Foley, Dems engaging in “classless warfare”
by Pete_Borden
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Despite their efforts to sell their trumped up class warfare to the American people, there is plenty of evidence that the Dems are engaged in what might be termed “classless warfare”.  

I will be the first to admit that the conservatives are not without their classless actions and people, including Ann Coulter’s labeling of the President as a “retard”.  I am sure she meant to convey the idea that he is a moron, or an idiot. However, through ignorance or lack of class, she used a term which is offensive to those with genuine developmental disabilities, either physical or mental. To make matters worse, she has yet to apologize for the classless act.

However, she is not the first to use that term in a derogatory manner, during political races,  Several celebrities, including some on television, during the 2008 presidential race used that term more than once to refer to Sarah Palin’s son, who actually does suffer from Down Syndrome. Be that as it may, the fact that they did it to Palin, does not justify Coulter’s use of the term.

But the Dems seem to have launched a nationwide campaign of no class or low class actions. Even locally, we see signs of it.  MDJ guest columnist and blogger, Kevin Foley, has published three columns of late which were unjustified and untrue attacks on the Romney/Ryan team. Foley, acting as a self appointed expert on Christianity, charged that neither man is true to the beliefs of his particular church. Charges which are totally subjective in nature are not facts.

He also used twisted, illogical connections and almost laughable verbal gyrations to try to make a case for certain remarks by Romney, being racial slurs aimed at President Obama. Last Friday he published a column of fictional suppositions attempting to indicate that a Romney/Ryan ticket would reduce women to second class citizens, in spite of the fact that few of the actions he listed were ever proposed by either candidate, except in his twisted logic, and even the few that were will not have the results conjured by Foley.

Not one of the three columns passes the smell test, or the high class test. Though I invariably disagree with his liberal articles, up until those three, I did respect him as a high class journalist and individual.

On the national front, we have media reports of liberal groups urinating on Romney/Ryan posters, “keying” vehicles with Romney/Ryan stickers on them, threatening riots if Obama is not re-elected, and even threatening to assassinate Romney.   These are not the actions of individuals, but of groups.

MSNBC’s liberal leaning, Chris Mathews is calling people who do not support the President for re-election, “Racists”, saying their lack of support is only due to racial hatred.

Liberal thugs beat the son of a Wisconsin State Senator, leaving him hospitalized with possible skull and eye socket damage. His offense was telling them to replace a Romney sign they had taken down.

And, of course, we have the liberal women demonstrating, dressed as “vaginas”.  Now there is class act if ever there was one. That is almost as classy as the Vice President, when he asked the father of a Navy Seal, killed in action, “Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?”, or the President when he referred to Romney as a “bulls****er.”

And, let’s not forget the infamous, “First Time” spot, being disseminated over the internet. It is, at best, demeaning and insulting to women in its content.  A more classless piece of trash has seldom been seen.  In another vein though, it does give us a clear picture of what President Obama did to those who voted for him in 2008, what he has been doing to the country and its people ever since, and what he will do to those who vote for him in November.

Seriously speaking, it is indeed sad that our country has sunk to this low level, while engaged in the solemn duty of electing a man to the most prestigious office in the world.

It is important to remember the admonition given young Scout Finch, by her father, Atticus Finch, in the book/play/movie, “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Regarding her desire to strike out at people who were speaking ill about what her father was doing, he said, “Remember, after all this over, these people are still our friends and neighbors and we have to go on living here.”
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Steve Rhinehart
October 30, 2012
Kevin, I don't see where Borden said you lied. He said you posted a few untrue things, but mostly what he said was that your "facts" were based on supposition, opinion and twisting of what Romney said, as well as your own version of what he meant, with no real facts to back up any of it.

If you want to know what you said that was wrong, please refer to the bloggers. They pretty much cover it.

In reality, you are the one who made the charges against Romney and Ryan and you should have to back them up, or retract them.

