Obama can’t do job, so Foley distorts
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DEAR EDITOR: Kevin Foley’s column in the Aug. 31 MDJ perfectly fits his profession — public relations executive, a.k.a. Spin Doctor. The effort he and his left-leaning brethren put into propping up President Obama’s failure reminds me of Kevin Bacon in Animal House screaming, “ALL IS WELL, ALL IS WELL,” as chaos reigns around him. Foley continues with three tired tactics of this administration: deceive with vigor, blame the GOP, and take credit where none is due.

The deception comes where Foley indicates that the points of his column are lies being told by the GOP. Easy enough to claim when dealing with complex events that require interpretation. Looking at the simplest, President Obama’s “You didn’t build that” comment. Did the GOP take it out of context? Not nearly to the degree that he has taken his own explanation out of context. Obama and Foley contend he was speaking about national infrastructure. Maybe so, but the clear overall context of the rant was that entrepreneurs are NOT to be recognized for their risk-taking, sacrifice, hard work, creativity, or success. So to quibble about the single comment is disingenuous at best.

Because the previous administration was clearly waning in popularity, it was easy for the left to blame Bush for everything that has gone wrong. And, because the GOP- controlled House has refused to compromise with a leader leading the country down the wrong road (shorter steps down the wrong road still lead to the cliff), it is portrayed as a road-block to progress. So the president and the media lapdogs perpetuate idea that the problems of today are the result of GOP policies. The president has been in office for about 1,300 days. He had two full years of Democrat-controlled House and Senate. He owns the state of our nation today — little hope and change for the worse.

This president would spin the Chicago Fire as a positive — “Look at the great bonfire I built! We are keeping Chicagoans warm now!” They spin losing fewer jobs. We are losing fewer jobs today because there are so many left to lose. Jobs created? Yeah, hired into the government in roles we don’t need. Hired by his union buddies in companies the government is propping up (GM will cost the taxpayers $29 billion this year.). Hired by pet companies (Solyndra, et al) who got sweet-heart deals from the president at tax-payers’ expense. Remember, jobless claims reported are just first-time claims — people only recently laid off. Look at overall joblessness and you have 8.3 percent unemployment — not even considering those who have taken jobs below their skill levels simply to make ends meet.

The sad reality is this president was propped up on the way in by a criminally negligent press who failed to vet him in the most basic ways. What was the depth of his administrative capabilities, what was his voting record, what was his academic record, where has he built consensus outside of his own ilk, and how will he relate to business leaders when his background is devoid of business experience?

Now you have the Kevin Foleys of the world contorting the truth to prop up a president who hasn’t, and frankly can’t, get the job done. It is time to hand the reins over to a man clearly proven capable of getting things done.

Jon Wilhoit Marietta
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September 10, 2012
Kevin Foley: an example of distortion without conscience or logic to promote a political agenda that is counter productive and destructive to the USA.

Obama is the disease and Romney is the cure.
Kevin Foley
September 09, 2012
Mr. Wilhoit doesn't disagree that Mitt Romney and the Republicans are running on a platform of deceit and deception. He even concedes I'm "maybe" right about the infrastructure argument (I am).

As far as Mr. Wilhoit is concerned, deceit and deception are preferable to reality. This may explain why he and other conservatives are blind to all of the things the president has achieved in the face of unrelenting Republican intransigence over the last 3 years. I will have a lot more to say about that on Friday.
Devlin Adams
September 10, 2012
Really, Kevin? I will be more than interested in yiour comment son Oabams's accomplishments, such as

the national debt - up over 50^

41 months of over 8% unemployment.

Median family income - down almost 10%

Gasoline costs - up almost 105%

Food stamp users - up 43%

Poverty Rolls = increased by 6 million

Heaqlth care up,

Homs Values down

Credit rating dropped from AAA to AA.

What's that you say? That's is all Bush's fault?

sorry,but your confimation bias is showing.

Har-de Har Har!
September 10, 2012
Why would Republicans want to work for programs that put us more in debt and continue spending. I guess if I owe on my credit card I should spend more so I am happy and not worry about it now, right? That is the logic of the current President.
September 09, 2012
Foley's distortion of the Obama record is reminiscent of the absurd adulation afforded Newt Gingrich during the Republican primary by the MDJ's other "Spin Doctor", Matt Towey. The newspaper should consider charging them for the space.
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