‘Gut-check’ time rolls around for Gingrey
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Dear Editor:

I strongly oppose any effort to tie a continuing resolution needed to fund the government to the repeal or delay of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. When Obamacare was thoroughly debated in both houses of Congress, I specifically remember U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Marietta) offering strong arguments against passage, which was particularly interesting, considering his medical background.

Notwithstanding his party’s opposition, it eventually passed both houses, was signed by the president and upheld by the United States Supreme Court. He now suggests that it be repealed or delayed, and has voted to do the same, even though there is no empirical data pointing to its success or failure. To get his way, he threatens to hurt all of us, and do irreparable damage to a fragile economy by shutting the government down.

His strategy of taking the country hostage ignores more than 200 years of legislative procedure this country has followed in making or repealing laws. That procedure provides for the introduction of a bill, debate, a vote and if a majority agree, passage, followed by judicial review.

Of course, he and his colleagues already know this, yet he persists with his perilous “alternative legislative remedy” of placing guns to our heads until Democrats capitulate. It’s almost as if some in Washington have forgotten they were elected to tend to the country’s business, as opposed to waging an ideological war.

I implore him to put the country before party, stand for the passage of a clean continuing resolution and, if he must, thereafter work toward repealing the law, without destroying our economy. If Obamacare is as bad as he contends, I suspect he would allow it to cave under the weight of its own infirmities.

However, since he is intent on dismantling it at its conceptual stage, it appears his real concern is that the program will prove successful. In 2014, we will be voting for a candidate to replace Sen. Saxby Chambliss. Hopefully we will choose a person with moral courage, willing to speak truth to power and not just another party-line sycophant hiding in the crowd.

Dennis C. O’Brien


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Harry Hagan
October 08, 2013
The ACA--CommieCare--is simply diabolical. The blind, ideological supporters of this sinister law are to be pitied in their ovine slow march. Conservatives are trying to save them and us from the unspeakable bureaucracy the left is unwilling and unable to see coming. Yes, it has been a "dream" the elites have had for a very long time. It will spell total control of the dumb masses, once and for all. The thinking segment of the American people, sadly, ever-diminishing, are flailing about in a perhaps unavailing effort to forestall the inevitable.

If and when it comes, one is left with the schadenfreude hope that its first and worst victims will be those myopic cretins who most wished for its emplacement.

R U Serious
October 07, 2013
Do you remember how the senate passed this law of the land? Do you recall the popular resistance to it? Your claim that this is due to the fact that a black skinned muslim fraudulently usurped the role of our President and skillfully sold the bill of goods to a poorly informed populace is only partly true. There are many other reasons to overturn it including the fact that most Americans love their Liberty and do not want the country turned into Marxist socialism.
on balance
October 07, 2013
Southern Conservative--

Your little post is more of an example of a tantrum than anything Gingrey has done. These idealogues (sic), of the Tea Party, in my readings on their efforts, are trying to control spending. Spending--do you get it? What in the world is ideological about controlling spending??

A true mark of a liberal is one who wants what he/she wants and hang the expense. The world is loaded with governments who have tried it, but failed.

I am sure you will gladly pay for my increased cost of insurance. I am retired and my former employer has just dropped my health insurance to let you pay for it.
Bill Millette
October 07, 2013
I disagree with Shoulda on Representative Gingrey's opposition to ACA. If any expert has an opinion, it should be considered heavily as a correct solution. Perhaps Shoulda is a pro-abortion advocate. Thus , a man who has delivered hundreds of babies into this world, in Shoulda's opinion is but an obstruction to the liberal plan.

Dr. Phil, keep on in your strong support of human life and conservative values.

Shoulda listened
October 07, 2013
Perhaps it should have been a clue when a doctor opposed Ocare that it was going to be awful for healthcare in our country. The Republicans are not in this alone. Obama refuses to listen to any compromises proposed by them because, like a spoiled chid, it's his way or no way. The Democrats are at least as much, if not more, at fault because they refuse to negotiate. As the saying going around now says, Obama & the Dems won't negotiate with the Republicans but are eager to negotiate with Iran. And while this smoke screen is going on Kerry just signed a treaty the country has been opposed to.
October 07, 2013
The Tea Party has irrevocably damaged its brand. Neither of our current Republican Senators agree with what the Tea Party caucus members are doing. Let's pray these ideaologues do not take our entire political party over the cliff of irrelevance.

Mr. Gingrey has lost my vote. Our state needs a common-sense conservative leader representing us in Washington, not a tantrum-throwing toddler.
Lib in Cobb
October 07, 2013
@shoulda: The Affordable Care Act IS THE LAW OF THE LAND. There is no room or need for negotiation. The ACA is the most significant piece of legislation since The Civil Rights Act. Every president in the last fifty years has TALKED about healthcare for all. President Obama was able to get it done. Now the GOP and you want to repeal a law which was voted on and passed, signed by the standing president and withstood a Supreme Court challenge. It is the conclusion of most Democrats that the GOP is participating in nothing more than high level b*** busting, because a black, liberal man with a Muslim name dared to become and REMAIN president. The GOP has been wasting OUR TIME and OUR MONEY in an effort to repeal this legislation and you are not going to win. What has happened is that the GOP has dug a hole so deep for itself that it will take a generation before they take back The White House.

Perhaps another 40 votes will help.
just sayin
October 07, 2013
In repeating Right wing talking points you forgot to mention that Obama care was a "train wreck". If anything positive is to come from this fiasco let's hope the Tea Party, Koch brothers cancer is removed from American politics for a hundred years!
Guido Sarducci
October 08, 2013
Yeah, Lib. ACA is a law, as you say. It is not. however, "The Law of the Land". That name is reserved for the Constitution.

Perhaps you have heard of it. We used to govern by its principles, 5 or 6 Presidents ago, when we had giants in the job. Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Reagan were all men of honor, who respected the Constitution and lived by it.

By the way, you might remember an amendment to that document back in the early part of last century. It was commonly referred to as Prohibition, It sounded good on paper, but when it actually was enforced, folks didn't like it. It was repealed, After Obamcare does a sufficient amount of damage and even those OAKs like you see it for the disaster that it is, then it, too, will be a thing of the past.
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