Borden may call your hand, as he has already done. but I don't think it will accomplish anything because you appear to be too much of an arrogant egotist to ever admit you might be wrong.
Devlin Adams
October 30, 2012
Hey, Pete. you didn't mention this one, or maybe it just came out
Kevin Foley
October 30, 2012
Mr. Borden says I have written three columns that contain lies.

Very well, Mr. Borden, please be very specific and tell readers what lies I have presented in any of those three columns.

Here's hoping the MDJ editors will encourage you to back up your accusations with facts.

Lib in Cobb
October 30, 2012
@ Samuel: If the GOP was so interested in voter ID laws, why did they wait to an election year to pass dozens of these laws? PA State Supreme Court Justice Debra Todd asked, "What's the rush"? The rush was at the time, the GOP was attempting to limit Democratic voters from voting in next week's election. The courts in almost every state where these laws were challenged by the Democrats have ruled against the GOP. WHY? Because the GOP has not presented proof positive that voter fraud is as wide spread as the GOP has stated.

This is much like the legislation here in GA implemented this year regarding driver's licenses. When renewing your DL, multiple forms of IDs are required, both government issued and private sector ID and we all must renew our DL in person. GA has created a government funded monster which they cannot support. I will remind you that the GOP has been promoting smaller government, HA! Instead of taking a few days to renew a nursing license it now can take months. This is very similar to the voter ID laws in many states.
Lib in Cobb
October 30, 2012
@anonymous: No one would force you to use PP. There are women and men who use PP because they are truly in need. This great nation of our was the only industrialized nation on earth without healthcare for all until President Obama was able to get it passed. No one is forcing you into a plan that you don't wish to have. There are 45 million people in the US who don't have access to healthcare, there are thousands and thousands of people who die each year, some innocent children, because they don't have healthcare insurance.

As I mentioned Romney/Ryan have made it well known that they would support the repeal of Roe v Wade.
Samuel Adams
October 29, 2012
Voter suppression laws? That's a lie.

Voter identification laws? That should be a given.

If the Democrats weren't such cheaters we wouldn't need to see a drivers license.
October 29, 2012
Lib in Cobb, I'm a woman and single mother and have never needed Planned Parenthood, but even if I did, there are enough private and corporate leftist citizens whose donations can keep it afloat.

You say Romney/Ryan will take away our choices, but in fact it is the Dems who FORCE all of us, against our wishes, to fund organizations which we abhor, and to pay for famiies whose head of household are lazy takers. Who is taking away our choices again?

As a single, working, struggling, taxpaying mom, I resent the heck out of you leftists spending my hard-earned tax dollars to fund irresponsible social programs. Why should I have to pay for women who sit on their butts and men who say they are disabled when they're barely 40, when I have three jobs? Don't patronize me, Lib. Don't patronize any of us, by assuming we are buying your lies.The real war on women is Obama's lack of caring on the economy, his lack of action, his 16 trillion in spending that will make women slaves to the state all their lives.
B D Lane
October 29, 2012
Mr. Borden,

I have disagreed with some of your opinions in the past. (Astroturf at Walton comes to mind.) But honest disagreements debated in a civil manner are part of living in a free, healthy society. Especially during election cycles.

So to your observations in this particular column, all I can really say is anyone who quotes Harper Lee is okay in my book. Regardless of politics, who could ever seriously argue with the good wisdom of Atticus?

Kindest regards,

Lib in Cobb
October 29, 2012
It is indeed a fact that the GOP headed by Romney/Ryan are more than willing to make women second class citizens. Both men have indicated they would shutter Planned Parenthood, both men have indicated their distaste for abortion and would work to get Roe v Wade overturned. These are facts, of course, Romney could change his mind at any minute.

The GOP all across this country has attempted in many states to pass voter suppression laws. We are more likely to be struck by lightning than see voter fraud. In Ohio, racist billboards have been erected which have the purpose of intimidating minorities regarding voter fraud.

A few examples of classless behavior of the GOP.

I am also disappointed in the behavior during this election season.
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