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Let’s look at “Income Equality.”
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Let’s look at “Income Equality.”
by Pete_Borden
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The newest carrot being dangled by the liberal administration in an effort to appeal to the entitlement mentality is “correcting the income inequality” that exists in the U.S.  Never mind the fact that it exists, not only in this country, but worldwide.

There are sound reasons for income equality and for its rapid growth, which almost parallels the shift in emphasis from people to technology in employment and compensation.

In short, those who do not choose to avail themselves of the educational opportunities available and prepare themselves for the technology dominated workforce, are going to be on the losing end of income equality game.

However, the economic and social issues leading to income inequality are not being emphasized by this administration and its self-serving “campaign to end income inequality."

The bait being used to ensnare the non-thinking and dependent sector of the population is, “Let’s raise the minimum wage.”  They cleverly avoid talking about the reasons the minimum wage is where it is.  Simply speaking, the minimum wage is where it is because people are still willing to work for it due, in part, to the influx of illegal aliens who can afford to work for the minimum wage or less, because they pay no income taxes and avail themselves of all the social programs in this country.

What the administration fails to point out is the inescapable result of an increase in the minimum wage. Employers will immediately find ways to mechanize and operate more efficiently, thereby enabling them to eliminate jobs.   But the overriding effect will be increased prices of goods and services, which will trigger demands for higher wages for the middle and upper class, and result in the income inequality remaining the same or growing.  The net result will be more unemployment, but no change in the income inequality problem.

What must be grasped is that income inequality is not only a social and economic problem, but an individual problem.  When people are willing to work and become educated for placement in a workplace which demands education and skill instead of numbers, then we will begin to see a decline in the income inequality problem.

But, alas, there will always be the entitlement mentality members of society who are willing to struggle around at the bottom of the income ladder, with their hand out to the government, rather than exercise the initiative required to rise above it.

Now the administration is saying that unemployment is a good thing because it enables one to spend more time with the children and “write poetry.”  I suspect that is a concept which largely depends upon how long the working class is willing support the government “poets.”

“I write poetry while you go to work,
How’s that for a revelation?
Thanks a lot, you conservative jerk.
God bless this liberal plantation”
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Lib in Cobb
February 25, 2014
@Pete: "fellow journalist". I don't think so!

The Sixth Amendment is officially dead, the Fifth mortally wounded
by Pete_Borden
July 19, 2013 10:54 AM | 2365 views | 20 20 comments | 73 73 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

With the announcement, by Attorney General Eric Holder, that the Department of Justice will “aggressively” investigate George Zimmerman, two things have died in this country.   First is that portion of the Fifth Amendment which protects us from double jeopardy, i.e. being tried twice for essentially the same crime.  The only motivation for the DOJ to investigate George Zimmerman would be preparatory to trying to charge him with a federal charge, for essentially the same crime, thereby, putting him in double jeopardy.  Of course, they will call it something else, so the stupid of the country will not recognize it for what it is.  They might even try to charge him with depriving Trayvon of his civil rights.   They can hardly charge him with a hate crime since an investigation by the FBI and local authorities both concluded that race was not a motivating factor.  Anything they call it will not change the fact that he is being tried for the same crime twice. 

The second casualty of the DOJ investigation is the right to a speedy and public trial, as guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment.

No longer will we be tried by a jury of our peers in a legal courtroom.  From this point forward, we will be tried and judged in the court of public opinion.  And that public opinion will be shaped by a media that is, for all practical purposes under the direct control of the government.

The trial of George Zimmerman was the beginning of the new order.  The mainstream media, from the outset, portrayed Trayvon Martin as an innocent child, tracked down and murdered by an evil racist George Zimmerman.  It made good copy. The DOJ’s arm, the Community Relations Service, under the guise of being “peacemakers”, had people in Florida helping organize and finance protests against Zimmerman, almost from day one.  So the media appeared justified in their unfair characterization.

Never once did the media attempt to determine the whole story.  They practiced selective journalism, or confirmation bias, wherein the result is determined first and everything not supporting that result is discarded.  For instance, they glossed over, or failed to mention, Trayvon Martin’s brushes with the legal authorities.  They talked all around the fact that he was on a ten day suspension from school at the time of the shooting.  They said it was for being caught in an unauthorized area. Excuse me, but what area in a public school is so scared as to warrant a 10 day suspension for trespassing? Such suspensions are not handed out, except for major problems, or repeated offenses.

