Cobb Chamber calling shots on IMAGE
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I am a proud immigrant. This means I came to this country legally. I am sickened to watch the Cobb Commissioners, who have gone back on their word to put the IMAGE program in place for the contractors who do work for Cobb County.

It needs to be pointed out that far-left people like Rich Pellegrino who say “we welcome all immigrants regardless of documentation” are not only an insult to people like me who took care to obey the law but are also no different than the lofty business people who are acting against passage of the IMAGE ordinance. The business lobby wants to present themselves as patriotic conservatives who we see in the glossy community magazine in their tuxedos alongside the same politicians who have reversed themselves on voting for IMAGE.

People like Pellegrino are saying that we should not protect legal workers now because congress may repeat the amnesty of 1986 and make all the illegals into legal workers. The (Cobb Commissioners) Tim Lees, Lisa Cupids and Helen Gorehams of the world quietly hope that argument will work in stopping IMAGE for contractors.

What must be said is that even if the amnesty were to pass, the result would be the same as 1986. Even more illegals would come. We would see even more marches in the street demanding another amnesty and the new illegals who work cheaper than the newly legalized workers and the new illegals would get the jobs because the profits would be higher for the business tuxedos.

Rich Pellegrino would still be saying that laws and documents don’t matter and the IMAGE ordinance still wouldn’t pass because the “conservative” Chamber of Commerce wants the cheapest labor possible and is willing and able to tell the Cobb Board what to do and how to vote.

And we would have even more people to provide welfare to because the amnesty made them no longer ineligible due to an illegal status. We don’t need more workers, we need more jobs.

I will not forget any of this. The IMAGE ordinance should be passed by a unanimous vote if the board cares about the law and the real immigrants like me.

Maria Litland

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welcome ...
February 24, 2013
We welcome and encourage more Maria Litlands' to come to America and build what has been a great melting pot experiment. This pot of diversity can only work, when the people that come respect this country, themselves and others.

The cheap labor we've seen running over the border the last 10 years are here for one thing and one thing only- MONEY! As much as can be made and horded, as humanly possible. Take take take & give me more more more!

The America our forefathers fought for was not built on the vision of greed.

It will not work.

It cannot last.
Marie in Marietta
February 24, 2013
Thank you Maria Litland. And welcome to the USA! It is clear thet you mean nothing to Tim Lee, Helen Goreham or Lisa Cupid. All of whom are very willing to throw you aside to help the contractors hire "cheap" illegal alien workers.

It makes me sick to see how far Cobb has gone into fearless corruption.
Off Balance
February 24, 2013

Good article. As the board delivers its votes on IMAGE, so should citizens cast their votes in the elections for them . Do not vote for those who do not vote for us.
Pat H
February 24, 2013
Thank you, Maria, and welcome to legal immigrants who come here for financial freedom and liberty, not for a handout.

Pellegrino is just someone benefiting off illegals and the hard working taxpayers. He says he has 8 children, and no visible means of support.

Shame on Cobb's Chamber for pulling strings to aid and abet illegal trafficking.
Samual Adams
February 24, 2013
Maria, I've never been one to begrudge a successful business man, but you have it absolutely right about the "business tuxedos" of Cobb County. They run the chamber and pretend they are philanthropists, when in fact they are simply lobbyists, trying to influence and buy our elected officials. We did not elect these fellows...they are unelectable (remember D. Connell taking his gun to the airport because his wife wasn't around to help him remember it in his suitcase?). The business tuxedos have Tim Lee and Mayor Matthews in their pockets and apparently these pockets are so deep even formerly independent politicians have been lured in, enough so to see them rationalizing decisions on important things like IMAGE...things they've previously voted FOR. Business Tuxedos...good descriptor.
almost south in cobb
February 25, 2013
Has anyone asked Helen Goreham WHY she flip flopped on this IMAGE ordinance since BEFORE the election?

Ms. Goreham, did you support IMAGE last year with the intent of changing your mind this year? Or did someone come to you with a quid pro quo?

And Lisa Cupid, I will do everything in my power as a resident of south Cobb to see that the people know you voted for illegal aliens to get their possible jobs, rather than voting for YOUR CONSTITUENTS. You know, the people who can ACTUALLY VOTE for you???? No more bs about how the black unemployment rate isn't impacted by illegals. It's been proven time and again it is, and your people, black, white and all colors, are suffering from lack of employment. Do your homework and get up to speed. You are on the wrong side of this issue.
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