Standing by their man
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MDJ Staff / Todd Hull
MDJ Staff / Todd Hull
Powder Springs resident Clara Bates, an Obama supporter, and her son, Dwight McMutry of Mableton, watch the television at Varner’s Restaurant and Tavern in Smyrna as candidates debate economic policies. <br> Photo by Todd Hull
Powder Springs resident Clara Bates, an Obama supporter, and her son, Dwight McMutry of Mableton, watch the television at Varner’s Restaurant and Tavern in Smyrna as candidates debate economic policies.
Photo by Todd Hull
SMYRNA — The roughly 50 attendees at the Cobb County Democratic Committee’s debate viewing party at Varner’s Restaurant and Tavern in Smyrna cheered with support as President Barack Obama faced Mitt Romney.

Specters of previous administrations haunted some attendees as surely as the cardboard spiders and witches taped to the walls heralded Halloween.

“I don’t want to go back to Bush-era policies,” Dale Posey, 64, of Austell, a retired federal employee, said about George W. Bush’s administration. “I don’t want to go back to the bad ol’ days.”

His thoughts were echoed by Pat Harris, 59, of Smyrna, a clerical worker.

“A Romney presidency sort of frightens me, because I’ve watched his stance,” she said. “He’s not a concise, confident person who would handle things in a diplomatic way. He’s very hawkish. I’m afraid if he’s elected, we’ll go to war again.”

Hopes were pinned on the debate, in a campaign seeing fresh energy beginning with the Joe Biden-Paul Ryan faceoff, said Tamu Douglas, 34, of Smyrna.

“The mood has changed,” she said about previous debate parties she attended. “The general mood is more of an upswing.”

Point after point, question after question and reply after reply, Obama earned cheers and cries of “that’s right” from onlookers while Romney got booed.

Jeremy B. Jones of Mableton, 46, an auto sales and leasing professional, said he didn’t know of any undecided voters.

“Most people I know are voting for Obama,” he said. “I have some friends who are voting for Romney, and I’m working on them.”

Jones’ interest in converting voters may stem from his resolute faith in his candidate.

“He’s a family man. He’s for the blue-collar worker, for people who are concerned and trying to get ahead,” Jones said. “He’s not into the 2 or 5 percent that have all the money in the world, like Romney.”

Obama’s fate is secure, Jones said.

“He’s our next president,” he said.

Meanwhile, Republicans at the El Nopal Mexican restaurant in Acworth said Romney articulated his vision for the future, while Obama spoke in generalizations.

“He’s consistently presented a clear path to the future,” said Michael Williams of Marietta, who works in quality control. “I really don’t understand what our president would do with a second term, and he’s had three debates to explain that to me.”

Williams said the tone of the debate was lopsided.

“We had one candidate who conducted himself very presidentially ... and he was in a debate with someone who continually interrupted him, continually attacked him,” he said.

The crowd was disappointed that Libya was not brought up in the course of questioning.

“A lot of us were really hoping that would get brought out in the public square and the president would have to answer for his actions,” he said.

While the debate was centered on foreign policy, undecided voters would not make that their deciding issue, Williams said.

“In an election like this, the economy is going to take a front-row seat,” he said. “It’s possible the governor’s policy was to hold the line on foreign policy and appear much stronger on the economic realm.”

John Chandler, 18, of Kennesaw, said while the debate went more smoothly than the previous two times the candidate went head-to-head, there was not a clear victor.

“Romney said his points very well — so did Obama, actually,” the Georgia Highlands College student said. “(Undecided voters are) probably going to think it’s a draw.”

Chandler, who is a member of the Georgia Highlands College Republicans, said no clear talking point emerged from Monday night’s debate, in contrast to the first debate’s Big Bird references and the second’s “binders of women.”

“People from both sides .. .will both find ways to bash the other side,” he said. “They were both in agreement tonight, and both had very good points.”

Chandler, who is studying business, said Romney’s policies would create a better future for him when he graduates.

“One thing we need to do in the Middle East is not go in with warfare, because that will just tick them off more, but get them to reject extremism,” he said. “Doing that right now will definitely help out things when I graduate.”

Elaine Smyda of Acworth said Romney won the debate “for sure.”

“He was able to stay more specific and on-task than Obama,” the health care worker said. “Obama was very scattered in his answers.”

Smyda, who is a member of the Cobb County Republicans and worked for Rick Santorum’s Georgia campaign, said Romney’s debating skills have improved over the course of his campaign.

“Mitt’s doing better than he was 6 months ago,” she said. “He’s really improved, and his debating skills have become more keen and on-point.”

The highlight of the debate, Smyda said, came at the very end.

