Kreeger stepping down as Cobb Superior Court judge
by Jon Gillooly
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MARIETTA – After 28 years on the Cobb Superior Court bench, Judge George Kreeger announced his resignation effective Sept. 30.

In a Thursday letter to Gov. Nathan Deal, Kreeger said he would like to request an appointment to senior judge status.

“It has been my privilege to serve on the Cobb Superior Court bench for 28 years and prior to that for 5 1/2 years in the State Court of Cobb County,” Kreeger wrote in his letter to Deal. “It has also been my pleasure to preside over the Cobb County Adult Drug Court for the last 10 years. Thank you very much for your consideration.”

Kreeger could not be reached for comment by the Journal.

Deal spokesman Brian Robinson said the Judicial Nominating Commission will take applications for the post and then suggests to the governor the top candidates in which to fill Kreeger’s unexpired position.

“The governor personally interviews all the finalists and takes these decisions seriously,” Robinson said.

Cobb Superior Court administrator Tom Charron said whoever Deal selects to replace Kreeger will serve out his unexpired term through Dec. 31, 2014.

“Certainly effective Oct. 1 a new judge is going to have to be on the bench particularly in such a busy circuit as ours there is considerable case loads by each judge, so I would think that the process will start pretty soon,” Charron said.

The Superior Court of Cobb County has 10 elected judges who are each elected to a four year term.

One of Kreeger’s colleagues on the bench, Judge S. Lark Ingram, said Kreeger would be missed.

“A judge’s judge, Judge Kreeger is truly an outstanding superior court judge and all of us in Cobb County are fortunate to have had him presiding for 28 years over the many cases filed in Cobb Superior Court,” Ingram said. “It is an honor to be on the same bench with Judge Kreeger.”

Charron said as a senior judge, Kreeger would continue to hear cases not only in the Cobb circuit but other circuits throughout the state.

Charron said he knew Kreeger had been thinking about resigning for some time.

“I know he had to give a lot of thought to running again two years ago when he ran,” Charron said. “There was some talk then that he may or may not run. I know he and his wife really enjoy traveling, and he told me yesterday they have a trip planned in October and another one in November so I think he just felt it was time.”

Kreeger is the presiding judge of Cobb County Superior Court Drug Treatment Court and chairman of the Judicial Council of Georgia’s Standing Committee on Drug Treatment Courts.

He served in the Georgia House from 1969 to 1976 and as a state court judge from 1979 to 1984 before being appointed to the superior court.

He and his wife, Hellan, live in Kennesaw and have three daughters.

Charron said he most admires Kreeger’s “tremendous judicial temperament.”

“He’s very fair, very even-handed, you very seldom see any emotion one way or the other,” Charron said. “He treats all parties that come before him fairly and equally, I always felt I was treated fairly before Judge Kreeger. I always knew he would follow the law and that he would give both sides a fair hearing. And probably the most that every lawyer will say is his impeccable integrity. He’s just very honest and a very steadying force on the superior court. I’m going to personally miss him and professionally, and I know the other judges feel the same way.”