Never once did they mention that George Zimmerman was a mentor and tutor to black and Hispanic children.   You see that would have blown their “racially motivated crime” story right out the window.   Even today, they still refer to it as a white-on-black crime, in spite of the fact that Zimmerman is Hispanic.

Nor did they mention the difference in the physical size and condition of Trayvon (high school football player, almost 6’ tall) and Zimmerman, 4” shorter and not in shape.  Nor did they give but a modicum of ink to the police photos of Zimmerman bleeding at the nose and with multiple cuts and contusions on the back of his head.  Of course, the fact that the prosecution withheld those pictures  along with other evidence,  until a whistleblower informed the press (which ignored it) and subsequently the defense attorney of their existence has, been mostly ignored by the media.

So it would seem that the Fifth and Sixth Amendments are about gone, and we will, forthwith, be tried and convicted by the mainstream media, without regard to truth.  It is obvious that truth is a dirty word to them.

That’s two of the Bill of Rights gone.  With the administration trying hard to negate the Second Amendment, it would appear that the Bill of rights may soon be a thing o the past.

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Lib in Cobb
July 31, 2013
Guido: You don't know my family or its history, so your comment about my breeding is speculation. I am from MA and my family came here in 1631, a very long line of liberal thinkers, who value passion, education and being informed. Now please, what's your excuse, did you grow up in a corn patch and how old were you when you started wearing shoes?

By the way, "ability" is never "stupid", perhaps if you had completed high school you might have a better command of our language.

President Obama is not Muslim, he has a Muslim name, but you have missed the truth about him also. Not a surprise at all. You are one of those shallow headed, thin thinkers who is so incensed that a liberal, black man with a Muslim name dared to become and REMAIN president that you are willing to ignore the failings of your own party. I watch the conservative heads explode daily with anger and I am enjoying it more than you can imagine. I will suggest that you and your party look for a worthwhile candidate for the 2016 election. The last two Republican presidential candidates and their running dopes were smacked by Barack Hussein Obama.

Believe what you wish, which gives me reason to call you mislead. You have adequately illustrated how badly mislead you are.

Struck down portion of Voting Rights Act was discriminatory
by Pete_Borden
July 08, 2013 09:01 AM | 2070 views | 15 15 comments | 73 73 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

The liberals have already started whining about the Supreme Court’s action in overturning part of the unconstitutional, Voting Rights Act.  VRA came into existence on the false pretense of protecting a non-existent right.  There is no guarantee of the right to vote on a federal level.  Elections are the province of the states, or the counties, not the federal government.  There is, at present, no such thing as a federal election.  At any rate, the VRA was not nullified, only a portion, which was at the time it was enacted, and has remained discriminatory and judgmental in their truest sense, was nullified.

Already the liberal talking heads are trying to say that it will cause large scale disenfranchisement of minority voters.  How do they say this is going to happen?   Well, according to their warped thinking, requiring a person to prove they are qualified to vote amounts to discrimination.

Cutting to the chase, their argument is that requiring voter I.D. will keep all the minorities and the poor from voting.  Utter and complete hogwash is what that is!

What they are trying to convince you is that these folks have never driven a car, got on a train or plane, been to a hospital, cashed a check or opened a checking account, applied for or used a credit card, registered a car, voted in a Union election, donated blood, rented an apartment, had utilities turned on, checked out a library book, applied for any welfare programs (i.e. food stamps, student breakfast programs, etc.) or bought a beer or a pack of cigarettes.  That is a partial list of things that require an I.D. Do you know anyone, of voting age, who has not done any of those things?  Me either.

So, if an ID is such an integral part of everyday life, how come it becomes a burden to show it at election time?  The truth is it does not. It is not a burden. At least, it is not a burden if you are a legal citizen of this country. Those who are of age to possess an I. D. do not possess one. are those who are in this country illegally and should not be able to vote.

The problem is that some of the liberals do not want voter I.D. for the simple reason that it does restrict the votes to those who are legally qualified to vote.  They know that the illegal aliens who vote will always vote for the liberal candidate, who promises “free ice cream at somebody else’s expense.”

