Gun Control — Obama largely to thank for gun-sales boom
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Gun sales are surging, both in Cherokee County and around the country. The FBI processed 78,998 requests for gun sale-related background checks in December in Georgia, up from just 37,586 such requests in October. Alabama saw an even sharper rise to 80,576 from 32,850 for the same period, part of what the Associated Press has described as a huge increase in gun sales.

What’s driving the sudden rise? Clearly, the well-placed fear that President Obama and Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate will try to impose dramatic restrictions in gun ownership rights. The curtailment of such rights has long been part of the liberal/progressive agenda. They prefer a model along the lines of Great Britain, where it is nearly impossible to purchase a handgun and where ownership of hunting weapons is severely restricted. (Yet where gun violence has sharply increased in recent years, despite those restrictions.)

Obama’s handling of the economy has been inept at best — but thanks in large part to the president, there’s no recession in the firearms industry these days.

Obama’s push comes in the wake of last year’s movie theater massacre in Colorado that left 12 people dead and the school shooting in Connecticut that took the lives of 26 victims. Obama ally U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Cal.) has already announced plans to try and renew the Clinton-era federal ban on the manufacture of certain semi-automatic firearms (aka “assault weapons”), which expired in 2004 and which, studies showed, had no impact on gun violence. Critics also note that most of the weapons affected by the ban needed only minor cosmetic changes to get around the ban.

Obama has appointed Vice President Joe Biden to head a task force that is expected to make recommendations on the issue to the president on Tuesday.

It is highly probable those recommendations will include not just an attempt to ban assault-type weapons but also a push to limit the sale and ownership of high-capacity magazines for such weapons. It’s possible that even some conservatives might go along with banning such magazines.

It’s obvious that more must be done to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable; something Obama hasn’t said much about as yet. And it’s equally obvious that there is a clear need for such people to be off the streets and in treatment facilities, too many of which were closed in the 1980s and ’90s.

Biden also is expected to offer suggestions to address violence on television, movies and video games. Here again the question arises of how to address public safety without violating constitutional rights, in this case, those protected by the First Amendment.

So a balancing act is just ahead: How to make our streets and schools safer without infringing on the rights of the law-abiding? After all, it is not your hunters or your “solid citizens” who own guns for self defense who are going on shooting rampages. However, it is precisely those gun owners who feel they are now in Obama’s figurative sights — and they are the ones now flocking to gun stores and gun shows.

Those sales are fueled by fear: Not so much by the fear of street violence or unnamed predators, but fear of a government planning to undermine their ability to protect themselves, their families and their belongings.

So, don’t expect the crowds at gun shows to subside any time soon.

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gun nut
January 15, 2013
For the most part only law abiding citizens are harmed by gun control. The very definition of criminal includes "does not obey the law".

Schools, churches, movie theaters, college campuses are "Gun Free Zones" for law abiding citizens that means don't take your guns to town, for the criminal it means I will be the only one there with guns. I will have plenty of time to shoot, reload and kill again, before anyone else with a gun can stop me.

Gun Free Zones are free fire zones for criminals.

Do you have your permit yet?
Be Careful
January 14, 2013
Dear "Responsible Owner",

You obviously do not understand the scientific principle of cause and effect.

The CT shooter did not cause a surge in gun sales.

Had out president not announced he wanted gun control, nothing would have happened.

It was his announcement that he wanted to enact stricter gun control that caused the surge in sales. People want to buy before any such ban goes into effect.

January 14, 2013
Once the second amendment is gone and state’s rights are gone than privet schools and churches will be next just watch. The governors will no longer have control of their own states; homeland security will be in charge. The universal background check will set up a huge Google iterative map that the Fed’s can use to seize all guns from all Americans.
Somewhat correct
January 14, 2013
It is the Democrats, the president and shooters who are responsible for the overwhelming gun sales. Why? Each time there is a horrible act of violence with guns, they insist on creating legislation to take away the rights of individuals to own a gun. In response, people run out and purchase weapons in case the president decides to sign an executive order. It is not the gun that kills, it is the person behind the gun. Assault weapons should never have been put in the public's hands, but they were. Now you will never get rid of them because people will simply purchase them through the black market. Should we have a ban on assault guns with magazine clips, absolutely. It will take much longer to purchase one on the black market than in a store. Hopefully, the mind set would change before they could get a hold of that gun. The whole situation is sad. Maybe the president should focus on getting a budget together as much as he is a gun ban!
January 13, 2013
What do you think is behind the sudden increase in gun sales?
Bob Bummer
January 13, 2013
Obama is not the person to thank for increased gun sales. That dishonor goes to the CT school shooter. He and other shooters before him have put gun laws in the national spot light. I take issue with this article's title.
Repsonsible owner
January 13, 2013
What a bunch of misleading nonsense. There were 37 gun murders in the UK last year but you point to a substantial increase. And it is Obama who causes gunsales to increase, what a joke. I guess the MDJ is totally in bed with the NRA and could care less how many babies are gunned to pieces in this country. You should be ashamed of your misleading editorial and be complicit in any future murders by assult weapons. Real responsible gun owners want resonsible gun laws. The MDJ apparently7 would rather our kids be murdered than take a responsible approach. Just sick.
Georgfe Middleton
January 14, 2013
First, sir, I seriously doubt that you are a gun ownwer. The tone our your post us inflammatory and totally unnecesary. The use of catch phrases, like "gunned to pieces, and

in bed with the NRA" betray you as a gun control advocate.

A very basic question, should you care to have a intelligent conversation, would be "Who decides what is reesponsible gun control?"
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