Let the healing begin
by Kevin_Foley
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Now that George Zimmerman has been acquitted by a Florida jury for stalking, shooting and killing 17-year-old, unarmed Trayvon Martin, let’s turn to conservative media thought leaders for a sensitive and serious discussion on how we can ease the resulting racial tensions and begin the healing process.

Rush, you’re the voice of the modern conservative movement, so why don’t you start us off:

"I can now" say "’nigga' with an ‘a’" because "it's not racist.” A caller used the same slur and Rush warned him "not to try it on the street.”

How about the National Rifle Association’s deep thinker, board member and aging rocker Ted Nugent?

African-Americans can solve “the black problem” if they put their “heart and soul into being law-abiding...”

What say you, Bill-o?

The 104-year-old civil rights organization, the NAACP, is a "the grievance industry." 

Laura Ingraham always has something inclusive and constructive to say:

"The Justice Department is humoring the race hucksters" at the NAACP.

Eric Bolling of “The Five”?

Al Sharpton (who brought national attention to the Martin case after police did nothing for 45 days) is "the biggest racist in this whole world right now;" Eric Holder "may be second."

Tucker Carlson looks thoughtful:

Civil rights leaders are "hustlers and pimps who make a living off inflaming racial tensions."

Maybe former White House spokeswoman Dana Perino has something cogent and cohesive to add:

Liberals are "angry at Hispanics" after the verdict.

How about the man with the porn actor mustache, Geraldo Rivera?

The Zimmerman jurors "would have shot and killed Trayvon Martin a lot sooner than George Zimmerman did…You dress like a thug, people are going to treat you like a thug."

Ann Coulter carefully considers both sides of an issue:

“It is only when the victim is black that we must have a show trial…and the threat of riots.”

Wait. I just noticed all these leading lights of conservatism are white people. Surely Dr. Ben Carson, a newly minted Fox News conservative commentator, has an important and positive contribution from the African-American perspective:

“(T)here must be something we could learn from this situation in addition to not creating a big racial divide."

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Lib in Cobb
August 18, 2013
@CobbGuy: No one answers your questions because the questions are not worthy of an answer.

Have a nice day.
August 06, 2013
As is usually the case, no one attempts to answer my questions.
Guido Sarducci
August 06, 2013
Kevin, the man is not saying that it is his belief, or his presumption. He is quoting a source to identify why the President felt it necessary to call for calm, and why he was not addressing other crimes, particularly those of a "black on white nature." Obama is the one who feels that blacks are immature and prone to violence.

I do wish you would try to understand the idea that people are trying to get across, instead of trying to twist it into something it is not.

Your credibility as a serious writer is going to have a very short shelf life if you keep insulting, belittling and demeaning the readers, while twisting their words.
Kevin Foley
August 06, 2013
@ Cobb County Guy - Novelist Stephen Hunter put it best: "[The] presumption is that the African-American community is immature, impulsive, prone to violence and incapable of understanding the nuances of the case."

Wow. That's a racist as it gets. Thanks for making my point for me. Again.
August 05, 2013

Citing one anecdote in which Ted Nugent said something outrageous does not constitute "most of the leading far right media voices." Got anything else?

You're correct; Obama did address the Newtown shootings. However, riddle me this - Obama says nothing about the murder of two British tourists (white) by Shawn Tyson (black), yet feels compelled to speak out about Zimmerman/Martin.

Explain that hypocrisy for me, please.

Also, why did Obama call for "calm" after the verdict?

Novelist Stephen Hunter put it best: "[The] presumption is that the African-American community is immature, impulsive, prone to violence and incapable of understanding the nuances of the case."

We know who the race hucksters are.

August 05, 2013
@ Cobb Co Guy - I think I've demonstrated here that most of the leading far right media voices are racists interested only in pandering to racists in their audiences.

As for outrage over violence in Chicago, Michelle Obama attended the funeral of the high school girl gunned down by gang members and the president hosted her parents at the State of the Union. Obama has also spoken out on violence like Newtown where kids of all colors were slaughtered.

August 04, 2013
The death of Martin was a tragedy. I think all sides agree.

However, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, et al, are not filled with hate. They simply wonder why there is not the same outrage when it comes to, say, black-on-black violence in Chicago?

KF, you're a media dude. There must be some way to quantify the air time and print devoted to Zimmerman/Martin compared to black/black violence in Chicago.

Alternatively, there must be some way to measure Mr. Sharpton's blood pressure and decibel level in these different circumstances.

Can anyone out there explain this disparity?
Lib in Cobb
August 01, 2013
@anonymous: Other hate filled right wing big mouths would be Bill O' Rielly and of course Rush. I will remain hopeful about our future.
July 25, 2013
Lib, here's why you have a long wait for healing. You have people like NRA national board member and Vietnam era draft dodger Ted Nugent telling his half-wit followers crap like this:

"Denial-Riddled Hysterical" Black Community Has A "Mindless Tendency To Violence" ...An Inability To "Read Or Speak Clearly Is The Root Of Unemployment For Blacks
Lib in Cobb
July 23, 2013
Kevin: There have been too many times that we have heard the phrase "time for healing". We had to heal when President Kennedy was murdered and Senator Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King. The killing of Trayvon Martin and countless other young men and women have and will require a time to heal. I hope, before I draw my last breath, there will be nor further need for healing. I can only remain optimistic.

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