It is interesting to note that in those areas not requiring voter I. D., in connection with the last Presidential election, there were reports of precincts where the actual number of votes cast exceeded the number of registered voters. There were confessions by people that they voted more than once, some with the help of election officials. Why are these areas not being subjected to investigation under the same VRA?  What about the areas where the New Black Panthers intimidated non black people trying to vote?  Why are those areas not being investigated?  Where is the difference in the New Black Panthers interfering with non-black people trying to vote and the Ku Klux Klan interfering with black people trying to vote?

This is not the South of 1965 when racial discrimination was still prevalent. Any claim that it is still prevalent must, of necessity, be accompanied by more than accusations and innuendos, given the number of minorities serving in elected offices across the breadth of the south.  To continue the discriminatory provisions of the VRA against certain states and not others would be a travesty.

The Supreme Court did the right thing, in spite of what the liberal talking heads and the liberal press may tell you.
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Lib in Cobb
July 12, 2013
@Devlin Adams

"Black Conservative", a self-contradiction?

Surprise! Surprise!
by Pete_Borden
May 16, 2013 09:57 AM | 1999 views | 4 4 comments | 78 78 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

For the past five years, or more, the Associated Press, along with the majority of what is known as mainstream media, has seen fit to give President Barack Obama, and his administration,  a free pass for whatever abuses of freedom they wished to perpetrate on the American people, including Fast and Furious, voter fraud, voter intimidation, Benghazi, etc.  In fact, they would probably have provided him with a cover story and protection from the late breaking IRS scandal, except for one thing.  His administration is directly responsible for government spying on the AP!  Imagine that!!

What baffles me is how they pretend to be at all surprised by this revelation. The President has demonstrated time and gain that he has no loyalty to anyone or any entity, so why should the AP be exempt?

I am reminded of a legend concerning a young Indian who found a rattlesnake, almost frozen to death.  The snake implored the youth, “Please take me to your tepee so that I can once again be warm and I will be your friend forever.”  The Indian protested, “No you are a rattlesnake and you will surely bite me and I will die.”  The snake renewed his pledge. “No, I promise not to bite you and I will be your friend for life.”  So the young Indian picked up the rattler and took it to his tepee.  Once the snake had warmed itself, the youth approached it whereupon the snake bit him several times in rapid succession. With his dying breath, the youth cried out. “You promised. Why did you bite me?”   The snake responded “You knew what I was when you picked me up.”

So it would seem was the fate of the AP.  They knew the character of the President and his administration.  There should be no surprise that they have been bitten.

At this point, given the many faceted scandals breaking out, almost on a daily basis, in which the President and his administration appear to be complicit, it will probably tax even the best of the apologists to try to cover them with a straight face.

The investigation into the Benghazi sell out is far from over. In fact, it is just now getting started. The American people deserve true answers and we are going to get them.  Everybody in the administration lied about this tragedy and four Americans died needlessly.  We will not forget. We will not let it be swept under the rug.

Fast and Furious is very much on the minds of the American people as more and more is learned about this idiotic venture, which ultimately placed weapons in the hands of the criminal Mexican drug cartel, resulting in the death of at least one Border Patrol agent, and an untold number of Mexican nationals.

Piled on top of that is the news that the administration has been using the IRS to intimidate and persecute groups opposed to the views and actions of the administration, to the point of costing them countless thousands of dollars and denying them the tax exempt status to which they are entitled. There are charges, too, that the IRS has targeted Mormons, as well as Jewish groups sympathetic to Israel.  This is one of the same tactics that President Richard Nixon employed against his enemies and would have been, had he not resigned, among the charges for which he would have been impeached.

Almost weekly we learn of more cases of voter fraud, some putting the legality of Obama’s re-election into serious question.

And yet, don’t be surprised to see most of the media rushing to “not cover” these issues, because they are afraid of making the President look bad.

To the AP, I say “When you lie down with the dogs, you’re gonna get fleas.”   The question is, “Will you give him a pass on this one too, or will you finally wake up and smell what many of us have been smelling for a long time?”

It sure ain’t roses!

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George Middleton
May 17, 2013
To Kevin Foley, posting as "anonymous",. The operative word is "appears" which makes it an opinion, not an allegation. He does not need to justify an opinion, though I am sure he could. Unlike you, he does not engage in arguing with his would be detractors.

BTW, if you want to sell the "anonymous" alias, drop the refrences to Fox. They are dead giveaways. You and your alter ego attack dog, Lib, are the only ones I know obsessed with Fox.

