VIDEO: Keeping score at Georgia’s Republican-controlled state Senate
by DA_King
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VIDEO Keeping score at Georgia’s Republican-controlled state Senate:

Who voted to continue to allow illegal aliens to obtain and keep Georgia drivers licenses?

Ever ask yourself what really goes on under the Gold Dome? Here’s something. There is a link to official video at the bottom. See if you recognize anyone. 

With a Republican-super majority, on March 3, 2014 -“Cross-over Day” - the Georgia state Senate voted on an amendment to legislation related to drivers licenses. Republican state Senator Bill Heath, unable to move his own bill out of the Senate Rules Committee, attempted to attach the same language to SB 392.

The amendment’s addition would have stopped the issuance of drivers licenses to illegal aliens who have benefitted from Obama’s illegal delayed action on deportation DACA amnesty. It is important to know that the DACA  illegal aliens are still illegal aliens.

The Heath Amendment, with co-signers Senators Mike Crane, John Albers, Josh McKoon, William Ligon and Judson Hill, failed by a vote of 27-8. There are 56 state Senators. 38 Republicans, 18 Democrats. For the Obama-voters, this vote shows that 21 members of the Senate did not vote.

NOTE: This vote was not tallied on the public Senate vote machine and was done by a “stand and be counted” hand vote that was not officially recorded. Handy, ehh?

A “YEA” vote was in favor of illegal aliens losing the ability to access a Georgia drivers license. A “NAY” vote on the amendment was a vote to continue to allow illegal aliens to have a Georgia drivers license.

*Georgia state Senators voting “YEA” on the amendment (all Republicans):

Bill Heath

Steve Gooch

Josh McKoon

Judson Hill

Don Balfour

John Albers

William Ligon

David Shafer

*Officially excused from the Senate floor during this important vote:

Mike Crane

Tim  Golden

Donzella James  (D)

Jeff  Mullis

Bruce Thompson

Renee Unterman

*Subtracting the “YEA” votes and the excused list of excused senators (who did not vote) gives us the list of Georgia state Senators who voted “NAY” on the amendment. Or did not vote. This is called “walking” on a vote so as not to offend anyone politically.

Senator District City

*Beach, Brandon (Republican) 21 Alpharetta

Bethel, Charlie (Republican) 54 Dalton

Burke, Dean (Republican) 11 Bainbridge

Butler, Gloria S. (Democrat) 55 Stone Mountain

Carter, Buddy (Republican) 1 Pooler

Carter, Jason (Democrat) 42 Decatur

Chance, Ronnie (Republican) 16 Tyrone

Cowsert, Bill (Republican) 46 Athens

Crosby, John (Republican) 13 Tifton

Davenport, Gail (Democrat) 44 Jonesboro

Davis, Hardie (Democrat) 22 Augusta

Dugan, Mike (Republican) 30 Carrollton

Fort, Vincent (Democrat) 39 Atlanta

Ginn, Frank (Republican) 47 Danielsville

Harbison, Ed (Democrat) 15 Columbus

Harper, Tyler (Republican) 7 Ocilla

Henson, Steve (Democrat) 41 Tucker

Hill, Hunter (Republican) 6 Atlanta

Hill, Jack (Republican) 4 Reidsville

Hufstetler, Chuck (Republican) 52 Rome

Jackson, Bill (Republican) 24 Appling

Jackson, Lester G. (Democrat) 2 Savannah

Jeffares, Rick (Republican) 17 McDonough

Jones, Burt (Republican) 25 Jackson

Jones, Emanuel (Democrat) 10 Decatur

Millar, Fran (Republican) 40 Atlanta

Miller, Butch (Republican) 49 Gainesville

Murphy, Jack (Republican) 27 Cumming

Orrock, Nan (Democrat) 36 Atlanta

Ramsey, Sr., Ronald B. (Democrat) 43 Decatur

Seay, Valencia (Democrat) 34 Riverdale

Sims, Freddie Powell (Democrat) 12 Dawson

Staton, Cecil (Republican) 18 Macon

Stone, Jesse (Republican) 23 Waynesboro

Tate, Horacena (Democrat) 38 Atlanta

Thompson, Curt (Democrat) 5 Tucker

Thompson, Steve (Democrat) 33 Marietta

Tippins, Lindsey (Republican) 37 Marietta

Tolleson, Ross (Republican) 20 Perry

Wilkinson, John (Republican) 50 Toccoa

Williams, Tommie (Republican)

*Here is the official archived video of the Senate floor debate that occurred before the vote. Go to Senate PM 1 , Day 30 (Crossover Day), Monday, March 3, 2014 slide indicator to 305:00.

