Letter writer ‘takes out the trash’
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I agree with Dr. Fein’s column. Eric Holder also called us “essentially a nation of cowards” when talking about race. I am inclined to agree with him too, on that point only though. Today, if anyone speaks up about certain things, they must surely be a racist or an “Uncle Tom”; isn’t that right? Well, excuse the hell out of me, but I am fed up and politically incorrect as well.

Our tolerance of what the mainstream media deems “headline news” does seem to support that. Why does the Zimmerman case where a “sort of” white guy kills a black teen get so much coverage, while the murder in Brunswick of a 13-month-old baby shot in the face while sitting in his stroller by a 17-year-old black kid was given so little? Why is the animal named Shawn Custis, a home break-in robber caught on video beating a mother in front of her young daughter in New Jersey, not headline news? Why does Paula Deen get dragged down the road for saying a bad word nearly 30 years ago while Jamie Foxx and Quentin Tarantino are allowed to profit from use of it? We are all equal, aren’t we?

Any black person my age who grew up in Georgia probably remembers the two water fountains and three bathrooms in public places. My first childhood friend and playmate was named Henry, and his home was about 300 yards up the dirt road we both lived on in 1951. Henry was black and my mother was ostracized by her in-laws and others, for letting us play together. She did anyway and my father did not argue with her about it. Henry learned to whistle before I could and he got a nicer set of “cap-busters” for Christmas than I did. As time passed I learned Mama’s rule — she said; “Trash comes in all colors.” I mean no offense to anyone, unless they deserve it.

Well now four “gangstas” in Mableton beat and kill a man, apparently for talking out loud to himself while walking past them. The four and their police records seem to support that they have assumed the position of trash. There are probably some black folks who might agree, at least to some degree, but may be hesitant to speak out against “their own.”

Are white folks going to riot if they are unhappy with how this case is handled? Will Jesse and Al come visit us? I doubt it. To any “gangstas” who are offended by my words; feel free to come and see me. First though, please go tell your Mama you love her, hug her and tell her goodbye. I take out the trash.

Kenneth D. Parrott


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West Cobb
July 18, 2013
Every night on the 6 O'Clock news there are reports about crime.

Every night on the 11 O'Clock news there are reports about crime.

Everyday in the newspapers there are stories about crime.

Everyday on the internet there are stories about crime.

Everyday on television and radio there are reports, stories and discussions about crime.

Most of the time (but not all of the time) the suspects in these crimes are minorities... particularly black and hispanic minorities.

Three questions come to mind....

First, should minorities get a free pass (or special pass) on crime?

Second, why isn't the "silent majority" complaining in the media and assembling in cities, towns and communities across America to protest against crimes carried out by minorities?

Third, why is the media and our Government so insistent on placing the blame for crimes on the victim, explaining away crimes carried out by minorities and trying to take away our right to protect ourselves?

Folks, this is serious business and we the people need to start asking the hard questions.
July 17, 2013
Speaking of taking out the trash, don't forget this letter.
July 18, 2013

1) Bravo to Kenneth D. Parrott of Actworth.

2) "anonymous", as you rightfully suggest...your letter has been taken out to "the trash"...where, in my opinion, it belongs!
kenneth d. parrott
July 18, 2013

You are offended by which of my remarks? Really doesn't matter though. I intended to offend those with your "anonymous" mindset. Scared to publicly discuss race issues, just like Holder said; you are a coward who does not want to publicly support their own opinions by identifying yourself. Crawl back in your little hole and shut up.
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