Second officer charged with sexual assault of a female inmate
by Jon Gillooly
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MARIETTA — A second sergeant with the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office has been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting an inmate.

Sgt. Kristopher David Travitz of Douglasville, a 14-year veteran with the agency, was arrested Saturday and charged with sexually assaulting a female inmate, according to a criminal warrant.

The incident occurred between Oct. 21, 2010, and March 7, 2011, in a vehicle while the inmate was being transported from one building to another at the Cobb County Jail, Sheriff Neil Warren said.

Travitz, 37, served as supervisor over the work release program at the time of the alleged incident.

Travitz was immediately fired Saturday, Warren said. He is now being held without bond in the Bartow County jail.

The case follows the Jan. 17 arrest of Sgt. Blake Sutherland, who was charged with aggravated sexual battery and sexual assault of an inmate after she complained to authorities.

Warren launched an investigation, which resulted in Sutherland’s arrest and termination.

Sutherland, whose bond was revoked, is being held in the Douglas County jail.

At the time, Warren told the Marietta Daily Journal he would find out how the assault happened. During the course of the investigation, Warren said investigators heard rumors that led them to question another woman, who had since been released from custody.

“We had to seek her out once we found out about this information,” Warren said. “She told our investigators during the interviews what took place.”

When questioned about the 2010 incident, Travitz allegedly lied to investigators that the inmate never visited him at his house. In fact, a GPS tracker attached to her ankle by Cobb Drug Court revealed that she was at his house for about 45 minutes, according to the warrant.

Warren said potential employees are subjected to rigorous background checks, including a psychological evaluation.

“There was nothing, nothing in their backgrounds to indicate he or Sutherland, either one, had an issue being — I’m going to say acting in a perverted way because to me it is perverted,” Warren said. “I’m embarrassed. I’m embarrassed for the dedicated men and women of the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office. They work hard, and this looks so bad, and I know it does, and I’m not going to stand for it, and I’m going to continue to find out why it’s happening, and if it’s happening, I can assure you I’m going to bring it to the forefront and do my best to have them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

In addition to sexual assault by a law enforcement employee, Travitz is charged with violation of oath by a public officer, aggravated sexual battery, false statements or writings, concealment of facts or fraudulent documents in matters of government. All are felonies.
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February 07, 2013
For all of you that think you are the judge and jury, you have no idea what has gone on here and neither one of them have been convicted yet as far as I have seen. All of you that are judging here want to throw rocks when you yourself probably live in a glass house. Yes, there are some corrupt cops but there are also those that get accused when innocent and these two haven't been convicted yet. So all you perfect people that want to make your judement call on others you too will one day be judged but by a much higher judge than yourself.
February 05, 2013
this is likely the tip of the iceberg--lots of corrupt police in that agency--it all gets covered up.
February 06, 2013
Yes "it all gets covered up". That's why 2 people have been arrested and will go to prison for a long time. Definitely "a cover up".
Concerned in Cobb
February 05, 2013
These two isolated incidents are obviously not an accurate reflection of SO staff overall. Rather, an interesting commentary on how lazy and complacent SO administration has become. Sad, and disturbing!
February 05, 2013
Thank you morals. The anonymous poster is a moron. Sounds like they are bitter and taking the situation to heart. I don't think deputies who hook up with other deputies, next step is sleeping with inmates. Please! That's ridiculous!
February 05, 2013
Immorality is rampant in our society and world wide. It should not take a genius to see it. These recent findings and allegations within the Sheriff's Office are a microcosm of the state of societies moral decline.

Reference the recent article in MDJ regarding gun collecting/confiscating by Sheriff Warren for the same sentiment holds true regardless of the loathsome nature of the crime or issue at hand: "The real problem facing society is the erosion of family and moral structure that in turn leads to increased criminal activity — with or without guns. Until we face the real problems plaguing our society and quit seeking the quick and often political fix that shadows the real issues, problems will continue to increase."

An individual that has their mind set on committing an ill-conceived or depraved act will find a way to perpetrate that act. All the rules, laws and punishments will not ultimately dissuade them from their folly.

When we as a society look to place blame, lets begin in our own hearts and homes. Our legal system will address the crimes and punishment of these former employees as indicated by the adjudicated facts.

