Dendy says Ivutin voters ‘not truly Republican Party people’
by Jon Gillooly
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Joe Dendy
Joe Dendy
Charles Gregory
Charles Gregory
Re-elected to office on Saturday, Cobb Republican Party Chairman Joe Dendy said a group of Ron Paul supporters have infiltrated the party and are trying to change it into something it’s not.

Dendy beat Ron Paul supporter Oleg Ivutin of Smyrna in a vote of 163-102 in Saturday’s election. The chairman said he does not consider it a rebuke that 102 people voted against him.

“We look at those people who were voting against me as outsiders that made their way into our convention, because they’re not truly Republican Party people,” Dendy said.

The faction that opposed him, Dendy said, are the Libertarian followers of Ron Paul who have infiltrated the Republican Party because they can’t achieve success in their own party.

Dendy said while he welcomes people to the Republican Party, they have to believe in the core principles of the party. The problem with the Ron Paul supporters is they don’t, he said.

“As far as foreign policy goes, they don’t feel that we should have foreign policy at all,” he said. “They don’t believe in us going and fighting a war somewhere else instead of keeping it off our soil. They are very, very extreme in their belief of liberties. They believe there should not be any control whatsoever. They’re very anti-authority. They don’t think we are ‘pure’ conservatives.”

The Dendy election is a microcosm of what’s unfolding in the Republican Party at large, said Kerwin Swint, a political science professor at Kennesaw State University.

“They have conservatives in office who on some issues aren’t conservative enough for at least some Republicans out there,” Swint said. “The libertarian wing, the tea party wing, whatever you want to call it.” He pointed to U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Moultrie).

“Saxby Chambliss is another mainstream conservative who was unacceptable to an increasingly large number of the conservative Republicans out there,” Swint said. It’s not a matter of the Republican establishment becoming more moderate or even “socialist,” as Ivutin claims, an accusation Swint dismisses as absurd.

“I think it’s a matter of trying to find solutions that aren’t always going to be popular,” Swint said. “What Chambliss is doing, for example, trying to work across the aisle, trying to find solutions that would actually have a chance of passing, that’s going to be unpopular with a lot of people in your ideological group. I think they’re suffering because of perceived lack of success and frustration up there.”

Dendy said the two leaders heading the Ron Paul faction in Cobb County are Ivutin and state Rep. Charles Gregory (R-Kennesaw).

Gregory was state director of the Ron Paul for president campaign prior to his election to the Georgia House.

Gregory insists he is a Republican, but Dendy said he doesn’t believe him.

“I don’t buy that,” Dendy said. “As a group, they have been brainwashed to the point that they think they are Republicans. Ron Paul did that.”

Asked for a comment, Gregory told the MDJ he would read this article first and then decide if a response was warranted.

It would be one thing if the Libertarian faction could be reasoned with, Dendy said.

“If I felt like I could convert them, I would be the first one in there trying my darndest to do it,” he said. “But there is no appeasement to these people. It’s one way or none, and you can’t do anything there. That’s one of the problems we have in D.C. right now.”

Dendy said a favorite accusation the Ron Paul faction makes against him and traditional Republicans is that they’re “Republican in Name Only” or “RINOs.”

“And we do end up with RINOS from time to time, and it is frustrating to elect somebody to office, and the next thing you know they’ve turned into a RINO, or they’re not voting the values upon which they ran the campaign,” Dendy said. “But we also have a way of correcting that. It’s called the ballot box.”

Dendy said he was blasted by the Ron Paul wing when he invited Chambliss to speak at the monthly Republican breakfast.

“I said, ‘look, he is our senior senator, and how do you expect to even get anything accomplished if you cannot have dialogue with the elected officials?’ he said.

“They said, ‘he is not one of us, he is a RINO. I’m not going to have anything to do with him.’ What good is that going to do? He’s in there several more years. You’ve got to work with him.”

The problem with the Democrats in Washington is they believe compromise means doing what they want to do, Dendy said. The Ron Paul wing believes the same thing, he added.

“Their idea is it’s got to be done their way. I guess that’s the biggest problem we have here. If we can find a way that they can work within the party to realize what compromise is all about, just the reality of life, it cannot be the pure, perfect world that they feel like it should be.”

Dendy said a curious aspect about the Ron Paul faction is that they are primarily young men.

“Charles Gregory’s wife is one of the only wives of them that I’ve seen at functions,” Dendy said. “With 100 and some odd Ron Paul supporters, Ron Paulites, whatever you want to call them, here in Cobb County that showed up at the convention, there may have been three or four females, the rest of them young guys. It’s interesting.”

They also tend to have a somewhat spoiled air about them, Dendy said.

“Somebody pointed out to me today that it’s the part of the mentality of this generation, where they have always been told they were equal to everybody else,” Dendy said. “They’ve been brought up thinking that they should get their way.”

