Opitz objects to Gingrey’s vote for Defense Authorization Act
by Jon Gillooly
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MARIETTA — Michael Opitz, who is perhaps best known in the community as the founder and past president of The Madison Forum, wants to unseat U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey in the July 31 Republican Primary.

One of his biggest objections to Gingrey, Opitz said, is that the congressman voted for the National Defense Authorization Act.

“He voted for the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, Section 1021, that essentially overturns the Posse Comitatus Act as the discretion of the president,” Opitz said. “Now under the NDAA, the military can come in and apprehend you, detain you, any American citizen that they define as being a terrorist by their definition — and we know how their definition goes when they can’t follow the Constitution, and we see what’s happening in Arizona. So you can be detained. They can come into your house at any time, take you away, and you do not have habeas corpus, the right of habeas corpus to appear before a judge and hear the evidence, have a lawyer and be detained indefinitely, anywhere.”

Opitz said the act gives President Obama the sole authority to determine who is a terrorist.

“And this applies to American citizens, so you give up habeas corpus,” Opitz said. “And that’s a suspension of our individual rights. That’s one of the key protections that we have. Abraham Lincoln did it during the Civil War, so it was during a time of war and national rebellion, but Gingrey voted to give Obama this power and for Obama to use it at his discretion.”

While Gingrey says he is undecided about how to vote on the July 31 transportation referendum, Opitz plans to vote no.

“I am strongly opposed to TSPLOST for lots of reasons, but it is a tax increase,” he said.

Opitz describes the Madison Forum as a civic organization focused on good government with a foundation in facts and truth that is based on the Constitution. He said it grew out of the Madison Group, a loose affiliation of people who held informal luncheon meetings. When that group fizzled out, he decided to charter the Madison Forum with the state, slightly changing its name, back in 2004.

The Madison Forum counts among its more than 200 members Secretary of State Brian Kemp, Attorney General Sam Olens, former Congressman Bob Barr and Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, Opitz said.

The biggest problem the country faces that Opitz wants to tackle if elected is the loss of jobs, and not just any kind of jobs.

“Manufacturing is the fabric of our society,” he said. “Our Congress has created laws that have strongly encouraged flight of our companies and our manufacturing to China and third world countries, and my proposal is that we bring them back before we become a third world country.”

Like Gingrey, Opitz said he would support giving public dollars to private businesses in certain cases.

“In military defense spending you’ve got public money, defense money that’s given to Lockheed to develop our jets for the military,” Opitz said. “There has to be a certain amount of federal government spending for those kinds of activities, such as research and development.”

Were Israel to engage in a pre-emptive strike to take out Iran’s nuclear program, Opitz said he would support its decision to do so.

What Congress should do about the large number of illegal immigrants in the U.S., and Cobb specifically, is simple, he said.

“All we have to do is enforce our laws, state laws, federal laws, and build a fence,” Opitz said. “Every other location in the world where there are border problems there are solid border defenses, whether it’s (between North and South Korea), going back to the Great Wall of China — that was to keep out the barbarians. You can see that wall from outer space, so this is not a new concept. We know what the problems are, we just refuse to do anything about it.”

Opitz said he’s running a grassroots campaign and has raised a little under $10,000. The winner will of the GOP primary faces Democrat Patrick Thompson of Roswell in the general election.
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July 01, 2012
Opitz is a fool. He lives in the 6th District, but is running in the 11th. If his reason for running against Gingrey is an AYE vote for the NDAA, then he should have ran against Tom Price, who also voted for the NDAA.

Smells like he's trying to position himself against an older Congressman so he can run when Gingrey decides to retire and have a better shot at it. That's not conviction, that's convenience. Hypocrisy is another name behind it.
Get rid of incumbent
July 01, 2012
We need to rid of Saxby, Phil, and Johhny. They aren't doing anything for this nation anymore. I agree with this man that we are not facing the issues. People need to truly wake up that our nation is dying. This congress has approved sending all jobs to China, Indonesia, and Asia in general. Iti ridiculous. Take back America!
Cobb Voter
July 03, 2012
AMEN! Support of indefinite detention of American citizens, support of entitlement programs that are bankrupting America, etc. are why I will vote to get rid of Saxby, Phil, and Johnny. The least they could do is work to privatize Social Security and repeal Medicare Part D, but no, all we see is the same

ol, same 'ol from these Republicrats.
MadHatterinNorth atl
July 01, 2012
I will vote for any republican who will NOT sign the Grover Norquist pledge, anyone who can think for him or her-self, not a toady to this unelected tyrant running rough shod over the republican party.
July 02, 2012
You said it correctly! Are they a bunch of wimps who can't think or are they representatives for their districts.

Grover thought up this crazy pledge when he was 8. So my 12 year old says she is going to cure cancer. With these dufases she could just write it out in a pledge, and they would sign it. It would state that H discovered the cure to cancer. So it had to be true, if she put it on paper and shoved it in front of a bunch of idiots.
JA Bolton
July 01, 2012
Support Patrick and get these clowns out of office. The republicans are more worried about pleasing Grover Norquist than the voters who put them in office. Clean House and get it moving again with Democrates.
Kennesaw Resident
July 02, 2012
You're kidding, right? Although, I am considering quitting my job if we end up with 60% and 70% european taxes coutesy of the democrats, liquidating my assets, and working the system rather than working. Not much point in working just for the government. I think I can supplement that with some work paid in cash....
Kennesaw Resident
July 01, 2012
I find that Gingrey does not vote as I would like most of the time. It was unbelievable that any of our representatives for this and that our president signed it. Gingery's support of Medicare Part D is a problem for me as well. Gingrey is definitely an establishment republican and for a conservative with Libertarian leanings, he is a problem.
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