgrounds against anyone that happens to be of Northern European ancestry. Once you examine his public record, you will come to the conclusion that I did. He is a coyote looking for easy game, playing upon peoples ignorance, animosity and suspicions.
Rich "Figby" Pell...
December 15, 2013
Ha..ha...ha...good try.

Just one serious note: though the events you listed, some of which I am not familiar with, did have some successes...this coming together of the right, left, middle, black, white, conserv, lib, dem, repub,etc..bodes well for the future of our community, is the greatest win for Cobb, GA, and really the nation...because if we can remain and work together this will provide an example for our elected and appointed officials, and for all people that they, the people, can arise and bring about change , regardless of labels. The change we have already helped bring about through this Braves fiasco is that the days of back room dealings by the few with big money interests, away from the sunlight of citizen involvement and govt transparency are over, at least here in Cobb. (And thanks for the credit, but it belongs to brave citizens and citizen-leaders who came together to provide this leadership and example. Many more will be joining them...)
dixie boy
December 18, 2013
OMG, black, left, lib, dem in "Cobb" what's next "YANKEES"?
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