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Lib in Cobb
March 19, 2014
@Kevin: Thanks for the mention of my "shouting at passing cars comment".
Kevin Foley
March 17, 2014
@Erty - This is an old accusation generally pushed by those in Cobb who can't believe there is more than one progressive in the county, me. There are plenty.

King's "effectiveness" really? You need to look at his latest post. Even the right wingers don't care what he has to say about immigration.

Since you bring up Lib, he or she did toss one hilarious bomb DA's way posting he'd be better served shouting at passing cars on Cobb Parkway.
David Erty
March 16, 2014
Foley. Posting as Lib ib Cobb trying to diminish the well known effectiveness of DAKING and then posting an amusing little gem lifted from Media Matters defending the filth at SPLC is verification of not only your own insecurity, but your lack of any substance. I have noted that you wisely stat away from immigration since King hilariously nailed you on your make believe "facts".

Trying to get the idiocy of the left out by posting it on someone else's blog as a comment. Foley: you are an empty suit.
Kevin Foley
March 11, 2014
And in other news...

Right-wing media figures are celebrating a new paper purporting to demonstrate anti-Christian and anti-conservative bias in the Southern Poverty Law Center's (SPLC) listing of extremist hate groups - conveniently ignoring the clear biases of the paper's author and the paper's glaring methodological problems.

On March 10,'s in-house anti-gay extremist Austin Ruse touted a new "study" from University of North Texas sociologist George Yancey, the author of "Watching the Watchers: The Neglect of Academic Analysis of Progressive Groups," a paper appearing in the journal Academic Questions. In the "study," Yancey purports to have found that the SPLC's practice of identifying and labeling hate groups ignores extremism on the left, instead maligning right-wing groups like the Family Research Council (which Yancey calls the "Family Research Center"). Moreover, Yancey charges that the SPLC is far too liberal with its use of that designation, unfairly smearing sensible conservatives as hateful bigots.

Before taking his arguments seriously, here's what media outlets and the public should know about Yancey's anti-SPLC polemic:

1. It Isn't A Study. Yancey's paper - republished in full on Breitbart's website - is little more than a screed against the SPLC filled with right-wing boilerplate. ("Progressive groups who value tolerance may display intolerance when reacting to conservative individuals," Yancey writes, echoing conservative bloviators like Erick Erickson.) But Yancey's "study" lacks a systematic and coherent methodology. There's no objective metric by which he determines whether the SPLC goes too hard on conservative groups and too easy on leftist ones.

Instead, he fixates on the fact that the SPLC hasn't labelled the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) as a hate group. This perceived failure on the SPLC's part is Yancey's central example of its alleged pro-leftist, anti-conservative bias.

2. The SPLC Does Hold Non-Conservative Groups Accountable. The SPLC has done extensive work highlighting phenomena like black separatism and black supremacism. In fact, it was the SPLC who exposed last summer an African-American "race war" proponent working for the Department of Homeland Security. Conservative outlets like Fox News and World Net Daily highlighted the story, even though those organizations have condemned the SPLC in the past.

3. Yancey Isn't A Neutral Scholar. While Yancey seeks to police purported bias at the SPLC, he's made his own biases clear before. In a 2012 interview with the right-wing Christian Post, he denounced what he called the often "downright hateful" views of cultural progressives, asserting that many liberals' views are "born out of fear and irrationality."

4. The Paper Whitewashes The Bigotry Of Anti-Gay Hate Groups. Even as Yancey claims he isn't arguing that the FRC doesn't belong on the SPLC's hate list -- simply that more liberal groups belong there -- he suggests that its leaders' claims that gay people are disproportionately likely to molest children are simply based on alternative, if "uncharitable," readings of the scientific literature. But that literature is clear: there's no empirical basis for the claim that gays are more likely to molest children. Claims to the contrary only serve to stigmatize and pathologize members of a vulnerable minority group.

Conveniently, Yancey also neglected to mention that FRC President Tony Perkins has spoken before the white supremacist Council of Concerned Citizens.

It's not surprising that Ruse -- whose organization has been labeled a hate group by the SPLC -- would herald Yancey's paper. Yancey's paper might not be methodologically rigorous, but at least it comports with the preexisting biases of its conservative fans.

Lib in Cobb
March 11, 2014
@DA: You mean there are many repukes who don't agree with you? Hmmmmmmm, speaks volumes of the fight you have been conducting. I guess you have had very little impact.

The Republican vote count looks a bit "purple" rather than all "red". You could always move to Texas.
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