The IMAGE Controversy: Tired of ‘Chicago-Style’ Attacks
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I’ve become weary of the Chicago-style attacks on some of our commissioners over their objection to the IMAGE-mandating ordinance proposed by Commissioners Bob Ott and JoAnn Birrell.

Led by D.A. King and aspiring political candidate Keli Gambrill, the editorial pages of the MDJ have become the place for some to toss around false accusations without any supporting evidence. Commissioner Goreham seems to have become their primary target. King wants her out of office and Gambrill wants her job.

Many others have chimed-in with echoing remarks, most with little sign of knowledge of the IMAGE program or of the existing laws and regulations enforcing the federal work authorization program.

We already have strict federal and state laws requiring every employer to examine and verify the eligibility of all hires. Cobb County has carried those laws forward into all of its contracts, requiring all bidders to submit an affidavit swearing their compliance with the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act. One must wonder which contractors would be fool enough to violate the federal laws, state laws and their sworn affidavit with the county to risk employment of illegals.

IMAGE is a voluntary federal program which prescribes a set of practices for employers to follow to improve their ability to screen for fraudulent documentation presented by illegals. The program includes training and self-auditing processes which, if followed, should relieve the federal government of some of their auditing responsibilities. IMAGE is a good program and, hopefully, will be adopted by most employers.

However, the county’s proposed ordinance to mandate an employer’s participation in a voluntary federal program can only be viewed as arrogant, bureaucratic and intrusive. The existing laws and regulations are more than sufficient enforcements. The ordinance proposal should be dropped.

David Welden

West Cobb

Editor’s note: Mr. Welden served as campaign chairman for Mrs. Goreham during her 2010 campaign for commissioner.
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Samuel Adams
February 27, 2013
Weldon, you were the first person to stand up at Goreham's town hall last week, without identifying yourself as a longtime volunteer, perhaps even paid, worker on her campaigns. You were a plant in that audience and your letter is a plant here. At least D.A. King and Ms. Gambrill, who is absolutely entitled to run against Ms. Goreham at any time (and has community involvement cred also)are honest and above board with their criticisms of elected officials. You think you run under the radar with your influence, but in fact you are so busted.
Crazy talk 2
February 27, 2013
What is a Chicago style attack? Is it different from a MDJ letter writer attack?
Weldon Watcher
February 26, 2013
Weldon, you RINO the Georgia Security and Imigration Compliance Act you wrote aboutwas passed in 2006. 2006. 2006. We can see that it was you who wrote the ridiculous letter in the paper with Helen's name on it because you make the same uneducated errors. Who would violate the 2006 law? How about the 5 contracors who were caught several times with illegal alien job stealing workers on the courthouse. That's who you arrogant moron.

Just so you will knw...EVERIFY is a federally voluntary program too. You should go back to trying to seem like an expert on something to the clueless mouthbreathers who sit and gripe about issues they don't understand.

King has shown a lot of people who and what is really in charge of this sorrupt county. And we won't forget. The "Chicago-style" politics is coming from Tim Lee and that idiot pal of yours, Helen Goreham. Cupid is black. First. And last. She will never help stop illegals. Face. Meet. Nose. Ready....cut.

Where do I donate to Keli Gambrill and KING!?
February 26, 2013
David Weldon has been a vocal, proponent, supporter, and I believe campaign manager, etc., etc., etc., of Commissioner Goreham, for many years.

Mr. Weldon, we know that Illegals were used on the new County Courthouse and it now appears that Illegal workers were used to build Smyrna's new Fire Station.
Pat H
February 26, 2013
Mr. Weldon also works for the Citizen Oversight Committee, kind of like the fox watching the chicken house.

Mr. Weldon also worked with the executives of Cobb EMC to support candidates for the Board who continue the status quo at Cobb EMC of cover up and continue the policies of Dwight Brown and the former Board of Thieves.

And he is on the Citizen Oversight Committee while in the tank for the Chamber?
February 26, 2013
Mr. Weldon you have had way too much Chamber of commerce kool aid.

While working in MS. after Katrina on federally funded projects I personally caught nearly everyone of the contractors working on my projects with illegals on their payroll.

Ask Archer Western and Granite Construction how much they were fined for the illegals they had working on the Bay St. Louis bridge contract.

And you think our local contractors will not break the law. Fat chance some do it every day of the week.
Devlin Adams
February 26, 2013
Mr. Weldon, you state "One must wonder which contractors would be fool enough to violate the federal laws, state laws and their sworn affidavit with the county to risk employment of illegals."

You obviously know very little of what goes on in Cobb County. If you want an example, go back and read the papers during the invesigation of illegals on the county Courthouse job. And, if you believe that was all the illegals employed on county projects, you have been drinking the same Chamber of Commerce Kool-Aid that Goreham. Lee and Cupid regualrly partake of.

The practice still goes on, and will continuie as long as the C of C can buy politicians.

mary kirkendoll
February 26, 2013
Which contractors would skirt the law? My friend, you must think we stupid!! Contractors are greedy and will skirt the law , when there are no consequences. And there are no consequences. The foxes are in charge!! Governments are greedy, taking care of friends and cronies is the name of the game. The contractors overseeing the subcontractors, turn a blind eye to the laborers on road crews, sidewalk & cement jobs, pipe layers, ditch diggers, landscapers, etc., etc. Helen, Cupid, Tim, Max Bacon, Croy, Baldwin Paving, , CW Matthews, the Chamber, the DOT, the city governments, etc., they know there's no punishment!! Its all about screw as many folks as you can these days,.. cos it's a free ride, baby! Get it while you can!!
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