New Cobb code would check for illegal workers
by Jon Gillooly
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Bob Ott
Bob Ott
D. A. King
D. A. King
MARIETTA — The Cobb Board of Commissioners is eyeing a code change that would affect contractors under a federal program designed to limit undocumented workers.

A proposal requested by commissioners Bob Ott and JoAnn Birrell would require contractors hired by the county to swear they have filed an application to become certified under the federal IMAGE program, which recognizes businesses that hire legal employees.

Ott explained why the code change was needed.

“It’s my belief that the program is a step in the right direction to making sure that the people that are entitled to work are the ones that get the jobs,” Ott said. “This is not about deportation. This is not about forcing people to leave the country. This is simply about making sure that the jobs that are available in the county go to the people that are legal — nothing more and nothing less.”

Last May, commissioners agreed to complete the application process for becoming an IMAGE certified county.

“As an employer, they have applied to become IMAGE certified,” said immigration activist D.A. King of the Dustin Inman Society. “Now we want all the contractors that they use to swear that they have submitted an application to become IMAGE certified.”

On Thursday, at the request of Ott and Commissioner JoAnn Birrell, the county’s community development director, Rob Hosack, released a draft of the proposed change.

That draft has left King less than pleased.

“They haven’t mentioned IMAGE even a little bit. All they’ve done is restated federal and state law,” King said.

County spokesman Robert Quigley explained why the name of the IMAGE program wasn’t used in the draft.

“We typically use terms to describe a function instead of using a program name,” Quigley said. “Program names can change, which would make a code unenforceable until it is modified to match up with a new program name. A function remains constant regardless of the name.”

Hosack said Ott and Birrell were clear about wanting county contractors to become IMAGE certified, and that was the intent of the draft amendment.

“JoAnn and Ott were very, very clear about that,” Hosack said. “It was absolutely our intent, which is why we said on ‘a form provided by the county in accordance with a state statute.’ That state statute kind of spells out any federal verification program that we thought IMAGE fell under that general description.”

Two public hearings will take place on Jan. 22 and Feb. 26 to give residents an opportunity to speak about revisions to the proposal, Ott said.

County Chairman Tim Lee said he supports having the discussion, but reserved his opinion on whether he would support the change until examining any unintended consequences such as, “The cost of implementation to manage it and making us uncompetitive for new business.”
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Marie in Marietta
January 07, 2013
Oh, Lib, another year and you stil type the same silly drivel over and over again.

I don't think you want to save jobs for legal people if it involves actually enforcing our laws.

To prove to you that DA has more sense in his little finger than you can hope to find anywhere, take a look at a CBS Atlanta TV news report on the fact that the law will be changed to what DA King says is really going to work.

Cobb County rewrites proposed immigration code

Posted: Jan 04, 2013 4:46 PM EST

Updated: Jan 04, 2013 5:47 PM EST

Renee Starzyk - emailCOBB COUNTY, GA (CBS ATLANTA) - After CBS Atlanta News started asking the Tough Questions, Cobb County leaders have reworded a new immigration code that would require county contractors and vendors to verify the status of every worker on the job, not just those newly hired.

"I think the big thing here to emphasize is this is not about deporting people," said Bob Ott, the proposal's sponsor. "It's not about sending people back to wherever they came from or whatever. This is purely about jobs and making sure the limited number of jobs in today's economy go to those folks who are legal to have them."

The proposed measure will now call on contractors to use a federal program called IMAGE to verify the immigration status of every worker.

"There's no fee associated with it," said JoAnn Birrell, a co-sponsor of the measure. "To me it's not really putting an imposition on these companies to have to do this at a cost."

However, immigration activist D.A. King said the law is worthless. He pointed out the original wording of the proposal did not specifically mention the IMAGE certification program.

"The ordinance language is nowhere close to the way it's being presented," said King. "It will not accomplish the task as advertised. It is a fairy tale and that's the kindest way I can put it."

Late Friday, Ott told CBS Atlanta News that county leaders have agreed to rewrite the proposed measure and specifically mention the IMAGE certification requirement using the wording King has proposed.

Two public hearings on the proposed immigration law are scheduled for Jan. 22 and Feb. 26.

Oh Lib. Go cry in front of a passing car?

Lib in Cobb
January 07, 2013
DA King:

It seems that the explanation given for the terminology used is not good enough for you, not surprising. DA continues to scream at the passing cars.

@Frog: Because someone is speaking Spanish, you are automatically assuming that they came here illegally. Brilliant just brilliant.
@ BenHutch
January 06, 2013
You are quite mistaken, but thanks for the compliment.

yours truely,

sheeple, sheeple
John Galt
January 04, 2013
More regulation for business ultimately makes it harder for everyone to get jobs.

Let's just get rid of entitlements in this country and let anyone that wants to work do so.
sheeple, sheeple
January 04, 2013
Meaningless lip service, that's all this is.

It's going nowhere!

They know exactly whose working on road crews!!

Too many road projects set to start up, including the wasteful 20 million Concord Road(Smyrna), billion dollar toll roads for I-75/I-575, 40 million Windy Hill widening, etc.

They will say they've made every effort, are aligned w/ federal law.. and that it's out of their hands now. Obama/Chamblis,etc. have comprehensive immigration reform wiating in the wings. These workers will have a red carpet laid out for them.

