Next up for Left? Persecution of Christians
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Just when we think we’ve reached rock-bottom, culturally speaking, we see that no, there’s still more room left. We read that Lockheed Martin has severed ties with the Boy Scouts because they don’t allow gay Scout leaders! Are we mad; nuts; insane? Have we lost our minds?

It can’t be just Lockheed. That sort of policy obviously has evolved, or regressed, from the larger “culture.” How is this any different from the Girl Scouts’ inviting, or certainly not shunning, men as chaperones, or guides, or leaders, including, of course, camping out, etc?

I haven’t watched a TV series in 35 years, but it’s impossible to read a newspaper, or any periodical and not see how the once sane and wholesome American culture has become a roiling cesspool with an outlet at just about every home.

So now we see that some guy on a popular TV show has been fired for speaking out about what the Bible says is the sin of homosexuality. We’ve already seen over the past several years that it is “verboten” for a public figure to express an opinion on any subject if that opinion varies from the “progressive” hard left.

To just allow that opinion to be either embraced or shunned by the public at large is not an option. In other words, you’re not free, and free speech is not allowed anyone who works in any way for those who control and operate the public air waves.

It doesn’t require high intelligence to extrapolate what’s next on the liberal / socialist / communist horizon: persecution of Christians and Christianity.

“They” have shown you what they’ll do to the rich and famous. What do you think they’ll do to you? Are you ready for martyrdom? It isn’t far off.

The only option is to organize and fight back. It hasn’t happened yet. The Church, even though there are hundreds or thousands of denominations, is silent. Why? After 50 years of slouching towards Gomorrah, it seems we’re there.

Harry Hagan

West Cobb

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December 26, 2013

Not sure what you're implying by - 'The next time you cash your Social Security check or get treated for an illness on Medicare, make sure you thank a progressive' - but every pay day hard working Americans pay into Social Security and Medicare with the idea that these payments will be returned when they reach retirement age. Getting a Social Security check in retirement is not a gift from Santa Progressive but a lawful return of money already paid in advance. Get it straight.

Our Man in Powder Springs

December 28, 2013
OMIPS (whoever you are) - You think Social Security and Medicare magically appeared one day? God are you dumb.

Social Security and Medicare are programs that wouldn't exist if not for progressives.

You're welcome.

December 29, 2013

No, I'm not dumb, I'm very aware that Progressives are the social architects of Social Security and Medicare. Every payday I'm reminded when hundreds of my hard earned dollars are forcibly taken from me with the promise that these dollars will be returned when I retire. Sounds great but now we're learning that these programs are in trouble and that my dollars may not be available to be returned to me.

I could call you Progressives - liars - but you would be greatly offended, right? But you don't care that I'm offended by you taking my dollars, telling me that I'll get these dollars back but then telling me - oh, we're sorry but we spent your dollars and we want be able to return your dollars, right?

Finally, please explain how you can shake down workers every payday, forcibly take a chunk of their hard earned dollars, then dole their own dollars back them, and then call these monthly doles a government benefit?

Thank you for self identifying and taking credit for these two shakedown programs.

Our Man in Powder Springs
December 25, 2013
I'm certainly not a Christian and on many issues not a conservative, so I'm sure that Harry Hagan (Letters, "Next up for Left? Persecution of Christians," 24 December) would consider me unqualified to comment. But diatribes like his recent letter to the MDJ must surely be embarrassing to many Christians and conservatives. Most Christians and conservatives, like most other Americans, don't see every government program or law they disagree with as a threat to America, don't declare that we're all "mad; nuts; insane" if we don't agree with anyone else's actions or opinions.

And nearly all Americans understand that protecting religious liberty by keeping governments from making religious decisions for citizens is in everyone's best interest. Not many see "persecution" of Christians, real or potential, in efforts to protect Christians along with nonChristians in this way.



Author (with Michael E. Buckner) of In Freedom We Trust: An Atheist Guide to Religious Liberty (Prometheus Books, 2012)
December 25, 2013
Harry, now you must now be watching too many episodes of the Waltons or Andy Griffith along with too much Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.

Progressives are going to start persecuting Christians? What an utterly inane suggestion.

The next time you cash your Social Security check or get treated for an illness on Medicare, make sure you thank a progressive.
December 24, 2013
@Harry: OK, so you haven't watched a TV series in 35 years. You are right, there is not much on TV which is worth watching. Duck Dynasty is one of those shows with very little purpose.

Have you thought at all that Lockheed is taking a stand on the Boy Scout issue because it is just the right thing to do. The absolute majority of child molesters describe themselves as heterosexual. It seems the kids would be safer if the hetero population were banned as scout leaders.

What we Liberals want is people like this duck man to realize that it is a different day and his opinions and those like him are not appreciated by a growing percentage of the population. Were you as offended when our African American population was given the right to vote?

News flash for you, Jesus loved all people. So in your estimation Jesus was a socialist and a communist. Since Jesus loved all people, he must have been a Liberal. Another newsflash, Jesus was most likely dark skinned and of course a Jew. Does that upset you? The only people he expelled from the temple were the bankers. He healed the sick, he believed we are all equal, he believed even the prostitutes should be loved.

No one is persecuting Christians or Christianity. We Liberals want the nonsense about denying people their rights because of sexual identity, skin color, gender, religion, country of origin to just stop.

If you were a true Christian your letter would be different. WWJD?

There are about 4500 different religions on earth, with 30,000 different forms of Christianity. There is only one Jesus and he would not like what you or Phil Robertson has to say about this issue.

In your congregation right now, there are child molesters who consider themselves hetero. In your congregation right now there are men and women who are gay, but living in fear that they will be outed.

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