The good news is there are many areas of the country where the movement is starting to die out, Dendy said.

“And that’s really what this is, is a movement. We’ve seen it before. Live another 100 years, you’re going to see it many more times. There are movements around a single person, and this was around Ron Paul.”
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John McCain
May 12, 2013
It's about time someone with courage like Mr. Dendy pointed out how irrational these Ron Paul fools are to believe in something as out-dated and archaic as the so called "Constitution". No one on the left or the right of the isle have been following any part of the constitution for a hundred years. Both the left and the right reference the constitution simply to enrage the radicals on both sides as a diversion while our modern government continues to improve. The constitution and liberty might have been good before running water and electricity, but it's foolish to think people should be allowed to walk around with guns, say anything they want, and hide their craziness from the government and the rest of us by declaring they deserve privacy. Joe Dendy would make a fantastic governor, because he knows what the real world is all about. DIVISION & LIES.
Roas to Serfdom
March 15, 2013
To Joe Dendy "Who does not obey shall not eat" Leon Trotsky JoeDendy seems to feel everyone should have total and blind allegiance to the Cobb GOP and if they don't they should be thrown out of the Cobb GOP. He has shown this by escorting certain people out of the mass precinct meeting. He also refused to let some people join the Cobb GOP. FYI We need young people and fresh ideas to preserve our freedoms and liberty
March 14, 2013
"They don’t believe in us going and fighting a war somewhere else instead of keeping it off our soil."

And if another country drone bombed a building in the US, you wouldn't call it an act of war/aggression? Stop meddling in other countries...and yes this is a huge difference in Libertarians vs. Republicans. That's one of the points I bring up when Democrats claim Libertarians are Republicans :-P

And Libertarians aren't the Tea Party either though we share the belief that government today is overbloated and is a self-feeding vortex that is growing.

"They are very, very extreme in their belief of liberties. They believe there should not be any control whatsoever"

No, they believe you should honor the Constitution and Bill of Rights you and all the other politicians have sworn to protect instead of whittling away at it until it's meaningless!

And I'm not a young male, nor am I "entitled". I work hard and respect the Constitution and don't want the country to follow the corrupt road the UK and other parts of the world have gone down...

Breitbart Buckley
March 14, 2013
In 2011 I attended one and only one Cobb GOP monthly breakfast meeting. What turned me off? Well, at the table next to me sat a half dozen Paulbots who were essentially holding a meeting-within-a-meeting, talking over the speakers at the podium and otherwise behaving boorishly. It ruined the meeting for me personally, and I decided to skip these meetings altogether in the future. These Ron Paul folks recklessly and frequently fling around the "RINO" label, as if anyone who is not a Paulbot is also not a true Republican. What a load of crap! I'm a lifelong Republican, so I don't see how these Occupiers can boast any qualification to define what I am or am not. They have nothing to contribute beyond the ability to organize, infiltrate and disrupt. How deep is their support in the community? Well, in the 2012 presidential preference primary, Ron Paul received only 8% of the vote in Cobb County - not exactly a ringing endorsement from the voting public. Yeah, I saw some of the Paulbots' statements prior to the election for Chairman, things like "shred the establishment", "Dendy is a RINO" and all that. It's certainly not an effective means to attract new political friends and form productive alliances. Instead, these actions create enemies. I find it rather easy to confuse these Occupiers with a classroom full of unruly eighth-graders. The Paulbots are just noise, that's all, and their attempts to vandalize the Cobb GOP must be slapped down and slapped down HARD! Chairman Dendy has done a remarkable job of modernizing the party and paving the way for younger talent to emerge into leadership roles. And, oh yes by the way, you libertarian types COULD have gained my personal support in future elections. Out-of-touch and worn out personalities like McCain, Chambliss and Rove need to be shown the door. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Tec Cruz, et al, are the wave of the GOP future. But no. You'll never get much attention from folks like me (backbone conservatives) until YOU change YOUR ways, and become contributers rather than disrupters. Got it?
March 14, 2013
The irony of your post of course is that Paul, Cruz, Rubio, or as you call them the "wave of the GOP future" would not have been elected had Ron Paul not paved the way with his consistent position of return to constitutional government. The voting block of crazy brainwashed Paulbots are the reason those individuals were able to beat out establishment RINO's.
Mark Dabney
March 18, 2013
You mean according to those fraudulent touchscreen voting machines that Karen Handel campaigned AGAINST only to impose them anyway - and then defend them?

Labels must be clearly defined and aptly used - the label "conservative" has too often been abused to the point of obscuring the issues. Conservative WHAT? conservative warmonger? conservative oligarch? conservative statist? conservative sycophant?