America is being brought down and Cobb officials are just going along with the plan.

The more stimulus, the more federal transportation money they can grasp,... the more money for their relocation expenses.

I imagine the chamber, most elected officials, most WEALTHY road contractors,etc., have purchased a 'second' home somewhere off American shores.

When it all collapses, their airline ticket will be 'one way'.

Americas follies!!
January 04, 2013
Pat H
January 04, 2013
It is shameful that this is even being debated. All contractors, subcontractors and sub-subcontractors, etc., who receive money from the taxpayers should be using E-Verify and then be subjected to audits through the IMAGE program.

Without verification and audits, and then enforcing loss of contracts with the County, the laws mean nothing.

CW Matthews should be the first audit, along with all the various firms they hire to launder money to the illegal community.
January 04, 2013
Pat H-

I have noticed that CW Matthews work crews, in many instances all are heard speaking in Spanish. It is a reasonable expectation that the crews should, mostly, be speaking English.This is a reasonable expectation.
oh yea
January 04, 2013
Aman to that, CW Matthews should be looked at, of course they have a hookup with someone in the county why do you think they get so many jobs from the county?
January 04, 2013
This issue needs little discussion. The Cobb Commission should do it immediately! This action should have taken place long ago.

Commissar Lee probably wants to delay action to make certain that this change is OK with the Cobb Chamber, Jim Croy and all of his Contractors and Sub-Contractors.
January 04, 2013
Why does Dustin Inman want to make it harder and harder for employers to provide jobs? America is hurting, people can't find jobs, but Dustin Inman and his society are trying to place the burden of even more governmental regulations onto employers who want to hire.

Dustin Inman apparently does not want YOU working, no matter WHO you are. These regulations apply to the employer no matter who the prospective employee might be, even if it's YOU. That hinders my and your ability to find a job.

Job hindrance does not seem like a valid purpose for any society in this hiring environment. What is Dustin Inman really about? Is the Dustin Inman society a big scam to provide a fat paycheck for D.A. King? Who even knows!! does not even list them because they are a 501-c-4, not the usual 501-c-3.

Qualities of 501-c-4 are are: primary activity is the promotion of social welfare (not immigration activism, it seems), donations are not deductible as charitable contributions for U.S. federal income tax, they're not required to disclose their donors, they are controversial, they spend "dark money." A 501-c-4 sounds like the perfect place to be run by a convicted felon with seemingly zero accountability, doesn't it?

Why does the MDJ run these free promo-ad "new stories" for this guy?

I could not find any financial disclosures on just now. Gee I wonder why! I wonder where the money goes (not really) and who provides it (definitely).

Who would put money into this? The elderly, perhaps? I can just imagine the door to door fund raising: "Do you hate cars with loud stereos? Are those Mexicans ruining your neighborhood? Don't you hate seeing Spanish signs in YOUR stores? People sneaking across our borders might be terrorists coming here to kill us all! Donate now before it's too late!!!"
sheeple, sheeple
January 04, 2013
You, my friend(vfp42), are a perfect example of a sheep and a traitor.

My thanks to DA King for all he does and all the crap he's willing to take from greedy folks that have been willing to 'sell out' our country & their fellow Americans,... just to get a little feather in their hat(maybe a road or park contract) & a dime in their pocket.

You're a good man, DA King & we appreciate all you try to do!! We do know what we're up against!!

January 04, 2013
@sheeple sheeple

You are correct about VFP42, he, like Pellegrino and a host of others, is a traitor to his /her fellow Americans.

D A King has released an email that exposes this effort as leaving many exposures to hiring illegal immigrants.

VFPs attack on the Dustin Inman society is nothing but a blatant support of illegal immigration. Typical Alinsky anti-American words. He/sh tries to divert the issue of no jobs for Americans by attacking the Inman society.

All you folks out there who are not paying attention--well- your family may be next to have a member lose his job to those who did not come here legally.

"Hosack said Ott and Birrell were clear about wanting county contractors to become IMAGE certified, and that was the intent of the draft amendment.

“JoAnn and Ott were very, very clear about that,” Hosack said. “It was absolutely our intent, which is why we said on ‘a form provided by the county in accordance with a state statute."’

Then why not say "IMAGE"? It's a bowl of lost jobs for Americans. The lawyers will eat it alive anytime it gets near to a court case.

Be American, pay attention, protect American workers and American jobs. Do not do business with those who hire illegals and above all, hold your elected officials to their oaths to protect America..

January 04, 2013
Sheeple is actually DA King. Ha! He made a mistake in linking from his blog.
Ann Agorey
January 07, 2013
vfp42 (Foley or Tim Lee, whoever you really are)

Too funny - it looks like you may not like Mr. King. For good reason, he is much smarter than you and you hate to be ignored.

I also Googled 501c 4 non profits like the tiny Dustin Inman Society. Turns out that they are not required to file a finacial statement if they take in less than $25 K a year.

I see it that King wants to make it harder for illegal aliens to get a job with illegal, cheatng employers who are the real bosses around here.You aren't really fooling anyone. BTW I know the Inmans. Dustin Inman was a 16 year old boy killed by an illegal alien. Go tell it to Billy and Kathy Inman that we shouldn't try to stop the invasion!
January 04, 2013
Bravo, a step in the right direction, although a tad bit late in coming. American Jobs for American Citizens First!
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