Fox is, of course, every bit as reliable as a news source, as ABC. CBS, NBC and the Obama network, MSNBC.

Liberals can’t seem to get a break.
by Pete_Borden
April 25, 2013 10:03 AM | 2471 views | 5 5 comments | 81 81 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

Of late, things have not been going well in the liberal camp.  In fact, one might say, they are awash in their own stupid mistakes.

Their effort to push through an unconstitutional law requiring additional background checks for purchasing weapons fell through.  It failed simply because it was propped up by a passel of lies.

 Lie # 1, of course, was that it would keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and the mentally unstable.  Of course no law affects criminals because they do not obey them.  Mentally unstable people do what the Newtown shooter did.  They kill somebody and take their legally purchased weapons.

Further they kept retelling the lie that the Newtown shooter used a semi-automatic rifle to “mow down” his victims.  According to the police determination, the AR-15 never left the trunk of the car and the shooting was all done with handguns. So much for “mowing down!”

Another lie was that the background checks would never be used to create a federal gun registry.  Based on the validity of this administration’s promises, nobody really believed that.

Further, the President claimed that 90% of the people in the country supported the background check, when, in fact, there is no empiric evidence to support such a statement.

The final lie was that the administration was not intending to disarm the American people, in spite of the fact that both Biden and Feinstein have made numerous statements alluding to that as their real goal.

Liberals must have hidden their heads under the pillow when the President lost his cool and had a temper tantrum, on TV, because he did not get his way. It reminded me of my 4 year old great grandson.

In the first days after the Boston Marathon bombing, many of the popular liberal talking heads on TV and in the press were expressing their belief and hope that the bombing was carried out by white right wing extremists.

Too bad, folks!   As it turns out, it was carried out by two Islamic terrorists. The surviving member of the duo has admitted his part and indicated that his brother, who was killed by police, was the brains behind the plot.  Did you hear that, Mr. President?

Further, they are now saying that the fact that they are Muslim is immaterial.  When will the liberal camp quit trying to whitewash Islam?  There are peaceful law-abiding Muslims, we all know.  We also know that some kinds of snakes are harmless and actually perform a service for mankind, but the other ones are particularly dangerous and not to be trusted.  For that reason, smart people distrust snakes until they find out what kind they are dealing with.

We are told that when Osama bin Laden was allegedly killed, that would be the undoing of al-Qaeda. Yet, just two days ago, the Canadian police arrested two people and uncovered an al-Qaeda plot to bomb trains going from Toronto to New York.

Our First Lady, Michelle Obama, was reported visiting one of the former Muslim suspects in the Boston bombing, in the hospital.  Note that she did not bother to visit any of the victims. Pretty embarrassing, I would say.

Oh, and by the way, liberal doofus, British born Piers Morgan, who promised to self deport if the gun control bill did not pass, has NOT been seen boarding  a plane back to jolly old England. In fact, at last check, he has not even bought a ticket.   Could it be that Obama is planning to fly him back on Air Force One, at the expense of the American taxpayer?   I doubt it. Most probably the real truth is that Morgan was lying through his teeth when he said it.

Hang in there liberals!  Something may go your way yet. But, don’t; count on it. You pretty much cooked your goose when you re-elected an unqualified man to the Presidency.

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George Middleton
April 25, 2013
Right on, Pete. I was oparticularly incensed by the fact that Mrs. Obama visited a Saudi and did not visit the victims of the bombing. It is even worse that the kid was a suspect in the bonbing,a s reported in the press.

Liberals scared to death of black conservatives
by Pete_Borden
April 13, 2013 03:47 PM | 2129 views | 4 4 comments | 78 78 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

"Liberals, in total, believe they own black America," said Reginald Webb of Project 21. This statement sums up why liberals go into a panic mode every time a successful black conservative speaks.

Liberals are afraid that if they do not destroy black conservatives, they will lose a part of the stranglehold they have on black America.

They feel there is something basically wrong, maybe even immoral, when a black man thinks for himself and thus embraces conservative views and thought processes. Their first instinct is to discredit or destroy him, before he gets the attention of other black people and they too become conservatives. You see, they know that black America, at its roots is better and smarter than the “plantation Negro” niche they try to keep them in with their “vote for us and we will give you free ice cream” tactics.

