Barack Obama: Mathematically Challenged
by Melvyn_Fein
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The evidence is conclusive.  Our president never acquired anything more than the barest rudiments of elementary mathematics.  As his latest budget clearly demonstrates, although he learned to add, he never learned to subtract.

Our nation faces a budgetary crisis of epic proportions and yet Barack Obama continues to add to our problems.  Despite solemn promises to cut our deficit, he does not seem to know how.  Our national debt is already climbing toward sixteen trillion and now he proposes to increase this by another eleven trillion.

Never mind that we already owe more that our gross domestic product, Obama cannot figure out how to spend fewer dollars.  Once more he intends to introduce a massive stimulus.  Once more additional monies—we do not have—are to be lavished on shovel-ready construction projects. 

Barack even intends to buy high-speed trains that few people will ever ride.  Like a child at Christmastime, he insists on having his toy train set irrespective of what his parent’s pocketbook can afford.

And how about those phantom subtractions that supposedly come from not expending money onAfghanistan.  This was money that was never expected to be spent.  Obama’s critics have castigated this is no more than smoke and mirrors, but he and his partisans continue to pretend it is real money.

No, wait!  Barack does know how to subtract.  The trouble is he intends to subtract this from others—most notably the rich.  His idea of fairness seems to be that his enemies must give to him whatever he wants so that he can continue to be generous with his friends.

Come to think of it, Obama may not even have gotten the hang of addition.  He has decreed that insurance companies must provide the employees of Catholic institutions with birth control services—for free.  Since these are not his funds, they evidently do not count as real expenditures.

Apparently the only thing our president knows how to do is multiply.  As he has once more proved, every time he is up for election his promises proliferate exponentially.  So, unfortunately, will our troubles; that is, when his bills eventually come due.

Thomas Sowell has recently reminded us that Theodore Roosevelt boasted of not having studied economics.  Nonetheless, Teddy proudly justified his incursions into the marketplace on the grounds that he was serving moral ends.

Apparently Barack Obama subscribes to the same school of economics.  He too seems to believe that his calculations are moral, and hence not economic.  He, therefore, feels free to move numbers around any way he pleases.

Yet how moral is it for a politician to impoverish his nation?  Ronald Reagan apologized to the navy for comparing profligate congressional spenders to drunken sailors.  Perhaps Barack Obama is also drunk on his own good intentions.  Perhaps that is the reason his budgetary figures never come into focus.

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February 19, 2012
People keep leaving out the fact that a big reason for the large deficits is that we still have the Bush tax cuts. No one mentions that George W. Bush added 6 trillion to the national debt. Ronald Reagan tripled the debt from $1 trillion to $3 trillion. If tax cuts are so magical, why did we plunge into the worst recession since the 1930s at the end of Bush's second term? Obama'stimulus program was temporary, and helped keep the country out of an economic depression. Yes, the projections for how much it would reduce unemployment were overly optimistic. And yes, I would agree that there was some wasted money spent. But the wasted money is minor compared to the big ticket items in the budget.

Take defense spending (including two wars.) Remember when Larry Lindsey estimated the cost of the Iraq war at $200 Billion, and he was fired by the Bush administration? Well, even that number was way low. Was he "mathematically challenged" for not getting the estimate right? Was Bush "mathematically challenged" for insisting that Lindsey was way off? They lied to justify the war, including lying about how much it would cost. Obama was criticized by the Republicans for cutting the planned growth of defense spending.

Social Security and Medicare are the other two big ticket items. Expenditures for these keep climbing because there are more and more older Americans that qualify for benefits. Despite all the talk, the Republicans who controlled the goverment for 6 years did nothing to address these issues.

I'd love to see your budget proposal. Which programs would you cut? I know, you would reduce income taxes to a flat 15% and then the economic growth would result in so much revenue that we would have budget surpluses, right?
February 17, 2012
Per usual,

Dr Fein you have described the situation correctly. I doubt it will do much good, though, since most of us are easily tricked by numbers.

In my work life , I remember hearing something like,

"Liars use numbers, but numbers can lie."

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