Nelson Price: Anti-Muslim bigotry partly rooted in Koranic verses
by Nelson Price
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Very much in the news lately has been the issue of a couple of churches letting their facilities be used by Muslims as a temporary mosque. In trying to establish an opinion consider the following.

First, there are Muslims who know little more about the 6,000 verses of the Koran than some Christians do the Bible. In countries where Islam is not dominant, they are perfectly willing to live in harmony with persons of other faiths. They are not militant. In Muslim-dominated countries many are open to coexistence with people of other faiths.

There is a challenge in differentiating who is what, however.

In his Cairo speech President Obama said there are seven million Muslims in America. Eight percent of the Muslims participating in a recent survey said they believe suicide bombing is acceptable in defending Islam. Of those between the ages of 18-29, 15 percent who participated agreed and 60 percent said they were Muslims first and Americans second.

The first part of the Koran has some beautiful passages and positive peaceful verses. The last part advocates acts of violence.

Sura 9, verse 5 states, "Fight and slay the unbelievers wherever you find them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war. But if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practice regular charity, then open the way for them."

Sura 9, verse 29, "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day ... until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued."

Now here is a part that is confusing as to why groups would like to use churches. Sura 5, 51, "Oh ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for our friends and protectors; they are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them in friendship is of them. Verily Allah guideth not the unjust."

Here is a heavy verse, Sura 3, verse 28, relates to the subject of "taquiyya." It is a doctrine that states that Muslims should not be friends with the infidel except as deception, always for the purpose of converting, subduing or destroying them.

All of these verses are in the last part of the Koran and conflict with some in the first half. That conflict is explained by Muslims by the theory of abrogation, which teaches that when there is a conflict the last statement on the subject should take precedent over the first statement.

Regarding the possibility of Christians and/or Jews using a mosque, an internationally known Muslim figure said they are welcome to come and experience the enlightenment. That is the same as saying to them you are welcome to our places of worship to be evangelized.

The above figures indicate there are 56,000 Muslims living in America who approve of suicide bombers.

Hopefully, those Muslims who do not favor jihad will reason with those who do. In the meantime those Muslims who sense a stand-off spirit toward them by non-Muslims need to know the above verses cause that attitude, and not mere religious bigotry.

The Rev. Dr. Nelson Price is pastor emeritus of Roswell Street Baptist Church. Contact Price at
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Sanity Check
April 27, 2012
Respected Reverend Price,

You mentioned: Here is a heavy verse, Sura 3, verse 28, relates to the subject of "taquiyya."

Similarly there is the the allegation regarding abrogation. These allegations are not new and have been sufficiently answered already.

For readers benefit, I would like to mention that Quran lays utmost emphasis on truth. In fact, I challenge followers of all religions to produce a scripture which leaves absolutely positively no doubt that truth has to be chosen over lying and deceit in all situations, especially when one stands to benefit from deceit.

Regarding abrogation, majority of Muslims believe in Quran in totality and accept and believe all verses of Quran to be divine revelation. As such there is no cancellation of some verses by others.
Muhammad Shatry
April 24, 2012
The Holy Qur'an (Koran)is purely a Divine Book and not a single word or letter, let alone a verse, has been abrogated. It is a Book of Islam -- the word ISLAM literally means peace. In this single word, all Islamic teachings and attitudes are most beautifully and concisely reflected. Islam is a religion of peace. Its teachings guarantee peace in every sphere of human interest and aspiration. Dr. Price, you've quoted Sura 9, verse 5. To understand this verse, one must continue reading the next seven verses. Also Sura 9, verse 29 refers to those people of the Book who lived in Arabia. Like the idolaters they too had been actively hostile to Islam and had planned and plotted to exterminate it. While in Sura 5, verse 51 refers only to those Jews or Christians who are at war with Muslims and who are always hatching plots against them. The verse should not be construed to prohibit or discourage just or benevolent treatment of Jews, Christians and other disbelievers, as mentioned in Sura 60, verse 8. As for Sura 3, verse 28 it embodies the guiding principle that no Muslim State should enter into treaty or alliance with a non-Muslim State which should in any way injure, or conflict with, the interests of other Muslim States. The interests of Islam should transcend all other interests.#Dr. Price please get a copy of The Holy Qur'an with English Translation and Short Commentary published by ISLAM INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATIONS LTD.
Name the X
March 04, 2011
I wish Xonty Xiather would learn to spell. I am offended by this inherently blatant disrespect to Christians and Jesus for not being willing to spell out the word Christ. Do you hate Christ and Christians that much? I noticed you didn't go out of your way to mispell any words related to the Islam. Since you want to give equal time to "the Bible being no better or worse than the Koran" then don't you think it would be fair to purposely misspell words like Allah, Islam, Koran, Muslims, etc. Could it be that your reasoning for not doing this is you are afraid one of the Muslim extremists will blow up your house for disrespecting Allah?

Xll I can Xay is it Xure Xakes Xeading a Xot Xarder Xhen Xomeone Xoesn't Xompletely Xpell Xut Xords and it Xakes it Xarder to Xnderstand and Xomprehend the Xoint Xhey Xre Xrying to Xet Xcross.
Monty Gaither
February 12, 2013
I did not mispell any words. I was raised a southern baptist and Xtian, Xtianity, and Xmas were not concidered wrong by them, since they used them quite a bit.

If you knew the history of xtianity you would have know that X was used extensively in the early days of Xtianity as a shortcut for christ. I have also seen Xian and Xianity.

If islam has any shortcuts for the words islam, allah, and/or koran them please let me know what they are and any proof that you have that they really are shortcuts.
need to know
March 01, 2011
Thank you Dr. Price. We need more education about the Koran. We, here in the West simply have no idea of how Muslims think and are certainly horrified about the way some of them act. Frankly, it scares a lot of us to death.
Monty Gaither
February 28, 2011
Dr. Price should have noted that the bible is no better or worse than the koran. The bible has many passages that contradict other passages.

In the recent past xtian terrorists did not do suicide bombing, at least not intentionally being suicidal. Instead they planted their bombs in clincs and left the building. Those that killed doctors did not usually die with their victim.

What happened during the crusades, inquisitions, and the witch hunts prove xtianity was just as viloent then as islam is today. The big difference is that the weapons today are far better, and the locations have larger populations for more deaths than back then.

As Europeans spread through out the world, they used force (among other things) to spread xtianity. The priests of the southwest United States (Part of the Spanish territory in the new world). They used food, clothing, and other things to convert the indians then punished them if they were caught following any of their "pagan" ways.

His statement about muslims that do not know much about the Koran. It is also true to say that there are xtians that do not know much about the bible or the history of xtianity.
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