Prosecutors simulate temperature in Justin Ross Harris’ car
by Sarah Westwood
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MARIETTA —Prosecutors tried to recreate the conditions under which 22-month-old Cooper Harris died last month in a simulation Tuesday, authorities familiar with the investigation said. Officer Mike Bowman, spokesman for Cobb police, said officials from the district attorney’s office picked up the car and car seat involved in the incident from police at 7:30 Tuesday morning and dropped them back off at 5 p.m. Bowman said the investigator...
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Leroy Merlin selects Manhattan Associates
Cumberland-based supply chain commerce solutions provider Manhattan Associates Inc. announced Tuesday Leroy Merlin, one of the world’s leading home improvement retailers, has selected Man...
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Common cravings: East Cobb eatery combines fine dining with family environment
Common Quarter offers east Cobb a neighborhood restaurant without losing the fine dining feel. The eatery focuses on cuisine, comfort and connections.
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Five men choose for all women
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I1NI_OGH_BOAT.jpg The Agitator
The Agitator #123: Full employment bill for lawyers
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Georgia Congressional District 11 Republican candidate questions
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Federal Food Rules
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Do you agree with the Cobb County Board of Education’s stance against the new federal nutitional standards and regulations for schools?