Liberals scared to death of black conservatives
by Pete_Borden
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"Liberals, in total, believe they own black America," said Reginald Webb of Project 21. This statement sums up why liberals go into a panic mode every time a successful black conservative speaks.

Liberals are afraid that if they do not destroy black conservatives, they will lose a part of the stranglehold they have on black America.

They feel there is something basically wrong, maybe even immoral, when a black man thinks for himself and thus embraces conservative views and thought processes. Their first instinct is to discredit or destroy him, before he gets the attention of other black people and they too become conservatives. You see, they know that black America, at its roots is better and smarter than the “plantation Negro” niche they try to keep them in with their “vote for us and we will give you free ice cream” tactics.

Black Americans are, by and large, becoming too intelligent to fall for this line, realizing that it is a form of “enslavement by consent.” More and more of them are jumping ship and joining the growing number of black conservatives.

We all watched, in utter disbelief, as the liberals trotted out a broken-down has-been publicity hound to charge Herman Cain with sexual misconduct. Unfortunately, such a charge carries with it a “guilty until proven innocent” stigma, much the same as a rape charge. As usual, in cases drawing a lot of publicity and in the manner of flies around a molasses barrel, a couple more women joined the group of accusers. Notice how quickly they all disappeared when Cain withdrew from the Presidential race. Most thinking people saw through the character assassination, and let it be known. The liberals then tried to shift the blame to Mitt Romney, or other Republican candidates. Few believed that lie either.

But, in the end, they shut down, at least temporarily, one of the dreaded monsters, a successful black conservative.

Now, the liberal hatchet men have turned their attention to Dr. Benjamin Carson. Dr, Carson spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast. During his speech, he was critical of programs for which the President is responsible or supports. Immediately, the liberal machine accused him of “insulting the President”. That charge is incredibly ludicrous, especially in light of the Bush era mantra of the liberals, “It is our patriotic duty to challenge the President.”

What Carson did was to lecture the President on the fallacies of some of the President’s programs. The President was sitting less than 10 feet away from him during his speech and one cannot detect from Obama’s expressions that he feels he is being insulted.

Nevertheless, the liberals have issued instructions to their “hit men”, to destroy Dr. Carson, so, through various media outlets and hack journalists, they are proceeding on their mission.

Dr. Carson made some incredibly narrow-minded and unkind remarks regarding the gay community. Thought he has apologized, several times, the liberals will not let it go. According to the liberal press and journalists, the apologies were not sincere. They feel they have the magical ability to look inside his heart and mind and determine what his true feelings are.

After protests by a gay student group, Dr. Carson has withdrawn from his engagement as the commencement speaker at the John Hopkins School of Medicine. He cited his belief that his presence would distract form the celebratory nature of the occasion. Tomorrow’s headlines and the liberal writers will charge that he did it to keep from being forcibly replaced. But then, they are not well known for accuracy.

They are digging frantically to find anything derogatory, or even slightly doubtful, in Carson’s history, which they can use to destroy him.

The reason they need to destroy a black conservative is that they cannot use the infamous race card, of which they are so doggedly fond, when he speaks out against the administration. They are also panicked at the thought of a black conservative candidate for the Presidency in 2016. Much of their campaign in 2008 and again in 2012 was based on the fact that Obama is black. They would have no strategy to use in trying to defeat a black opponent.

The funny thing is, Dr. Carson, has not indicated any interest in running for that office. Be that as it may, he must be destroyed. He has transgressed. He has dared to become something other than a shuffle butt slave to the liberal dogma.

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Lib in Cobb
April 21, 2013
Pete: There are not enough black conservatives to be concerned about. As a voting block those who are black and conservative would not swing any vote in any election. Even Colin Powell voted for President Obama, TWICE. See what I mean.

I am certain that Colin Powell loves to be called a "shuffle butt slave".

Your ignorance is now being illuminated in bright neon.
Lib in Cobb
April 19, 2013
@DA: yeah, yeah. This is what a sore loser has to say. I will now challenge you to prove your statement, with reliable sources. BTW, Fox is not a reliable source.

The GOP lost not once but twice to a Liberal, African-American with a Muslim name and you along with many others can't stand it.

NOW, put you money where your big fat mouth is and prove your statement. If you can't prove it, then shut up and I mean SHUT UP about this nonsense.
Devlin Adams
April 15, 2013
@ Nuff said. Correction, Obama BOUGHT 93% of the black vote.
Nuf Said
April 13, 2013
Obama won 93 percent of the black vote.
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