Listen to Beatles, then vote for Romney
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How much is the fair share of tax for the rich to pay? And what is the type and amount of wealth that defines someone as rich? President Obama accuses his opponent of not paying his fair share of taxes. In other words, Mitt Romney is a tax cheat. In still other words, Mitt is a deadbeat.

History can be a powerful teacher. We can learn from past experience what does and does not work, so let’s go back a few decades. In the mid 1960s, George Harrison of the musical group the Beatles wrote the song “Taxman.”

“Let me tell you how it will be

There’s one for you, nineteen for me

‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman.”

These words referenced the 95 percent income tax rate the Beatles were forced to pay the British government. That meant for every dollar the Fab Four earned, the British government confiscated 95 cents of it. The Beatles did what so many others in England did at that time: They left the land of their birth and became tax exiles, and they took their money with them.

It was the economic policies of conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher that finally brought many of these tax exiles home. She spearheaded the reduction of a punitive, crippling tax burden. The idea behind this move is that people should not be punished for working, and if they are not punished for working and achieving they will stay in a country and invest their wealth in it.

When John Kennedy became President of the United States, the income tax rate for upper income achievers was 92 percent. President Kennedy and Congress slashed that rate. Later presidents and congresses reduced it further.

Unfortunately, in Britain and America and so many other countries what has not been slashed is the size and scale of government. The fundamental premise of free marketers, like Mitt Romney, is that cutting taxes in conjunction with reduced government spending creates greater wealth for the majority of people. The free market system works, not because it is a perfect system but because it is the safest one. A nation of a few hundred million people freely making their daily economic choices is far better and safer than when a handful of bureaucrats impose their various pet economic theories on the rest of us.

Today’s election will decide which direction this country takes. You have an important decision to make. If you look at the lessons of history, you will know how to vote.

Tony Cain

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George Schmitt
November 06, 2012
Top rate during the republican president Eisenhaur was 91%. And the 50%s were cool.
Tony Cain
November 06, 2012
Well, from some of the comments so far, it looks like basic economics still has not gotten through to some folks. The battle goes on.
November 06, 2012
This article is ridiculous and very wrong in many ways. Biased much?

As a Canadian that doesnt care much about the U.S. elections I dont need to root for either.

Personally i think the beatles can be left out of it. I think it is also very ignorant to choose what candidate to vote for because of what a song says... Especially since the beatles werent American.

People all over the world have to deal with taxes. No one likes tax hikes... Its just a reality about how our economies were designed in the first place. Its a vicious cycle and it was created out of debt and inflation and tax hikes etc are all part of it.

Tax hikes should not be the main reason for whom you vote for. Boohoo! Taxes always go up! Deal with it. We ALL have to work together to fix economical problems. Lower taxes wont fix that ... Stop complaining.


Kennedy wanted to LOWER TAXES. He made a speech about it in 1963. His attempt to pass the tax cuts idea was turned down by congress. He was assasinated after that. In my opinion kennedy wanted change and some other people didnt want that...

In the end taxes we in fact lowered anyways.

To get to my point, this article is bogus and the writer should start by atleast doing some accurate research in order to get their numbers and facts right.

Tony Cain
November 06, 2012
Kennedy and Congress did lower the 92% tax rate into the 70s percent. He wanted to lower them even more but was assassinated.

President Johnson found out that you cannot fight a foreign war and have the "Great Society" he envisaged. Too expensive.

George Bush found out the same in Iraq and Afg.
Devlin aDams
November 06, 2012
Yeah! Yeah! mk, and you, alone, see it all as it really is.

Gimme a break!

I suppose you are one of those who pitched a temper fit and didn't vote because ti was not to your liking.
November 07, 2012
Whoever you are, why attack me? (nothing better to do??).. I know what is best for ME,.. and I SEE the conditions that have resulted from our open borders!

Ron Paul was the one that could have saved our country, freedoms & constitution!

Watch the constitution be shredded by Obama!

I am glad to say I went to Brown Elementary at 6:30,.. walked right in w/ no line & voted my heart!

Too bad the future of America is now lost!
Devlin Adams
November 08, 2012
If you voted at 6:30, you and som other people broke the law. The polls don't open until 7AM.

At any rate, I am gald to hear that you voted. I just hope you are not one of those who voted for a third party candidate and diluted Obama's opposition.
mk- we the sheeple
November 06, 2012
Romney might be the lesser of 2 evils,.. but neither of these men are looking out for me.

If I would have stood in line, I would have voted for Gary Johnson.

The game is being played on the American people.

Mitt will help usher in daddy Bushes economic global New World Order, starting w/ the North American Union ( he said so during last 2 demates-open your ears!!).

Obama,.. will further the Muslim's gain on world dominance & sharia law.

Americans are so easily fooled.

Brainwashed more like it!
Richard Porter
November 06, 2012
Tony - you are SO wrong! For a start, only Ringo of the Beatles became a tax exile.

Under Margaret Thatcher Britain had an unemployment rate worse than the 1930s - yes, the rich were getting richer, but the poor were getting MUCH poorer.

BTW Paul McCartney made a video recently in support of Obama!
Tony Cain
November 06, 2012
To Richard Porter: Dear Dick,

Didn't John Lennon move to New York where he lived with his wife Yoko?

And Paul McCartney did not move his main RESIDENCE outside of England? Really?

You miss the point about Prime Minister Thatcher. The next to last paragraph of the letter points out that it is necessary to cut taxes "IN CONJUNCTION WITH REDUCED GOVERNMENT SPENDING." Kennedy, Johnson, Reagan and Bush found out that you must cut the size and spending of government in addition to lowering taxes.

And your remark about the "rich" proves to me that you are a person who does not read well. Try reading the 2nd sentence of my piece.

The education must continue.

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