Granted - the overt conduct of some RP supporters may not be all it ought to be - but the COVERT actions of phoneys like Newt Gingrich shows that "conservatives" ought to meditate on Ephesians 5:6
March 06, 2014
Not all Paulbots are unruly noisy 8th graders, but I'd rather have a noisy unruly faction of the GOP- who vote for candidates with philosophies like Ron, Rand, and Cruz- in my party than establishment suck-ups who let Sue Blowhard take the mike so long at the State Convention we never get any work done on the Resolutions.
Sven Dinkeldorf
March 13, 2013
Joe Dendy's quote below sounds strikingly similar to George Orwell's Animal Farm.

Joe Dendy said “Somebody pointed out to me today that it’s the part of the mentality of this generation, where they have always been told they were equal to everybody else”

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others" -George Orwell
March 13, 2013
WOW ... this guy is a runaway train. Ron Paul is a traditional Republican.

1. Fiscal Responsibility

2. Low Taxes

3. Less Debt

4. Constitution

5. Liberty

This guy is confused.
March 12, 2013
Amazing - Dendy's entire argument seems to be that Ron Paul supporters have a non-interventionist foreign policy, and consequently don't belong in the GOP. Gee, what heretics we are to hold a viewpoint akin to that of Robert A. Taft (aka Mr. Republican). How do these empty suits get to the top of the party without even understanding the heritage of the organization they purport to represent?
Bernie EOD
March 14, 2013
Bottom line, anybody who is not an evil invader does not belong in the GOP. Lets get this straight for once and for all.....NOBODY IS ABLE TO INVADE EVEN ONE STATE LET ALONE ALL 50! He states a threat which does not exist. There is no threat of war coming to our soil. He is a liar.
Andrew Idell
March 12, 2013
Just like the very people he's criticizing, Dendy has hosed the message. His comments are out-of-line and disrespectful at best. If he has any principles left, he would apologize or resign.

Negotiating and compromising on policy and bills are one thing...compromise on principles is another.

However, while horribly articulated, there is one thing though he is right about, or at least right in regards to perception...

The LP members (nationally, not speaking about people here) often come across as people who can't be taken seriously, either by their appearance, misspelled signs, etc.

Dendy was attempting (I think) to say that younger people have been fed a line of bs (I.e. Everybody gets a trophy, you're the greatest, etc., vs earning them), have an entitlement attitude, etc.

He is right...

Where he's wrong is because of his impression / perception of LP-minded people he's applying those things to all young people, and his stereotyping is reinforced when the *way* things are said sound like whining kids vs a valid discussion point.

Bottom line is IMHO for things to change:

1. His generation will retire and pass.

2. The passions of the LP need to only be tempered with much better, much softer, but just as powerful rhetoric and talking points. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio almost always exemplify this approach...

3. The same changes in *how* the message is delivered that would resonate with Dendy would bring all kinds of voters to the table. They may not agree on everything, but at least they will listen. Today, the presentation of otherwise good ideals is shutting off minds and ears so the message is never received.
Lance Lamberton
March 12, 2013
With my current involvement trying to defeat the E-SPLOST, I took a back seat to the struggle within the Cobb GOP between the establishment and like minded reformers who support the freedom agenda of Ron and Rand Paul, as I have friends and supporters in both wings of the party. But after reading Mr. Dendy's comments, I can no longer remain silent. Apparently, the chairman needs a little history lesson with respect to the GOP. The Paul faction represents the historically successful wing of the party, represented by Coolidge, Wilkie, Taft, Goldwater, Reagan, and now Paul, Rubio, Jindle and Ryan. Under their leadership we enjoyed the successful administrations of tax and spending cutters like Coolidge and Reagan, whereas, Dendy's country club republicans gave us Dewie, Nixon (wage and price controls) Ford, McCain, Romney and the two Bushes.

Which faction achieved the most success? Which faction inspired Americans to believe in limited government and limitless opportunity and put those principles into action? It sure as heck wasn't the Dendy crowd, one of whose running mate actually went out and became the lead spokeswoman for continued tax increases in Cobb. Some Republican.

I was shocked at how petulant and what a sore winner Dendy turned out to be. And I can assure you that his small tent republicanism does not hold much of a future in Cobb, or anywhere else for that matter.

Its time for republicans of principle to take up the insulting challenge that Dendy has laid at our feet. To quote my all time favorite hero of all time, Bugs Bunny: "This means war!"

