Obama team sets records for lies, fraud, propaganda
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Having witnessed and participated in all national elections since 1962, I am familiar with half lies and mud-slinging in politics, but I have never before witnessed such blatant lies, propaganda, and downright fraud as practiced by the Democratic operatives for the election of Obama. It is intensely disturbing that uninformed voters with a strong bent toward free handouts and devoid of a basic understanding of liberty are now in control and will likely remain so in the future.

We think we have free speech and hope to influence others, but our individual speech is but a teaspoon in a vast media ocean fed by rivers of bias. The sad fact is that we live in a world of the “bull networks” where bias and propaganda are obvious and truth is a rare commodity — you know, Complete Bull, National Bull, and Nothing but Bull. We even have our own Propaganda Broadcasting System paid for by us. The grave danger is not that individuals in the media are biased, but that they have a vast, unbridled voice to cast propaganda far beyond our own paltry speech.

Abraham Lincoln said “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” I fear that we have faltered. I worry less about what Obama will do than the harm that will be, and has been, done by the uninformed voting population and politicians who wish to feed at the trough of government.

All of this makes me wonder where the distinct groups who supported Obama will stand in the second American Revolution. The price of liberty is not cheap. I grieve for our children and grandchildren.

R.W. Moss

Powder Springs
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Too funny
November 25, 2012
Could you please cite where Abe said what you said he said? Thanks.
Informed Voter
November 20, 2012
So “Edmucation” gives us the fact that most “educated states” voted for Obama. His is probably right, but education which is not inherently bad, does not equate to intelligence, common sense, self-reliance, wisdom, or being politically informed! Most public and private liberal institutions in fact produced Obama and many of the current crop of politicians. Sadly and unfortunately, many, if not most, liberally educated college students don’t know the history of democracy (e.g. the Greeks), can’t differentiate between the declaration of independence and the constitution, and have no basic understanding of our founding principles. Yes indeed, most “educated” states voted for Obama which is a story into itself. Perhaps more basic criteria for voters would be a willingness to dig deeply into the history of their candidate along with a deep sense of American liberty, freedom, and self-reliance.
November 21, 2012
We agree on the desirable qualities of an informed voter...

But if I take 1,000 people with college degrees and you take 1,000 people without, my group is more likely to posses the qualities you are pining for.

You are letting your convictions overrule your sense of logic and reasoning.

If the Republicans continue to blame the loss of the election on the "takers" then they will gain no ground in the next four years. They need to focus on the much larger group of educated and employed voters who after careful consideration including common sense, wisdom, and informing themselves couldn't bring themselves to vote for Romney.
November 20, 2012
"It is intensely disturbing that uninformed voters with a strong bent toward free handouts and devoid of a basic understanding of liberty are now in control and will likely remain so in the future."

This statement does not align with the FACT that the most educated states consistently voted for Obama. The least educated states consistently voted for Romney.

Convince yourself it is all the fault of the "takers" if you wish. There were millions of educated and well employed voters that did not drink the Romney kool-aid.

December 01, 2012
8 of 10 of the wealthiest counties in the US voted for Obama-CNBC.

Still blaming takers? Get over it. You lost.
November 20, 2012
Well said Mr. Moss. But if you have noticed when Washington talks about cutting "entitlements" you never hear about food stamps, welfare, rent subsidies, medicaid, or any of the true "freebies".

It is always medicare and social security, which under the law, you must contribute to, at the point of a gun, when you are working. That is the falacy of this entire system - when you kill ambition by taking from those who produce and give to those who do nothing but put their hands out, you kill the country. This is where we are now, and it will not stop unless and until the people who provide the income to the govenrment to distribute as they see fit, stand up and refuse to be used any longer.
November 20, 2012
Thank you for your insight JB. I agree with your comments completely. It is sad to watch our once great nation slide into such decay. Many who voted for Obama have no clue what his policies really mean for the long term of our nation. God help us.
the big lie
November 20, 2012
One of the problems is that Obama and his minions lie, and then the media repeats them over and over. Reminds me of what happened in Russia. We are being destroyed from within and no one wants to talk about it. Its what Obama does, not what he says that is important but for some reason, the voters can't seem to figure that out.
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