Foley wrong, it’s liberals that women should fear
by Pete_Borden
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In the lead sentence of his column on Friday, the 15th, Kevin Foley tries to insinuate that women should be in fear for their lives because the House did not embrace the Senate’s version of the Violence Against Women Act, which is due for renewal.  

Women should be in fear for their lives because the liberals want to deny them the right to their first line of defense against said violence, which is a self defense weapon.  The government feels they are more qualified than a woman to tell her what kind of guns she can own and what kind she cannot own.

You see, the kickback from the female population against the liberal scheme to infringe upon our second amendment rights has taken the liberal leadership by surprise.  They had no idea the number of female gun owners was so great.

In their panic, the liberal anti-gun faction has slipped the traces of sanity and is now practicing inane damage control.  Now they are going after women gun owners, with some really far out and ludicrous approaches.

VP Joe Biden armed his wife with a double barreled 12 gauge shotgun, and some shells.  He told her if someone were trying to break in, she should load the shotgun, step outside and fire off both barrels. He guaranteed the would-be attacker would get scared and run away.  Really?  Who would be afraid of someone who had just rendered their weapon useless, except as a club?  

That is almost as ludicrous as the statement from the office Dianne Feinstein  to effect that, “The Senator believes if the people, including the police, laid down their weapons and Christopher Dorner could see that nobody except him was armed he would lay down his gun and surrender”   She concluded “That’s just human nature.”

The liberals have decided that a woman should use bodily fluids, or lies, as a defense against rape. Simply vomit on the attacker, or pee on him, or tell him you are menstruating or have VD.  I can hear it now. ”Stay away from me, I am sick to my stomach and have a full bladder.”  Yeah, I can see where that would be a real deterrent to rape.  “You don’t want to rape me. I am on my period and besides I have VD.”  This is supposed to stop someone bent on rape?  What happened to “rape is about control and not about sex?”

Some liberal gun grabber has suggested that a ball point pen is a great weapon.  In some cases, it would be. Of course, you must let the attacker come into close proximity with you to use it.   That violates all the rules of self defense.  Can you imagine your daughter facing an armed attacker and yelling, “I’m not afraid of you and your stupid Uzi, as long as I have my Pentel Rolling Writer?”   Excuse me, but I would rather my daughter had a Glock 9mm than a Paper Mate Flex Grip.  In reality, the poorest gun ever manufactured is infinitely better than the best ball point pen.

It must be a great comfort to know that Colorado State Rep, Joe Salazar and other liberals feel that co-eds are so brainless that they incapable of recognizing whether, or not, they are in danger, and would probably shoot the wrong people..  That statement overlooks a great many facts.  First of all, if the female in question were in the military, instead of college, she would be assumed intelligent enough to be issued a weapon.  If she had chosen to go into the field of firefighting, she would be judged intelligent enough to fight a fire in your home. etc.  

Salazar’s statement is totally chauvinistic and without supporting evidence.  He assumes that only men, not women, can become proficient with a gun.

There are a lot of weapons a woman can utilize to defend herself, but, in the end, the best is a well placed round from a gun in the hands of the intended victim.

Ladies, it is not the GOP you should fear, but the Democratic gun grabbers bent on disarming you and leaving you without your best line of defense.
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Devlin Adams
February 25, 2013
Foley, it hurts when your liberal talking head fools make totally inane and ridiculous suggestions, doesn't it?

Kind of leaves you speechless doesn't it?

And how about Joe "The Idiot VP" Biden's latest?

"The average American doesn't care about his rights", or words to that affect? I wonder what Dr. King would think about, or what all those people who marched with him, including Mitt Romney's father, would have to say to Brainless Biden.

If the liberal keep up their efforts to stifle our Second Amendment rights, the fools are going to find out that 80 millions Americans care vewry much about their rights.

BTW, tell your alter ego attack dog that murdering unborn children is not a woman's right, regardless of what liberals think.
Kevin Foley
February 24, 2013
@ Lib - I couldn't have put it better myself... :-0

Lib in Cobb
February 23, 2013
Is it the Liberals who want to shut down Planned Parenthood? NO

Is it the Liberals who wish to overturn Roe v Wade? NO

Is it the Liberals who wish to shut down abortion clinics? NO

Is is the Liberals who have passed laws in many states which would limit healthcare to women? NO

Is it the Liberals who are requiring women to undergo a trans vaginal ultrasound prior to a legal medical procedure? No

Is it the Liberals who wish to pass laws defining life beginning at conception? NO

Is is the Liberals here in GA who wanted to pass a law which would provide death penalty for Miscarriages? NO

Is it the Liberals who wanted to investigate any woman who had a miscarriage? NO

The GOP believes that women who are Native American or undocumented immigrants don't deserve full protection from rape and abuse.

Pete and DA, continue your attempts at hiding your ignorance.

Devlin Adams
February 22, 2013
Foley, you are so dense.

""Liberals," says Pete, like the The National Law Enforcement Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence, nine major national police associations, want to take everyone's guns away so women can be raped"

Nope, they want to take everyone's guns away so that we become "subjects" and not "citizens."

BTW, you ought to be thankful for me and Middleton. Without us, the only reader you have for your blogs is the doubtful Lib.

Everybody who reads your left wing spin columns disagrees with you. LOL.

Loved your last sentence, since you never "discuss" anything.

Can't wait for Borden to dissect your idiotic rnt in today's column.

Off Balance
February 22, 2013

Actually, you could have ended your article with the first two words, "Foley wrong", and you would have covered almost everything he has ever written.

Kevin Foley
February 22, 2013
So Pete is stining because I demonstrated on how wrong he was about VAWA, not to mention his complete ignorance about how congress works, so he opens a new attack front.

"Liberals," says Pete, like the The National Law Enforcement Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence, nine major national police associations, want to take everyone's guns away so women can be raped.

The ravings of a desperate man that are not even worth discussion.
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