Nathan Deal: Newt Gingrich ... the only candidate to save our wallets and our economy
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Governor Nathan Deal
Governor Nathan Deal
As concerned Georgians watch gas prices rise throughout the state, I recall a scene from the past and the farsighted words of a fellow Georgian. Long before prices at the pump hit $3.65 in Georgia and well over $4 in many states, it was Newt Gingrich who coined the phrase “Drill here, Drill now, Pay less.”

Time has proven that those who ignored his message as prices soared in 2008 did so at the peril of every American filling their tank to get to work or to get a child to the ball field. Speaker Gingrich understood the energy challenge we face. He understood that dependence on foreign supply undercuts America’s national security, that high energy prices pinch consumers and strangle our economy, that we have effectively hamstrung an American energy industry that would otherwise serve as a growing source of investment and jobs.

Having worked alongside Gingrich for years, I came to know him not only as an “ideas guy,” a visionary and a leader with a knack for understanding the big picture and how government policies affect the everyday lives of Americans.

That type of vision is rare, but frankly it often comes paired with a pie-in-the-sky idealism that renders the good ideas of little practical use. On this score Gingrich has again proved the exception to the rule. While speaker, he spearheaded generational welfare reform and worked across the aisle to have those transformative changes passed into law, even in the face of two vetoes from the desk of then-President Clinton. The welfare reform of 1996 symbolizes his rare ability and perseverance. Perhaps more to the point, it illustrates his ability to take an idea and transform it into reality.

Beyond that track record, Speaker Gingrich has a forward-looking plan for our nation that will restore our global competitiveness. His conservative ideals would foster the pro-growth environment this country needs to stimulate real, sustained job growth throughout the private sector. From regulatory reform to tax reform, he understands what is needed to unleash the entrepreneurial spirits that have propelled this nation’s economy since its inception.

Speaker Gingrich shares none of the Keynesian sentiment that posits economic growth depends upon federal bailouts and stimulus. Quite the opposite, his call for a balanced budget at the federal level — the same thing I’ve delivered two out of two times here at the state level — will usher in a long overdue era of fiscal adulthood in Washington.

As Georgia conservatives, we owe Newt Gingrich — who in 1994 led the Republican Party to victory for the first time in 40 years — a debt of gratitude. Without this man giving voice to the practical conservatism the majority of Georgians now hold dear, the Republican Party in our state would not be where it is today.

Having witnessed his passion and work firsthand, I know that Newt Gingrich wins people over, not simply because his ideas are smart, but because his ideas pass the common sense test. His vision for this country rings true. He understands the challenges Georgians face. He understands how policy affects everyday life. He understands what this country needs to fire up the jobs engine again. And I believe his deep and unshakable faith in the greatness of America provides just the right fuel to power those reforms and to draw in others so that, together, we can create the bright future for our nation we all desire.

On Super Tuesday, Georgia is the biggest state to hold a primary, and as such, our 76 delegates are the day’s biggest prize. I encourage you to join me in casting your vote for one of our own, Newt Gingrich, and give our favorite son a resounding victory.

Nathan Deal is governor of the state of Georgia.
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Glenn Koons, LB, Ca.
March 05, 2012
As a resident of the soviet republic of Ca., I am glad Ga. can support Newt. I will vote for Newt when the primary comes out here but of course, with so many liberals here, no Pub will ever win Ca. again. So, I pray Ga. and the entire South, support Newt to rally conservs and common sense Pubs .
Kevin Foley
March 05, 2012
Why am I not surprised the guy who quit congress under the cloud of an ethics investgation endorses the guy who quit congress after he was sanctioned for ethics violations?

New Georgian
March 05, 2012
I voted for Newt on Friday and later that evening heard him speak in Valdosta. I was not a Newt fan initially. Yes, there are things about him that bother me. All 3 candidates are very flawed. I initially supported Santorum and would not mind if he in fact won - however, I do not see him as the fighter and a debater that Newt is. We need someone that is not afraid to take on the 5th column news media. Forget Romney. He is a moderate who not-so-secretly loves liberals. He doesn't really know who he is and has flip-flopped more than a fat flounder on a Florida beach. Mr. Perfect isn't running this in this election - we all know that. Newt is behind, it's true, but a 50% win in GA could help him rally.
Coach Chrissie
March 05, 2012
Even if you are a Democrat, please consider Georgia's reputation. Why not let SC be the only state to fall for Newt again. Georgia should know better and you can vote against him. Just in case it might help you decide, let me give you a first-family (like first-person, just more of us) example of the old Newt. (And btw, as a Catholic, I know that true repentance requires restitution - Newt, Restitution? LOL: So here goes: In 1995 Speaker Gingrich hired my mother to be congressional House Historian. My parents left their academic jobs at Kennesaw State and Dalton College and moved the family to D.C.

In short order Newt's opponents were denouncing my mother as an "anti-Semite" and demanding she be fired. The charge was based on her notes from a "confidential" curriculum evaluation. She said the course was inappropriate for middle school, (it called for children to role-play Nazis and Jews), and it lacked balance (students should understand Nazi mentality or risk repeating history).

Of course the Democrats knew my mother wasn't an anti-Semite. They wanted to hurt Newt with a controversial headline. He couldn't abandon her fast enough.

Politics is a dirty game but we can make a difference by electing principled, decent, and loyal leaders. Georgia can do better.
Oh Yeah?
March 05, 2012
Governor, exactly how is he goiung to save our pocketbooks? By giving a free pass to a million or two illegal aleins to rape our social programs and take our jobs, while paying no income tax? Or maybe blowing all our money on a wild idea of colonizing the moon?

Oh, and please do not presume to tell me that I owe this buffoon a debt of gratitude. For what? For having to explain the meaning of adultery to my grandkids, long before they should have been exposed to the word or its meaning?

Come on, Nathan, knock off the trite buzz words and phrases, and quit backing this loser.

The longer you are in office, the sorrier I get that I supported you
March 05, 2012
he can't save our wallets if he has Zero chance of winning.
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