Fools in Congress make Costa Rica look ever better
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DEAR EDITOR: I am solicited almost daily to contribute to some Republican or congressional cause. I have, however, not sent one dime in, although I contributed heavily during the 2010 elections to both the Republican Party and individual candidates. Why not now?

The simple reason is the total dysfunction of both parties and lack of any legislative plan which has any reasonable chance of success from the Republicans. The latest example put forth by the Republican House is the “Defund Obamacare” bill which has zero chance for success. We are playing right into Obama’s hand. The Obama-adoring mainstream media is poised to feast on this as well. We stand to alienate voters and sabotage Republican chances for retaining the House and regaining the Senate in the 2014 elections.

Why do Republicans have to match craziness and stupidity with Democrats, policy for policy, blow for idiotic blow? Why is this going to turn out different from the 1996 fiasco when this same Republican “plan” to shut down government strengthened and helped re-elect Clinton?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. The fools that now “run” our government are making emigration to Costa Rica look better every day.

Dr. Richard Erickson Marietta
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Tony Maddox
September 26, 2013
Kevin, you uneducated fool... your writing 'skills' get more REgressive every time I read your elementary drivel. Damn near every column and EVERY online reply you submit stoops to vitriolic name calling and hyperbole (me thinks you 'progressives' call this HATE speech.) If anyone needs the services of a good PR person, it's YOU. I'd refer you to a good one, but most are busy creating new images for politicians, attorneys and felons - not a mutually exclusive bunch.

If you think the GOP is all whacko birds, let's review: Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein..and then there are the locals, too numerous to name. Both parties have nutballs in them, but at least have the nads to acknowledge that your own party has its idiots.

October 01, 2013
Mr. Maddox,

I'm not fan of Mr. Foley's political views but do you see the irony in your post? You accuse him of "stooping to vitrolic name calling" yet isn't that what you just did in your opening sentence and then you continue what many would deem a personal assault on his writting technique. Not to mention an apparant lack of extended vocabulary on your part by resorting to "damn" as a descriptor rather than a more eloquent and much more intelligent word. Would your point not have been made by removing your first colorful word choice and starting the sentence with "Nearly"

Again, I"m no fan of Mr. Foley's political views and would classify myself as a stuance conservative, a charter member of the "vast right wing conspiracy", but in this case my friend, you appear to be throwing stones in a glass house.
September 26, 2013
Rather than look to Costa Rica we need to look at coming together and removing these morons, buffoons and scoundrels that we've allowed to become career politicians. The idea of representative government has all but disappeared and been replaced by a political culture of telling the people what to do. And the idea of government by the people has been replaced by a culture of political elitism that sincerely believes it knows best what the people need. What has happened is that our government has evolved backwards to the government of King George III and his parliament of 1767. The republicans and democrats sincerely believe that they have the "right" to govern over the people and this is terribly wrong. We the people must act and turn this government around.
Kevin Foley
September 25, 2013
As if we needed more confirmation of GOP tomfoolery after 40 House votes to nowhere on Obamacare, we had the silly spectacle of Raphie Cruz talking to himself on the Senate floor for hours on end yesterday.

We progressives thank the far right wing whacko birds!

Guido Sarducci
September 26, 2013
Wrong, Kevin, Progessives do not think. They drink the Obama Fool-Aid and spout BS.
Loser attitude
September 25, 2013
This attitude is the reason the Republicans are going to lose. If they don't unite and fight like mad dogs, the democrats will win, and win again. If you can't be part of the solution, then hit the road, Jack.
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