The nail that sticks out farthest gets hammered first
by Kevin Foley
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My job at the MDJ is unique. I present a thoughtful progressive counterbalance to Ann Coulter’s nasty anti-progressive bombast. I enjoy the task almost as much as reading the feedback I get from readers.

“Dear Editor: Even a good, right-thinking, conservative paper like the MDJ needs to devote a certain number of column-inches to opposing (i.e. liberal) viewpoints. … And like it or not, most liberal positions have some validity to them.”

OK, so far, so good.

“There are, also, liberal columnists out there who, unlike Foley, routinely produce well-thought-out, perceptive, cogent, persuasive opinion pieces. If the MDJ got rid of Foley, it might replace him with one of these writers. And then where would we be?”


In response to a blog post citing data supporting the undeniable economic upturn since President Obama took office, a fact checker responded, “Stock market over 15,000! Corporate profits through the ceiling! Housing starts up! Jobs growth 30 months! Medicare and SS saved from GOP! Kevin, have you been smoking banana peels again?”

As the Donovan song goes, “They call me mellow yellow …”

Sometimes I wonder if conservatives actually read what I write. The answer came recently from one of my frequent critics: “Because kids are out of school and I was bored to death, I decided to actually read your column.”

At least I broke the monotony. You’re welcome.

“SO not credible,” says Papermill Gal. “Just because you write it and it gets in the newspaper ... nuh uh.”

Does that go for Ann Coulter, too?

Writing about the GOP’s collapsing Benghazi “scandal” a couple of weeks ago, a reader declared, “The whole thing makes Watergate seem like a kid who stole bubblegum. … And you, Kevin Foley, have no concept of the words service or sacrifice. You protect scum, you cover for it.”

Wait. I thought Fast and Furious was worse than Watergate.

“You should consider yourself extremely lucky to appear on the same pages with reputable writers …” notes a subscriber.

Thank you … I think.

“I don’t hate Kevin Foley,” writes a fan. “My only problem with his writings is that they make me feel like throwing up on my breakfast.”

May I suggest you digest my column after breakfast?

“Quite honestly, he seems a bit angry and unstable,” opines a citizen. Another comment calling my mental health into question came from a fellow MDJ blogger: “‘Boortz was a boring boor’ came across as a thinly disguised cry for attention. …”

Help me!

Just kidding. As my hero, the very stable and sensible Harry Truman once said, “I don’t give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it’s hell!”

Speaking of which, I caught a lot of flak when I wrote that Obama was successfully prosecuting the war on terror.

“If you can find three facts to back this up,” a reader responded, “you might be able to make this claim …”

Just three? Osama bin Laden is dead. So is Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born terrorist leader in Yemen. Also pushing up daisies is Atiyah Abd al-Rahman, number two behind al Qaida’s current leader Ayman al Zawahiri.

From Misterbill: “I usually do not read your column anymore. I find it hard to understand why a person of letters and education can get so confused about the purpose of a republic.”

Maybe if you keep reading, Misterbill, you’ll discover I’m not so confused. Just sayin’.

“Let’s keep the people divided and at each other’s throats,” chimes in Guido Sarducci. “After all, it makes good fodder for no talent, clueless, hack writers and cut and paste journalists such as yourself.”

Words as hard as a fist, Guido!

Kevin Foley is a public relations executive, author and writer who lives in Kennesaw.
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Nettie Helen Stemm
May 31, 2013
Nice column, for a change, Foley. None of the usual conservative bashing, name calling and insults.

If your other writings were as clean of barbs and insults, you might actually reach a few people.

But, when you insult the readers with your opening sentence, you can hardly be surprised if they have a negative view of everything else in the piece.

BTW, if I wanted to be nasty, I would say, "The nail that sticks out farthest is the dull one." Nowever, I have no wish to be nasty, so please accept it as an attempt at humor.

Have a nice day.

Laura Armstrong
May 31, 2013
Honored to be quoted so much. Perhaps the MDJ should hire me back? (haha!)

Honestly, Kevin, naming three dead terrorists, killed by our esteemed special forces and other military professionals, does not in any way, shape or form PROVE that Obama is prosecuting the war with any proficiency. Our guys and girls in uniform do it for our country, for each other and IN SPITE of Obama and his wishy washy rules of engagement. Just ask any of them In fact, on Obama's watch, just about every middle eastern and horn of Africa country you can name has fallen to Islamic extremism. Indonesia, Thailand and other areas in the world, has also seen an uptick in radical activity. There've been mulitiple successful attacks on U.S. soil and despite what he claims, Obama seems to enjoy seeing secular countries move towards radical Islam.
Armstrong Fan
June 05, 2013
Great response, Laura. I think they should hire you back!
Oliver G. Halle
May 31, 2013
To all the Kevin Foley critics and haters, at least we know who he is, something about him, his agenda---all because he puts his name on everything he writes. He has never feared or hesitated to provide his honest thoughts and opinions, put them out there for debate, and all without the shield of anonymity. The anonymous Foley attackers and haters rarely provide any substance to the blogs, unless in their minds name calling passes for substance. Without Foley there would be little balance on the MDJ editorial pages. Reading more than one perspective is good for the intellectually curious and good for America.
May 31, 2013
Foley, talk about misinterpreting a message.! Wow!

How's this? The nail that sticks out seems to be pointed at screwing the conservative taxpayer.

Oh well!
Gordo Meis
May 31, 2013
Wow, Foley writes about himself. Again. Tell us about your second home again too, OK hotshot? Geez, what a waste of space.
May 31, 2013
I'm glad you're here.

IMHO, you bring conservatives out of the woodwork and generate responses from those who would otherwise remain silent; and, these responses translate to hits for mdjonline, right?

By the way, as long as I'm here, I like your characterizations - you're "thoughtful" and Coulter is "nasty."

Yes, Ann Coulter can be acerbic at times, but she's playing to a crowd.

You? You're not exactly Mary Poppins, but then you have a fan base as well.

Have a good'un.

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