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by Oliver_Halle
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The Republican mantra has always been to lower taxes and cut spending. Deficits have been the bane of Republicans for a long time, and I am fine with that being part of the political discourse. It is a fair argument to debate in order to try and distill truths from it so that we can get our economic house in order. But despite Republican’s concerns over deficits, for the most part their voices were silent or muted when Reagan and Bush ran up the largest deficits in history up until the current administration. One would think that with deficits in the forefront of Republican Party philosophy, with fiscal responsibility being a major part of their platform, that they would rejoice that we are now undergoing the sequester. After all, we have heard so often that there is so much waste in government that federal spending could easily be cut anywhere from ten percent to twenty-five percent across the board. In Friday’s AJC it was reported that the Republican Senate in Georgia voted to support a congressional resolution that would call for a constitutional convention for the purpose of balancing the budget. Now let’s be serious---if we were to balance the budget anytime soon, the consequences of the sequester would look like a walk in the park on a nice sunny day. This is one of those things known as the curse of the Greek Gods, which reminds us to be careful of what we wish for because it might come true.

Fast forward to March 1st when the sequester kicked in. All of a sudden there are Republicans crying foul. (I am leaving Democrats out of this discussion because they are perceived by the Republicans to be the tax and spend party.) The arguments are all over the place, but for the most part can be boiled down to spending cuts that affect them or people/things close to them. Yet, I recall the cries for across the board cuts, which we got. I recall too the unelected Grover Norquist extracted or extorted from Republican candidates across the fruited plane a pledge that they would never vote to raise taxes. The same Norquist said that his goal was to cut government down to a size where it could be drowned in a bathtub. The sequester cuts are a long way from achieving that startling image, but never was there any Republican voice to challenge Norquist.

Now the best for last. His Porkulous (Rush Limbaugh) has come up with another conspiracy. The man’s imagination knows no limits. In this latest, His Porkulous says that Obama is intentionally inflicting these cuts on America to cause pain so that those feeling it will plead and beg to have the spending restored. And that would allow Obama to tax and spend some more of our money. Evidence for this is lacking in the extreme, but it makes for good programming, deceives the low information voter, and keeps this demagogue’s show going on and on. The bottom line to all of this is that sequestration was a bipartisan agreement that neither House nor Party thought would ever occur. But it did. And I can’t understand why the Republicans aren’t dancing in the streets to proclaim that their prayers were finally answered.

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EM Buckner
March 12, 2013
Seems as if Mr. Halle has the facts on his side. And he's articulate, too. Just sayin'....
Oliver G. Halle
March 12, 2013
Unless my timeline is incorrect, Medicare Part D, the tax cuts, and two unfunded wars occurred before the Democrats took the House. ObamaCare gets all the healthcare attention, but the CBO says Medicare D will cost far more over 10 years, yet not one Republican has advocated repealing it. Just sayin....
March 12, 2013
The Toomey-Inhofe bill would have allowed Obama to use a scapel to implement the sequestration cuts as opposed to his "meat cleaver." Why would Obama announce that he would veto any such bill, unless his goal was to inflict as much disruption as possible?

It's Bureaucracy 101, or, How to Survive as a Gubmint Bureaucrat - when faced with budget cuts, implement them in such a way to cause as much attention and disruption as possible so the public will clamor to have your funds restored.

Also, let's not forget that a large chunk of the debt accumulated during Bush's term occurred in the last two years when the Democrats controlled both the Senate and House. Just sayin'...
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