“Romney’s closing remarks were very to point, and I thought they were amazing,” she said. “Obama’s were kind of ridiculous.”

Who won the foreign policy debate

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October 23, 2012
But you Democrats are good with the 1917 Woodrow Wilson socialist blueprint dusted off by the great Czar Obama. The rest of us didn’t know the economy is doing so well maybe we can get on that California medical marijuana plan you all are on. Obama’s staff watched real-time is Americana’s were cut down, your gutless the enemy should have died within 15 to 20 minutes.
front page
October 23, 2012
For a conservative newspaper, debate pages appear very liberal...
Connie Mack Jr
October 23, 2012
No doubt both parties dumbdown cheerleaders had no clue that they are on the same side and the scorc will be 0 for America..
Lib in Cobb
October 23, 2012
Ryan's answer to Obama's quip regarding horses and bayonets was,"the oceans are not shrinking". Ryan hasn't heard that we now have supersonic fighters and laser guided missiles travelling at 1000 mph. "Dumb and Dumber" are Mesa material compared to Mittens and his Mini Me.
October 23, 2012
Hey, I didn't see you at the last Mesa meeting.

We made a table with a brown veneer top.
Lib in Cobb
October 23, 2012
The GOP has had a habit of crying foul after the last two debates. This time the GOP is whimpering about President Obama's comment involving horses and bayonets. Pull up your big girl and big boy pants. Romney's comment was stupid and made no sense at all regarding the size of our navy now compared to it's size in 1916. Another "duh" Mittens moment.

The GOP would have less to complain about if their candidate was closer to being adequate.
Liberal Bias @ MDJ?
October 23, 2012
Well, well, well ... the front page of the MDJ the day after each of the last 2 debates have DEMOCRATIC "watching parties" as their headline...liberal bias?
Friendly Web Editor
October 23, 2012
This story talks about both the Republican and Democrat parties in Cobb.
Lib in Cobb
October 23, 2012
Liberal Bias: If you read the entire article instead of just looking at the pictures you would learn. The GOP has chosen a person who is less than adequate to be the standard bearer of your party. Is Mittens, the very you could get? Well, I guess he was considering the primary competition. The best of a poor lot.
Liberal Bias @ MDJ
October 23, 2012
Mr Editor...ever heard the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words?"...just asking...but you know the answer, don't you?
oh my!
October 23, 2012
simply reporting on a gathering of democrats does not in any way constitute liberal bias. put your tin foil hat back on.
Samuel Adams
October 23, 2012
The joke is really on the local Democrats who believe Romney is like Bush. It's Obama who has continued the "Bush-era policies" they are so afraid of. He's continued Gitmo, continued prosecuting the war in Afghanistan and the list goes on.

Unfortunately, the recidivism rate for Gitmo is at an all time high (look that up, Dems, I know it's a big word for you) and the kill rate for our brave troops in Afghanistan is almost triple what it was under George W. Bush's rules of engagement.

Talk to almost any soldier, SEAL, airman or Marine and they will tell you that Obama has been negligent when it comes to this war, choosing to play golf rather than attend his daily security briefings (he's only shown up for under half of them since taking office, according to a non-partisan watchdog group).

Yeah, if you saw a hawk in Romney last night, the guy who said he doesn't want a war but does want a comprehensive foreign policy concentrating on other than war, you were at the wrong debate.

It was Obama, talking nonsense about bayonets (wtf?) you should be concerned about. Scary a petulant child with a play army, only it's real people being dragged through the streets while he's off campaigning in Las Vegas.
October 23, 2012
A vote for Romney is a vote for that same neocon group that pulled Dubya's strings, trying to bring about the "end times" through war in the Middle East.

If you vote for Romney, you are voting for war with Iran.

Haven't you had enough war?

If Iran were really allTHAT dangerous, wouldn't somebody else be waving their, um, bombs at the Ayatollahs?

Maybe somebody else would, but everybody else knows the stupid Americans will do it and PAY for it.

If it really needs to be done, let somebody else do it, for God's sake. Stop letting the neocons let the whole world take advantage of us!!!!

Somebody somehwere talks up some supposed danger of some place like Iraq or Iran (can't wait for the 750 AM parrots to talk it up here), the Americans go "OH MY GOSH IT IS DANGEROUS," invade, and then everyone else laughs at us and says to each other, "Americans... They fall for it EVERY SINGLE TIME" while we are stuck in $trillions of debt trying to pay for yet another war!

Stop the insanity! Vote out the parties that hold us down. Get rid of Republicans. Get rid of Democrats. Get rid of all of them! The only wasted vote is a vote for those who keep holding us down for the sole purpose of keeping themselves in power.
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