McCain chasing white whale
by Kevin Foley
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Since the day President Richard M. Nixon resigned nearly 40 years ago, like Captain Ahab, Republicans have searched for a Democratic presidential scandal on the scale of Watergate.

And, like Ahab, their preoccupation is all about revenge, even though Republicans joined Democrats in demanding that Nixon resign.

Recall that shortly before Nixon was re-elected in 1972, news broke of a break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington’s iconic Watergate Complex.

Thanks to a pair of intrepid reporters, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward of the Washington Post, the small-time burglary became a big time scandal reaching all the way to President Nixon’s Oval Office.

The burglars, it seems, were in the pay of the GOP campaign and the president, we now know, worked tirelessly to hide his ties to the break-in, giving birth to the cliché, “the cover-up is always worse than the crime.”

Funny thing is, if you take away Watergate, Nixon was a pretty good chief executive.

On his own initiative he began a dialogue with Red China and started negotiations to end the Vietnam War. Nixon conceived and signed into existence the Environmental Protection Agency. He was the president when men first landed on the moon.

Sadly, Nixon will be remembered for Watergate, forced to resign his office in disgrace. Even though it was self-inflicted, the Watergate humiliation has haunted Republicans evermore.

In 1992, Bill Clinton was elected president, his reputation as a voluptuary preceding him to Washington. Republicans eagerly embarked on a hunt for their white whale, looking for the scandal that would force the young Democratic president from office and, more important, finally even the score.

And this time the GOP had Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the conservative entertainment complex to echo and amplify any and all accusations they made against Clinton, true or not.

Thus, what began as an investigation into an allegedly crooked real estate deal, many years and many more taxpayer millions later, led Republican Special Prosecutor Ken Starr to … a stained blue dress.

But in an amazing ju-jitsu move, instead of Clinton being driven from office, it was Republican House Speaker and chief Clinton antagonist Newt Gingrich who resigned, along with his heir apparent, Rep. Bob Livingston, after the pair’s extramarital affairs were exposed.

Clinton went on to complete his term and remains one of the most popular politicians in American history. His wife, Hillary, is our exemplary Secretary of State and possible 2016 presidential candidate.

Enter Barack Obama. From almost his first day, Senate and House Republicans began searching for any whiff of scandal in the president’s White House. They thought they had something with their bogus Fast and Furious investigation; “Obama’s Watergate,” cried Forbes, before F&F fizzled.

Now they’ve seized on the Sept. 11 tragedy in Benghazi as the “scandal” that will finally ruin a Democratic president.

Politicizing the terrorist attack — something Democrats never did after 9/11 — Republicans have lowered the boats, with Sen. John McCain in the prow playing Captain Ahab, baselessly demanding a “Watergate-style” investigation while shamefully smearing U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s reputation.

Ahab was out for payback in his maniacal search Moby Dick. McCain is no less unhinged, seemingly bent on revenge, bitter and frustrated that a little known and seemingly unaccomplished Illinois senator defeated him in 2008.

It’s sad, even pathetic, watching the 76-year-old McCain blindly flailing about in the twilight of his career after sacrificing so much for the country he loves.

The senator would do well to remember what happened to Ahab after he finally sunk his harpoon into Moby Dick.

Kevin Foley is a public relations executive, author and writer who lives in Kennesaw.
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Bob Johnson
November 26, 2012
If we stop posting comments maybe the MDJ will get the idea.
November 26, 2012
Where's the fun in that?

November 24, 2012
I don't mean to take your comments off topic, Mr. Foley, but I see no other way of communicating with you.

As interesting as the white whale may be, may I suggest a topic?

The impact of the Obama Administration on small business.

See, from what I've gleaned from your articles, you own and operate a PR firm with less than 50 employees. Why not explain to us conservatives why Obama, his administration, and his policies are NOT bad for you?

Given the nature of your business, I suspect you are not subject to EPA and OSHA. If I'm correct about your employee count, you won't be subject to the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).

But there is other stuff. If you're at the $250K threshold (first, congratulations), tell us how you have been, and will be, impacted. I'm sure you've had many discussions with your tax/accounting staff. Is the tax impact not as bad as us conservatives go on about?

Do you offer benefits to your employees? If so, has your health premium increased? What about a 401k plan? If so, are you familiar with the new 408b2 disclosures and have you discussed with your plan administrator?

Do you have easy access to short-term lending needs?

Has your power bill gone up?

Did you hire a veteran or long-term unemployed and take advantage of the tax credit?

Do you see your firm growing and passing the 50 employee threshold?

Did the payroll tax holiday provide meaningful relief for any of your employees? Did any employee(s) openly discuss the benefit with you?

Is your revenue growing or has it been flat in recent years? What about profits and profit margin? Growing or flat? If profits are growing, is the growth coming from increased revenue or belt-tightening?

These are personal questions; I realize that. So, why not, at least, give us your perspective, and address these questions in general terms, from a small businessman's point of view?

Not that you care about what conservative folks think about you, but in my humble opinion, you would gain credibility as a serious columnist if you put together an article explaining to us why Obama has been good for small business, or, at least, why he's not been as bad as conservatives think.
Kevin Foley
November 26, 2012
CobbCoGuy - What does my status or business have to do with anything? I'm not in the news, but John McCain is.

I like to examine conservative political dishonesty and I never run out of things to write about...wait until you see Friday's column.

If you want to read about how the Obama administration impacts small business, there are plenty of writers who cover that. I don't make a practice of discussing my business or answer personal questions, especially from someone who doesn't identify himself.

This piece is about how the GOP is out for payback to the exclusion of everything else. Do you deny that's not the case? Do you think McCain's outrageous attacks on McCain and Rice are anything but cheap political shots?
November 26, 2012
You and I can wag our fingers about political dishonesty - conservative and liberal - 'til the cows come home. You call it payback; we call it accountability.

Here's the rub - fellow citizens died in Benghazi and as a result of the botched Fast & Furious operation. There must be accountability for those responsible and to prevent anything like this from happening again. Surely, you agree with that?

If the tables were turned, or roles reversed, methinks you'd be screeching for heads to roll.

Did anyone die during Watergate or while Clinton was soiling, so to speak, our Oval Office?

Anyhoo, you missed my point in that you are an anomoly - a small business owner who supports Obama. I think your perspective could be enlightening. So, how about a future column in this regard? In general terms, no details about your business as I stated.

By the way, I don't recall you ever questioning, commenting on, or addressing, Lib in Cobb's anonymity.


Just sayin'...
Left Wing Drivel
November 23, 2012
Same tired worn out Democrat talking points......ZZZZZ
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