Black Americans are, by and large, becoming too intelligent to fall for this line, realizing that it is a form of “enslavement by consent.” More and more of them are jumping ship and joining the growing number of black conservatives.

We all watched, in utter disbelief, as the liberals trotted out a broken-down has-been publicity hound to charge Herman Cain with sexual misconduct. Unfortunately, such a charge carries with it a “guilty until proven innocent” stigma, much the same as a rape charge. As usual, in cases drawing a lot of publicity and in the manner of flies around a molasses barrel, a couple more women joined the group of accusers. Notice how quickly they all disappeared when Cain withdrew from the Presidential race. Most thinking people saw through the character assassination, and let it be known. The liberals then tried to shift the blame to Mitt Romney, or other Republican candidates. Few believed that lie either.

But, in the end, they shut down, at least temporarily, one of the dreaded monsters, a successful black conservative.

Now, the liberal hatchet men have turned their attention to Dr. Benjamin Carson. Dr, Carson spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast. During his speech, he was critical of programs for which the President is responsible or supports. Immediately, the liberal machine accused him of “insulting the President”. That charge is incredibly ludicrous, especially in light of the Bush era mantra of the liberals, “It is our patriotic duty to challenge the President.”

What Carson did was to lecture the President on the fallacies of some of the President’s programs. The President was sitting less than 10 feet away from him during his speech and one cannot detect from Obama’s expressions that he feels he is being insulted.

Nevertheless, the liberals have issued instructions to their “hit men”, to destroy Dr. Carson, so, through various media outlets and hack journalists, they are proceeding on their mission.

Dr. Carson made some incredibly narrow-minded and unkind remarks regarding the gay community. Thought he has apologized, several times, the liberals will not let it go. According to the liberal press and journalists, the apologies were not sincere. They feel they have the magical ability to look inside his heart and mind and determine what his true feelings are.

After protests by a gay student group, Dr. Carson has withdrawn from his engagement as the commencement speaker at the John Hopkins School of Medicine. He cited his belief that his presence would distract form the celebratory nature of the occasion. Tomorrow’s headlines and the liberal writers will charge that he did it to keep from being forcibly replaced. But then, they are not well known for accuracy.

They are digging frantically to find anything derogatory, or even slightly doubtful, in Carson’s history, which they can use to destroy him.

The reason they need to destroy a black conservative is that they cannot use the infamous race card, of which they are so doggedly fond, when he speaks out against the administration. They are also panicked at the thought of a black conservative candidate for the Presidency in 2016. Much of their campaign in 2008 and again in 2012 was based on the fact that Obama is black. They would have no strategy to use in trying to defeat a black opponent.

The funny thing is, Dr. Carson, has not indicated any interest in running for that office. Be that as it may, he must be destroyed. He has transgressed. He has dared to become something other than a shuffle butt slave to the liberal dogma.

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Lib in Cobb
April 21, 2013
Pete: There are not enough black conservatives to be concerned about. As a voting block those who are black and conservative would not swing any vote in any election. Even Colin Powell voted for President Obama, TWICE. See what I mean.

I am certain that Colin Powell loves to be called a "shuffle butt slave".

Your ignorance is now being illuminated in bright neon.

Cobb County Commission’s dog and pony show
by Pete_Borden
March 04, 2013 10:02 AM | 2885 views | 1 1 comments | 81 81 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink
I don’t think anybody was surprised by the way the County Commissioners voted on the proposed ordinance to require those doing business with Cobb County, thereby collecting taxpayer dollars, obey the law by hiring legal workers. The only surprise is that unemployed residents have not “tarred and feathered” the three commissioners who voted against the ordinance.

The part of the meeting dealing with this ordinance should have been entitled “The “Chamber of Commerce presents Tim Lee, Helen Goreham, and Lisa Cupid, in a staged betrayal.”  

It included Lisa Cupid, delivering her lines haltingly as if she did not quite have them memorized.  She nitpicked the ordinance as well as IMAGE statutes, while praising the county’s ”smokescreen” enforcement policy, allegedly put into place on the heels of the courthouse debacle. Lisa should know that requiring an affidavit is not enforcement. Enforcement is oversight to assure that the things alleged in the affidavit are true, and continue to be true for the life of the contract.  I am pretty sure, unless they are skirting the law, that they had affidavits on the offending companies at the courthouse. The affidavits were pretty much worthless,.