In addition to Kreeger, Cobb Superior Court Judge Dorothy Robinson, who was first elected in 1980, is also stepping down this year. Three candidates are vying to replace her in the July 31 election. They are Roland Castellanos, a state court judge; former Marietta City Councilman Van Pearlberg, a senior assistant district attorney; and Greg Poole, a juvenile court judge.
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Andrew Theriot
April 30, 2013
When i went into the cobb drug court program in 2003 Judge Kreeger was going to retire. He stuck around to help the people in the program to turn their lives around. No other judge would have done the same. The man is honest, fair, and extremely well respected. I disagree with the grammatically laughable comments below. Judge Kreeger, thank you.
Scott Butler
July 23, 2012
Judge Kreeger saved my life. I came to the Cobb Drug Court by way of the jail. I had already had several heart attacks. Judge Kreeger excepted me into the program and gave me the opportunity to turn my life around. His even handed justice and guidance helped me to realize a better way of life. I am alive, greatful and drug free for over 6 years and counting. Thank you Judge Kreeger, God Bless You and your family, You will absolutly be missed on the bench.
charles rogers
November 08, 2012
George Kreeger will always be remembered as the most fair judge in Cobbs history. He never favored either side and always wanted the facts to be shown in every case. I was acquitted in his court and always respected him ever since. We need a senior judge like him and for Gov Deal to deny him that would be a injustice.
Simply Amazed!
July 06, 2012
You people just spout off the first things that come to your minds!! Hardly any of you know what the heck you're talking about. It's pathetically comical!
Struck a nerve
July 06, 2012
Dosen't sound like it's comical to you. Sounds like someone struck a nerve in their comments. Tell us simply amazed what do you really want to say?
Rational Response
July 08, 2012
Simply Amazed obviously is stupid. (S)he's silly enough to say the rest of us don't know what we're talking about, but (s)he doesn't explain what (s)he thinks is correct. That's because apparently (s)he doesn't have any rational thoughts. We know we have freedom of speech, but please don't waste the space anymore Simply Amazed if you can't express yourself.
What's the Beef!
July 09, 2012
Yes, Simply Amazed, what's the beef! These are public jobs paid for by our hard-earned tax money. We deserve to know how we can be circumvented in making the next judge selection. You sound like you have inside information and that it's okay to keep the general public in the dark. Not true. Nothing should be kept from us when it comes to spending our money. All of us should have the opportunity for these jobs if we qualify. That's why I keep hearing that the judicial system in Cobb County is messed up -- a few friends pass the "cookies" among themselves and leave those of us who actually pay for it out. Your comment makes me more unhappy about Cobb's judicial system. I'm disgusted.
To Mike in Smyrna
July 05, 2012
Yes, Kreeger would get all those things. Resigning in this manner so the governor can appoint his replacement probably enhances his chances of being appointed to a senior judgeship -- by the governor. Does anyone have the citizens' interests in mine!
been around
July 05, 2012
I cannot say enough nice things about Judge Kreeger-he is the epitome of a good judge and a good man. He will be missed. One correction: yes,there are 10 judges but only 9 have been elected. Green got his position handed to him on a silver platter via his buddies/wife/former boss. He has never been elected.
Typical politics
July 04, 2012
Very unfortunate that the voters in Cobb County will no be allowed to vote for Kreeger's replacement. July 31, would have been perfect.
Great Job, Kreeger
July 04, 2012
Keaton, get out your application. You're a perennial candidate, so we know you'll run for this, too.
July 04, 2012
If you take the time to go through the history of how most, if not all, of the Superior Court Judges are chosen you'll find that it's usually in this same manner. Someone retires or steps down and someone is appointed. Then, amazingly, no one ever runs against them in a race and the elective process is circumvented.

There should be a provision that the position stays empty unless it is filled by an election - special or otherwise. Who cares if it fits into a schedule? What is important is that this cabal of judges has been wayward and out of control for decades.

Kreeger isn't the worst of them by far... but if Georgia is the #1 State for corruption; then Cobb County is it's #1 County - in my humble opinion of course.

My question of course is who is next? Can't wait to hear.
Explain, Please
July 04, 2012
Please give us some examples of corruption in the Cobb judicial system. I agree, we should be able to elect our judges. Unless a judge leaves as Judge Robinson did, if you're not politically connected with the administration in power, it's unlikely you would be able to be a judge because it's very hard to unseat an incumbent judge. But, I bet Poole thinks he's politically connected enough and he'll get this appointment. Too bad so many judges, who are supposed to be independent, are just political cronies.
July 04, 2012
Bet money Joan Davis tried to make a run for the seat, she is just that stupid!!!!!
Not Stupid, Idiot
July 05, 2012
No one who personally knows Mrs. Davis has ever said she's stupid. Far from it, she's very intelligent. Her downfall, however, is that she's one of several lawyers in Cobb County who's underhanded.
July 14, 2012
Joan Davis is a very honest person

she has respect for the people an she can do a better job than Kreeger

Kreeger got people fooled

he's a scratch my back an I'LL scratch your back judge an do what you ask as a favor

the old buddy system

but judgement day coming for him he got to answer for what he has done to people to a higher power

Joan Davis don't play that way

so if you think he is fair

then you ain't seen things he done to the people of Georgia HE MUST BE HELPING YOU OUT ON CASES

finally he will be GONE yea for cobb county

must been a buddy of kreegers who wrote this comment about Davis

no matter how you look at it she is honest an does things right not just for helping out friends an lawyers She is there for the people an fair to both sides

i just hope Kreeger can sleep well at night knowing how he has done people wrong over all the years

if you work with him day after day you know the truth, but a pay check is worth keeping the wrong swept under the rug Very sad

anyway as of now anybody better than Kreeger
July 04, 2012
JOAN DAVIS Darn, you are disbarred.
Grapes of Wrath
July 04, 2012

Just ran for reelection.

Midnight seizures of court computers?

Others to follow?

Perhaps Joan Davis wasn't an outlier?

Mike In Smyrna
July 05, 2012
"Kreeger said he would like to request an appointment to senior judge status". Is this an appointment for life? Compensation – salary or per case? Is Insurance / Healthcare included?
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