Stands on illegals makes Barr, Lindsey poor choices
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At our house, immigration is a very important issue. We are not at all happy with the choices so far on a replacement for conservative Congressman Phil Gingrey (R-Marietta).

I have heard Bob Barr, the former Libertarian, support open borders. This was after he was a Republican who voted for immigration enforcement when he was in Congress in the 1990s. Who knows where he stands now? He is unsupportable.

According to the MDJ, candidate Ed Lindsey seems to have a two-way position on illegal aliens as well. He says they won’t go home. We know that they will if we cut off their jobs and benefits. We prove it every time the latest state illegal immigration law is passed.

But then Lindsey says that we should let the illegals stay here on a “temporary basis” provided they keep the jobs they stole from legal workers.

What?! So, if they quit work, then we find the will to send them home? How long is “temporary?” We get the feeling it is forever temporary because no one seems to have the courage to take a firm pro-enforcement stand.

That is a poorly thought out position. But it just might fool enough low-information GOP voters with enough money behind it.

My (legal) immigrant wife and I are still looking for a viable, conservative congressional candidate who understands immigration and will match our position of “enforcement now, legalization, never.”

John Litland

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Cindy Loper
April 12, 2013
Great letter. I too was confused about Ed Lindsey's remarks on immigration. We can't deport them now but we can if they quit their stolen jobs is what i got too. I hear Lindsey is as much a Chamber of Commerce guy as Tim Lee. Blechhh.

I can't wait to see Bob Barr defend and explain his open borders position. hahahaha. Neither will get my vote.

I hope people are goping to D.A. King's Dustin Inman Society website. He puts a lot of info there and on his facebook page. GREAT LETTER ME LITLAND!
Bill Millette
April 12, 2013
PS I wish that more people would go to a site like FAIRUS.ORG and learn the costs to support those who are here illegally, yet dare to parade in our streets and demand that we provide for them.
Bill Millette
April 12, 2013
John Litland & Pat H,

I agree with what both of you said. I have found that the average American does not realize the sever cost to America , both financially and emotionally. I wish that more people would sign on to sites on the internet that track the cost in dollars and human suffering that the tifdal wave of illegal immigration has cost us.

Our young folks are paying a big price for it, particularly our young black citizens who have an exceptionally high unemployment rate. The summer construction jobss that college students used to fill have been taken by those who came here illegally or overstayed illegally.

Our hospitals, schools and other institutions are sorely impacted. For reasons beyond my understanding they are treated better than our own citizens. We are descending into third world socialism under the tremendous burden of this issue.

Sadly, our two Senators seem to support the immigrants instead of those who elected them.

Pat H
April 12, 2013
Great letter and at our house immigration is number 1 and all else is a distant number 2.

We know what illegal's WON'T do - they won't pay income taxes, they won't have only the number of children they can afford to raise, they won't stop drinking and driving, they won't stop applying for food stamps, welfare and Section 8 for their anchor babies, they won't learn English, they won't value education or make sure their children work at their studies, they won't help identify wanted criminals in their neighbors and they really don't seem to work as hard as people claim because they won't clean up the property they live in.

They will go home if you cut public benefits and cash payments.
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