Cupid’s finale was a reading of an obscure part of the ordinance dealing with “casual/day laborers”. She harped on a very narrowly defined set of hypothetical circumstances in which a legal worker might be denied a day’s work, under the statute.  Of course, her vote indicated that she cares nothing for the tens of thousands of citizens and legal immigrants who are missing days, weeks, months and even years of work under the current policy of allowing illegal immigrants to continue working.

Next on the program, Helen Goreham came across as an “angry old white woman”, with her complaints about personal criticism leveled at her for her flip-flop position on the question.  Her biggest problem with the ordinance seemed to revolve around the fact that she considers it a “mandate.”  Excuse me, Helen, but being required to show an ID to buy beer is a “mandate”, just as most laws are “mandates.”  Over the past weeks, Goreham has come up with some pretty silly reasons to oppose this ordinance, but I must say, this one is the silliest of all.

Tim, the king of the flip-flop crew, seems to be hung up over three words.  He mentioned some wording that he felt was sufficient reason to oppose the ordinance.  One of the words was “entity”.  He also came up with a case of a current vendor who threatened not to obey the ordinance.  The vendor was WellStar, which, we are told, provides medical care to the inmates of the County jail at a reduced rate. They flatly stated they would not enroll in IMAGE.  I suggest we put out a bid request for this medical care and see how much we really are saving with WellStar, then weigh that against the number of people out of work because we allow county subcontractors to use illegal workers.  I am not sure what to think of a “leader” who caves in to the demands of one vendor.

The sad thing is that none of these objections were ever made known prior to this meeting.  They probably could have been resolved if they had been. Of course, the Chamber of Commerce bigwigs did not want them resolved, because they did not want this ordinance to pass.

The real losers were the working people of Cobb county, who fight the daily fight and pay taxes (if they are fortunate enough to be employed) so that the illegal aliens can take their jobs, dumb down our schools, sap the resources of emergency rooms using them for drug store, live on social programs and anchor baby benefits, all the while sending their money out of the country.

There were no winners, except the lawbreaking tuxedo businessmen who run the Chamber of Commerce, and control most of the County Commissioners, taking taxpayer money to pay unlawful workers, and pocketing big profits at our expense.

I would like to see the MDJ issue a challenge to the county to use the "enforcement tools" they claim to have put into effect after the courthouse scandal was uncovered, not by our own people, but by outsiders. . They protested that we did not need IMAGE because these enforcement tools would do more.  Okay, challenge them to conduct an open audit of Croy Engineering and C.W. Matthews Contracting Company, Inc., in which impartial auditors are utilized. .

I would bet no such audit will be forthcoming.     

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Gordo Meis
March 07, 2013
They are all corrupt, but it is hard to tell if Helen is dumber than Lisa Cupid or just more practiced at being corrupt. I just saw the Exposing Helen Goreham Facebook page. Not only full of facts, but very funny. It will probably make me join Facebook! Great blog here!

Foley wrong, it’s liberals that women should fear
by Pete_Borden
February 22, 2013 10:32 AM | 3317 views | 6 6 comments | 76 76 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink
In the lead sentence of his column on Friday, the 15th, Kevin Foley tries to insinuate that women should be in fear for their lives because the House did not embrace the Senate’s version of the Violence Against Women Act, which is due for renewal.  

Women should be in fear for their lives because the liberals want to deny them the right to their first line of defense against said violence, which is a self defense weapon.  The government feels they are more qualified than a woman to tell her what kind of guns she can own and what kind she cannot own.

You see, the kickback from the female population against the liberal scheme to infringe upon our second amendment rights has taken the liberal leadership by surprise.  They had no idea the number of female gun owners was so great.

In their panic, the liberal anti-gun faction has slipped the traces of sanity and is now practicing inane damage control.  Now they are going after women gun owners, with some really far out and ludicrous approaches.

VP Joe Biden armed his wife with a double barreled 12 gauge shotgun, and some shells.  He told her if someone were trying to break in, she should load the shotgun, step outside and fire off both barrels. He guaranteed the would-be attacker would get scared and run away.  Really?  Who would be afraid of someone who had just rendered their weapon useless, except as a club?  

That is almost as ludicrous as the statement from the office Dianne Feinstein  to effect that, “The Senator believes if the people, including the police, laid down their weapons and Christopher Dorner could see that nobody except him was armed he would lay down his gun and surrender”   She concluded “That’s just human nature.”