The big picture is something we all can participate in fixing from the ground up.
Sad citizen
February 05, 2013
Thank you "Nello". I couldn't have said it better myself. Everyone likes to point fingers and judge others for their actions, but they never like to admit their own faults. I am a sinner, saved by grace, and I only have pity for these men. It is a disgrace to the Sheriff's Office, because they were sworn to uphold the law, but at the end of the day they are no different than you or I. I know for a fact that the Sheriff's Office, as well as the Police Department are full of honest, hard-working, moral men and women who work hard to protect our beautiful county - and I am thankful for them.

Never judge a man until you've walked in his shoes or, in this case, combat boots.
Just Wait
February 05, 2013
Maybe the Sheriff should be more concerned with keeping his own house in order and not so much about 2nd Amendment issues that don't exist.
Bubba Jones
February 05, 2013
Police officers, now you know why folks do not trust y'all. We do not trust what you put in reports, what you say on the news. We do know you lie yet get away with it. Any of those activities in the private sector would be an immediate fireable offense. The arrogance of police is the most intolerable issue.

Saw one in her police car in the middle of the street writing on, other cars could not get by. I asked her to pull off to the side of the street so the cars could get by. Her comment was I do not need to I can do what I want. To get by the other cars drove up on the neighbors lawn. Arrogance, the big "I AM".

We see you all the time doing things that show lack of respect for us citizens. You change lanes without signaling, drive over the speed limit, and the like. Ever wonder why you have lost respect?
February 05, 2013
This is so sad. These men, with their indiscrections and abuse of authority, have destroyed so much. They have innocent families whose lives are probably in complete turmoil, they have shaken what faith the community had in the SO, and they have demoralized their fellow brothers and sisters in the law enforcement community.

No organization is perfect, but there ARE good men and women in law enforcement who work very dutifully to protect our communities, make a decent way, and care for their families. But clearly we aren't going to hear about that. Thanks to these clowns, it will be a long time before that trust or faith in their competency will be restored.
February 05, 2013
It doesn't just look bad, it IS bad. The reason why this is happening is because there are no real standards for the deputies to uphold. Too many deputies are already sleeping around with each other, on the job and the most they get is a slap on the hand. If they are allowed to get away with that then why wouldn't some take it to the next level? Since this is the second case, I seriously hope that GBI is involved and that you and your corrupt department are not the only one investigating this Mr. Warren. Your system is in need of an overhaul.
Cobb Resident
February 05, 2013
Mr. Warren, I say thank you! You are to be commended for taking a proactive stance on wrong doings and protecting all Citizens of this great county, incarcerated or free. Taking the lead on an ugly situation and aggressively investigating the incident; coupled with a decisive course of action, shows great leadership and impeccable Character. I wish more of our elected officials had the back bone to do what’s honest and right. Keep up the great work and I rest assured that you will bring resolve in this matter for the Residence of Cobb County.
February 05, 2013
So sick of people judging the dept. as a whole when something like this happens. There are bad apples in every line of work. It doesn't mean that they are all bad. There are numerous people at the Sheriff's Office that have high morals and standards for themselves. This is a terrible event that happened and the deputies will be prosecuted, as they should be. But people need to stop prosecuting the the whole dept. I personally have never "slept" with any co-worker. I am proud to serve the county and would never do something so blantantly stupid and illegal. So "Anonymous" needs to not speak for everyone and say there are no morals and this is a corrupt dept. etc when you absolutely do not know me or what I stand for.
Michael Tovey
February 05, 2013
As a former Deputy with Cobb County (Retired) I would like to know where you get your information from?

Deputies are held to a very high standard by Sheriff Warren and his staff, not to mention the State and Federal authorities!

Stating that officers are sleeping around with each other - do you have any proof? If you do, why didn't you notify the authorities?

Using an alias indicates that you are one of the many people deprived of morals and just fabricate stories just to get your 15 minutes of fame!

I worked for over 14 years at the Sheriffs Office and can confirm that standards are very high for all members of Sheriff Warren's staff. Now that I am retired, live out of Cobb County, should tell you that I have nothing to gain personally by responding to your 'fabricated' input.

Just think, if there were no standards or low standards, how did this story come to light?

Obviously you have had some contact with law enforcement and are just venting and finger pointing! Get a life - preferably an honest one!
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