Boortz was a boring boor
by Kevin Foley
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Neal, we hardly knew ye — at least those of us who think for ourselves, who aren’t willfully ignorant, delusional, racist or paranoid.

I stopped listening because you were always bottom fishing, appealing to those desperate for someone to affirm their deepest, darkest fears and prejudices.

The idea was to make it all sound like innocent fun, but there always seemed to be an undercurrent of intolerance roiling just beneath your bogus on-air bonhomie.

Your shtick would never have made it in a top market, but hereabouts and in a few dank corners of America, you found your audience.

Let’s review some of the lowlights, courtesy of Media Matters for America (yes, the liberal “smear” web site that documented your nastiness in full and in context):

On the poor and African-Americans:

“Romney is right about the poor. When the heart of your country (is) failing you don’t concentrate on toenail fungus.”

“… single mothers receiving public assistance” are “welfare broodmares.”

The people of New Orleans displaced by Hurricane Katrina are “garbage” and “worthless parasites,” who could not “get out of the way of the water when that levee broke.”

“When these Katrina so-called refugees were scattered about the country, it was just a glorified episode of putting out the garbage.”

Welfare recipients are “human parasitic garbage lining up to get their applications to loot.”

Adults earning minimum wage are “incompetent,” “ignorant,” “stupid,” “worthless” and “pathetic.”

On teachers:

“I think the single most dangerous group of people in this country right now are the teachers unions. They do more damage to this country than all the drug pushers together.”

On Muslims:

Park51 (a proposed Islamic community center in New York) is “being built to commemorate a great victory over the United States on 9/11.”

“Muslims don’t eat during the day during Ramadan” and “fast during the day and eat at night,” they are “sort of like cockroaches.”

Islam is a “deadly virus” and “we’re going to wait far too long to develop a vaccine to find a way to fight this.”

Islam is a religion of “violent, bloodthirsty cretins.”

On Hispanics and Latinos:

“Give ’em all a little nuclear waste and let ’em take it on down there to Mexico”

The Superdome is a place to, “… store 11 million Hispanics just waiting to be shipped back …”

You can fit 27 “illegal aliens” into a Ford Excursion, “roll” it “and only kill 10 of them.”

On Obama:

“I would like to congratulate al-Qaida for their successful attack on New York City. (But) congratulate Barack Obama?”

“Trying to convince myself that under the right circumstances Obama wouldn’t be another Bashar al Assad. Trying … but I can’t.”

“Barack Obama is a bigger disaster to this country than 9/11.”

“Let’s ask Obama how many prayer rugs he has.”

On gays:

Referring to an “American Idol” winner, “The more manly looking of the two won,” the runner-up “looks like a flamer”

On Cynthia McKinney:

(She) “looks like a ghetto slut.”

Yes, I know, it was just harmless tongue-in-cheek humor and I’m being a hyper-sensitive liberal. Except it wasn’t and I’m not.

You had a unique opportunity to elevate the public discourse. You could have entertained but also enlightened us, leaving something dignified and memorable behind for posterity.

But after 40 interminable years of incessant, mind-numbing yammering, there’s very little in your body of work beyond a silly, sophomoric stew of vicious, unfunny rants.

Paraphrasing Terry Malloy in “On the Waterfront,” you coulda had class, Neal. You coulda been a contender. You coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what you are, let’s face it.

Happy retirement.

Kevin Foley is a public relations executive, author and writer who lives in Kennesaw.
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January 23, 2013
I certainly won't miss him.
Thomas Alexander
January 19, 2013
I listened to Neal Boortz and liked him. I just saw the title of your column, but did not read it. Neal was known all over the country. I've never heard of your involvement outside of the MDJ. And, I would bet Neal never heard of you.
January 20, 2013
You liked him ... so did the willfully ignorant, delusional, racist or paranoid.

January 18, 2013
"Your shtick would never have made it in a top market, but hereabouts and in a few dank corners of America, you found your audience"

Kevin Foley obviously finds the Atlanta metro area to be one of the few dank corners of America. I just wonder why the mdjonline would want to print any of the thoughts festering in the dark dank corners of Kevin Foley's little mind. What editor in their right mind could think that a columnist with such disdain for his own community would be good for business.

Smitten less
January 18, 2013
I've never heard of you until I searched Boortz in google news. Lets just see what kind of memory people have of you in the "where are they now" column. Probably none. They'll just say "who?"
January 18, 2013
Neal Boortz at least recognized his sometimes bombastic opinions for what they were.

When Democrats and liberals did stupid things he unmercifully castigated them for it.

He treated Republicans and conservative the same way.

When Christian zealots overstepped the line of commom sense and logic he let them know it.

When Muslims, or Jews or Hindus etc. did the same thing he treated them with the same disdain.

He was, most of the time, an unbiased critic of all the really stupid stuff that goes on around us.

You, Mr. Foley, simply regurgitate the liberal mantra and treat it as gospel. No independent thought, no opinion of your own, no intellect, no original ideas, no ethical compass. No nothing!!!

No person, theology, political party or ideology is correct 100% of the time.

You need to recognize that.
Jim Stoll
January 18, 2013
I have listened to Neal Boortz since I moved to Georgia from Chicago. While I did not agree with all of the positions he took, I did agree with many of them and I enjoyed his program. I believe he was an asset to our society On the other hand, you have never written anything that I agreed with or enjoyed and I have never considered you, or your writings to be an asset to anything. What I would enjoy most of all is that you would crawl back under the rock from whence you came. In simple terms that you might understand: GET LOST.
Old Timer
January 18, 2013
Neal Boortz spoke the truth. He may have done it without needed restraint on occasion - but he was able to say what the rest of us only wished we could say without do-gooders like this Foley character leaping at us with daggers drawn.

Foley, you disparage Boortz's rough manner yet at the end of your article you refer to him as a "bum." Surely, as a liberal defender of the lowlife, you should know that terms like this are not allowed in your circles anymore - they might offend a poor, pitiful homeless beggar somewhere. But, of course - excuse me - rules of courtesy only apply to your opponents.

While I'm at it, Foley, why don't you take a writing class? You don't need two adjectives to describe every noun.
January 18, 2013
You must have listened enough to get all your material. I am guessing we could pull the same highlights from your columns on your intolerance when you speak of those that do not agree with your beliefs. I enjoyed listening to Neal. He may have been crude at times, but he hit the nail on the head about many issues.
Mike Woodliff
January 18, 2013
Well said! I suspect that underneath all that Foley foliage is a jealous and insecure man who hasn't achieved much. If I had the time and inclination, I'd pick over Foley's commentary with the same tweezers he used on Boortz. I suspect he'd come up wanting. Foley is a master at the negative, the cheap-shot and poison pen. Darn shame, too. He write pretty well.
Kevin Foley
January 23, 2013
h8ter (whoever you are) I invite you to do just that. Go ahead and list anything in my writings that even approaches Boortz's nastiness.
Mike Woodliff
January 18, 2013
I take you you do not like Boortz. Why wait until he's gone to write your column? You could call the show any day and go to the front of the line because he always takes dissenting opinions first. But no, you wait until the forty year show is over and then complain. Too late. He said his piece and now he's gone. You've said your piece, now if you'd only be gone.
Devlin Adams
January 18, 2013
I suspect that, to a pathetically untalented Bill Press wannabe, who not only imbibes to execess in the liberal Kool-Aid, but also frequently bathes in it, Boortz might appear as just that.

The truth is that he could, at times, be grating on the nerves with some of his rants, but he also had frequent moments of brilliance.

We are still awaiing the first one from Foley.

Ryan Sanders
January 18, 2013
The truth hurts doesnt it.
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