The liberals have decided that a woman should use bodily fluids, or lies, as a defense against rape. Simply vomit on the attacker, or pee on him, or tell him you are menstruating or have VD.  I can hear it now. ”Stay away from me, I am sick to my stomach and have a full bladder.”  Yeah, I can see where that would be a real deterrent to rape.  “You don’t want to rape me. I am on my period and besides I have VD.”  This is supposed to stop someone bent on rape?  What happened to “rape is about control and not about sex?”

Some liberal gun grabber has suggested that a ball point pen is a great weapon.  In some cases, it would be. Of course, you must let the attacker come into close proximity with you to use it.   That violates all the rules of self defense.  Can you imagine your daughter facing an armed attacker and yelling, “I’m not afraid of you and your stupid Uzi, as long as I have my Pentel Rolling Writer?”   Excuse me, but I would rather my daughter had a Glock 9mm than a Paper Mate Flex Grip.  In reality, the poorest gun ever manufactured is infinitely better than the best ball point pen.

It must be a great comfort to know that Colorado State Rep, Joe Salazar and other liberals feel that co-eds are so brainless that they incapable of recognizing whether, or not, they are in danger, and would probably shoot the wrong people..  That statement overlooks a great many facts.  First of all, if the female in question were in the military, instead of college, she would be assumed intelligent enough to be issued a weapon.  If she had chosen to go into the field of firefighting, she would be judged intelligent enough to fight a fire in your home. etc.  

Salazar’s statement is totally chauvinistic and without supporting evidence.  He assumes that only men, not women, can become proficient with a gun.

There are a lot of weapons a woman can utilize to defend herself, but, in the end, the best is a well placed round from a gun in the hands of the intended victim.

Ladies, it is not the GOP you should fear, but the Democratic gun grabbers bent on disarming you and leaving you without your best line of defense.
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Devlin Adams
February 25, 2013
Foley, it hurts when your liberal talking head fools make totally inane and ridiculous suggestions, doesn't it?

Kind of leaves you speechless doesn't it?

And how about Joe "The Idiot VP" Biden's latest?

"The average American doesn't care about his rights", or words to that affect? I wonder what Dr. King would think about, or what all those people who marched with him, including Mitt Romney's father, would have to say to Brainless Biden.

If the liberal keep up their efforts to stifle our Second Amendment rights, the fools are going to find out that 80 millions Americans care vewry much about their rights.

BTW, tell your alter ego attack dog that murdering unborn children is not a woman's right, regardless of what liberals think.

The rest of the story
by Pete_Borden
February 19, 2013 01:48 PM | 2016 views | 0 0 comments | 76 76 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

In Kevin Foley’s column of last Friday, the 15th, entitled “Women second class citizens in GOP’s world”, he used scare tactics intended to frighten women. The crux of his rant was trying to prove that women’s health and their very lives are in danger from the GOP. That is a ludicrous and inane claim to begin with.

What is the premise for his charge? The GOP has not embraced the renewal of the “Violence Against Women Act.”

The 1994 version of the VAWA did very little to address the problem, which is a real threat to women. However, the act was designed as a means to, and most of the funds are allocated for, prosecution of the perpetrators, AFTER they have killed or injured a woman or women. Little is devoted to stopping the crime BEFORE it happens.

Of course, what Mr. Foley fails to mention is that the program is still in effect, so nobody is in danger yet. He also conveniently glossed over the reason for the stalemate. The liberals want to extend the coverage of the act to gay men, and lesbians, which is totally unnecessary, as men are covered by the provision of the original act. The act makes no distinction about the sexual preference of the victim or the perpetrator. Therefore gay men and lesbians are already covered.

They also want to extend it to Native Americans living on reservations, which is a violation of the treaties with the Indian tribes. Those treaties give the tribal leaders full authority over the tribal lands, and, in fact, enjoin the Federal government from interfering in tribal business.

But the final straw is that they tried to extend it to cover illegal immigrants, and grant them automatic temporary visas when they are victims of domestic violence. This is a group which is already costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars annually, and they are here illegally, in essence lawbreakers.

In short, had the liberals not tried to broaden the coverage of the act, it would already have been renewed.