And by the way, pursuant to Dendy's claim about the demographics of his opponents, Oleg had a lot of young, vibrant, and attractive women who supported him, and who didn't need a male mentor along side them to tell them how and what to think. I have to ask what convention did he attend, and is he having problems with his eyesight?
Kennesaw Resident
March 13, 2013
Reagan raised taxes fifteen times during his administration. Most notablly payroll taxes, when he should have worked to rid us of centrally planned (i.e., communistic) retirement programs.
March 12, 2013
I always get tickled when I read someone from the Baby Boom generation calling anyone else selfish. The Boomers were the recipients of the greatest inter-generational transfer of wealth in the history of the planet, when their parents died and passed their inheritances on to them. And now they're presiding over the greatest inter-generational transfer of public debt in the history of the planet, as they retire, slip off the tax rolls, and start becoming takers of Social Security and Medicare, programs they left unfunded by borrowing against them for 30 years to feed themselves tax breaks.

Who's selfish again?
not math deficient
March 12, 2013
I find it especially funny that he notes the RP voters are young males, but that he expects the movement to die out. Word to the math deficient - young males turn to old males, while old males turn to dirt. The "Republican Party" as it currently stands has zero foothold in today's youth due to gross incompetence on social and international issues, and its core demographic is aging (and dying) as we speak. It's the youth that have the upper hand, and time is on their side.
Be Afraid
March 12, 2013
These "Tea party, Rand Paul, Libertarian, or whatever you call them" people are FRIGHTENING. They say they're independents but they're Objectivists. Rand Paul was named after Ayn Rand the pathological and sociopathic founder of the Objectivist philosophy. If you're a progressive and disagree with the Repubs this Repub subculture would make your head explode.
March 14, 2013
Progressives? You call yourselves progressives...That is so funny to me. Progress towards what? complete Socialism? Tell me how well that has worked out so far in history.

Ayn Rand's Objectivism in a nutshell is "Rational Self-Interest". It means that Altruism is morally inferior to the interest of the individual. Sounds like someone doesn't understand Objectivism at all.

Open a book, moron.
Fed Up
March 12, 2013
Mr. Dendy, here is what you can't even fathom. I was more than content to sit on the sideleines and let you have your little "party", but the fact is you and your band of cronies have failed. I have been a Republican and have voted for nothing but Republicans for 30 years. The fact is that the failures of the party have resulted in two lost presidential elections that resulted in the election of one of the worst and most dangerous presidents of my time and that tells me it is time for some major change. Also, I am a female, not young and not arrogant. Just fed up!
March 12, 2013
Fools think their own way is right, but the wise listen to others - Proverbs 12:15.
Sven Dinkeldorf
March 12, 2013
Yes Mr. Dendy, the Ron Paul Republicans are trying to change the party into something it's not, and that's principled!

These young folks don't want to be more like democrats to grow the party, they want "Fiscal-Constitutional Conservative Values" to grow the party.

The days of standing up like sheep and going with whatever the party says is over! It's time to stand on principles, not stand in lockstep with the old guard.

It's not that we don't respect those who have been in the party 50 years, it's that those who have been party folks for a half century are more willing to compromise their principles, rather than stand for something.

Now is the time to stand with those who share principled politics, like Rand Paul, Charles Gregory, and Oleg Ivutin.
March 12, 2013
“Somebody pointed out to me today that it’s the part of the mentality of this generation, where they have always been told they were equal to everybody else,” Dendy said.

I want to recognize people’s efforts & Joe has surely put effort into his work within the GOP. That being said I find it difficult to respect those efforts when they're used to uphold disgusting ideas such as the one above. To quote the Declaration of Independence:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

March 12, 2013
Mr. Dendy's commentary is very revealing of the level of fear of losing power that is pervasive throughout the Republican Party old-timers as well as the lack of understanding of the real problems that America is facing.

Ignorance, prejudice and pride will result in the demise of the Republican Party.

Self righteous apparatchiks are killing the party, not fresh faces with fresh ideas and a true understanding of why our country is on the verge of collapse.

G. Warren Kuhn
March 12, 2013
Cobb is staunchly Republican. For Dendy to lose over 100 votes to a "Paulite" should open his eyes. Sometimes, a party needs to change if it's going to continue to be relevant. I think the last couple of elections have validated that thought. The GOP needs to change and those "Paulites" are the ones leading that change. Not this time, maybe not the next time, but eventually the change will happen.

I look forward to it. I don't think either party is truely representative of the constituents they claim to represent.
Pat H
March 12, 2013
I have been to many events, and I congratulate Samantha Gregory for attending with her husband.

I don't remember seeing Mrs. Chambliss, or Mrs. Olens, or Mrs. Isakson. As a longtime resident of East Cobb, I don't believe I have ever met Mrs. Donald Parsons.

I did not attend the convention because I would have had to pay my dues and I supported Wilson. But I would have voted for Mr. Ivutin gladly.

Mr. Dendy, you and Rose Wing supported the SPLOST, and that was unacceptable.
Just Wait
March 12, 2013
You know, maybe the invasion is just an attempt to move the Republican party back toward the center and away from the extreme. Not a bad plan.
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