What he also failed to mention is that the GOP controlled House passed its own bill eliminating the changes made by the Senate. The Senate has not approved that bill. Approval of that bill would effectively renew the VAWA. Obviously, they want it their way, or they will continue to blame the House and the GOP, while they share the blame equally.

When looking for someone to blame, looks like there is enough blame to go around to both parties and both chambers of Congress. 

It will be interesting to see if Mr. Foley is willing to admit that. .

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Foley and liberals all wet on immigration
by Pete_Borden
February 11, 2013 03:12 PM | 2336 views | 18 18 comments | 82 82 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink
Leave it to Kevin Foley to begin a column with a false statement.  It is a foolish and inane assertion that GOP candidates were deliberately offending Mexican and Latino voters, during last year’s Presidential election campaign, as his opening statement would have you believe. (Please note that I did not call Mr. Foley a “liar”, as I am sure to be accused of doing.)

He belittles remarks made by GOP candidates, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain and eventual party nominee, Mitt Romney, calling them “rhetoric.  The remarks he quoted were nothing more than insistence on enforcement of the laws already on the books.  Note that he quotes Bachmann as saying, “I believe we should uphold the laws of the land, which does include deportation.”  While she might be graded off for grammar, there is certainly nothing in that statement that qualifies as “rhetoric.”  Only a “spin doctor” would try to turn it into such.

It is a sad day indeed when insistence upon upholding the law is termed as “inflammatory.”  Instead of looking to the people who made the statements, we should be looking al the people who are offended by them. Only people who are intent upon breaking the law are afraid of, or get incensed, by talk of enforcement. 

Certain liberal politicians are insisting that the American people want the illegal immigrants to be granted amnesty, yet they produce little or no proof of their words, other than questionable polls. Without information as to the validity of the polls, the people polled and their location, poll results mean little. If you polled people in Los Angeles County about illegal immigrants you would find a resounding majority in favor of them.  Wow!  Big surprise?  Hardly, since you are, in many cases, asking them if they approve of themselves or their family or friends.  Conversely, if the same poll were conducted among the working class in the Atlanta area, where jobs are lost daily to illegal immigrants, the results would be much different. So, please take your poll results with a shaker of salt, not just a grain.

In 1986, President Reagan granted amnesty to about three million illegal immigrants in this country.  Along with that, we were assured of a closed border.  Only lip service was ever paid to that provision.  Now we have, depending upon whose estimate you use, between 11 and 15 million illegal aliens. Assuming that the 3 million constituted all the illegal aliens here at the time, the illegal alien population has continued to grow at the rate of over 407,000 per year.

No administration, since Reagan, has taken a pro-active stand against this illegal activity.  Bush, Sr. ignored it, Clinton ignored it, Bush, Jr. encouraged it and welcomed it, and Obama’s idea of getting rid of illegals is to make them legal. That’s a brilliant plan!   We can cut down our murder rate. All we have to do is legalize killing.  Our armed robbery rate would disappear, if we made robbery legal.  Heck, we could even unionize the robbers.

The current plan, as defined by the “Gang of Eight” (four liberal “weenies” and four RINOs) would secure the border, streamline the current immigration system and create a tough but fair legalization process.  It would require personal action by those wishing to become legal, including registration, paying fines, demonstrating a productive work record, paying back taxes and learning English, in order to be granted a “green card” and amnesty.  They would also go to the back of the line for citizenship.

However, President Obama only heard the part where they would be granted amnesty. He did not hear, nor does he care about the rest.  He is insisting on amnesty first, then all the other things, including closing the border.

Does anyone really think that, once they get amnesty, they are going to comply with the rest of the provisions?  They pay no attention to the law, or they would not be here.  Their “desire” for citizenship is,  in most cases,  a myth.  There may be a percentage which really wants to be citizens.  The rest want all the benefits without the responsibilities.

The borders will not be secured and the illegals will continue to flock across it, to the land of “leche y miel.”  And the liberals will have increased their voter base by eleven million, effectively ending the two-party system in the U. S. and creating a dictatorship for Obama.

Sorry, Kevin, but “party” is hardly the word for the nightmare of amnesty.

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Lib in Cobb
February 14, 2013
@DA: You have claimed to have asked questions here in this thread. You have two posts, NO QUESTIONS. Did you spend that day at Mulligan's drinking stale, cheap beer?

Please don't refer to yourself as "intelligent", we are supposed to be rational and honest when commenting.

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