Here's the formula for Republicans to win a presidential election
by Don McKee
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Don McKee
Don McKee
Republicans are doing all manner of soul-searching about why they lost the presidential election. They are talking about doing a better job of reaching out to minorities as the key to future victory.

That’s a good idea as long as the reaching out carries the same message with the same values and principles as does the reaching out to all other Americans. There’s no reason to think that the old virtues of free enterprise, limited government and low taxes are passé or that a majority of Americans, if they are informed by the right candidate, will not buy into that message.

Let’s take the example of Ronald Reagan. He won with his optimism and unshakable faith in individual liberty and the inherent goodness of the American people; his devotion to as little government and lowest taxes as possible. Especially did his optimism and belief in his fellow citizens come through. It also helped that he could write and deliver speeches that connected with people.

What seems to be lost in the soul-searching is what should be a glaring fact: the personality of the nominee for president is of paramount importance to the voters and can even trump major issues. President Barack Obama demonstrates this fact. His approval rating has stayed at or above 50 percent in the polls regardless of lower ratings on specific issues such as the economy.

The question of how much personality affects presidential elections has been researched by TV journalist and author Bernard Goldberg. On his website he says:

“When I look back at the presidential elections from the last thirty years, I do notice a certain consistency, but not one supported by mathematical statistics. The pattern I see is that the general election candidate with the most appealing personality has always won. I don’t see a single exception.”

To make his case, Goldberg pointed to the experienced and — most people would say — qualified candidates who lost. Among them: Democrats Walter Mondale, Al Gore and John Kerry. They certainly had experience but fell short in personality. On the Republican side, Bob Dole and John McCain lost for basically the same reason despite their extensive political experience and qualifications.

A year before the 2012 election, Goldberg predicted that if Mitt Romney became the Republican nominee, the contest would be “the Charmer in Chief versus the Disciplined Professional.” Although both were strong, articulate speakers and debaters, Goldberg said, “One can’t deny that Obama has a distinct advantage in the personality department.” That proved true.

Still, the deciding factor probably was the vicious, dirty smear campaign of half-truths and lies by the Obama campaign, compounded by Romney’s miscues, notably his comment that 47 percent of Americans were dependent on government and would vote for Obama “no matter what.”

The bottom line: Republicans need to field a candidate who not only stands for their basic principles, but also has an appealing personality, strong speech-making skills and the ability to communicate deep faith in America and a vision that “the best is yet to come.”
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March 23, 2013
I'm sorry you wouldn't print my comment, i tried hard to make it useful, and it was well within the guidelines.
Kevin Foley
March 20, 2013
Reagan rasied taxes a dozen times and spent more than Obama has.

As for dirty, smear campaign tactics, that's laughable.

The latest report from the RNC says this: If the GOP wants to win elections they have to start sounding and behaving like Democrats.

Oliver G. Halle
March 20, 2013
Don, with reference to the "vicious, dirty smear campaign of half-truths and lies by the Obama campaign",did you listen to the Republican debates? If you had, or if you recall, some of the most vicious smears were uttered by fellow Republicans. Surprisingly, Obama did not use them to his own advantage. Had Obama just campaigned on what other Republicans said about Romney, his victory margin might have been even larger.

March 20, 2013
The old virtues of free enterprise, limited government and low taxes are not passé. The problem is that they are not ideas of today's Republican party.

The Republican party represents

- The religious nuts

- The Anti science fringe

- Anti thought / Anti education / Keep them stupid

- Anti minority unless the ones who act White

- Self denial

- Hypocritical/Closeted (and not just on gay issues)

- Big Government

Just fix all that and you will be good to go. Republicans should start by kicking out the religious nuts Fallwell worked so hard to bring in. That alone would cover six of your seven big problems (all of them except Big Government).

The problem that caused Momney to lose was not the supposed "vicious, dirty smear campaign of half-truths and lies by the Obama campaign." (There's that self denial).

Republicans need to face facts: The majority of Americans and the rest of the world do NOT want to be like what you claim to be like (see hypocrisy/self-denial)
March 20, 2013
The Democrat party represents

- The atheist nuts

- The moral relativism hypocrits

- Anti thought / Anti education / Keep them stupid

- The "lets vote based on skin color" crowd

- The celebrity-worship crowd

- The "anybody-but-a-white-man" racists

- The "lets give people money so they will vote for us" crowd

- The "lets register dead voters" crowd

- Anti economics 101

- Anti capitalism

- Anti individual achievement

- Pro group-identiy / Anti individual

- Anti religious liberty

- Pro enablers of poverty

- Anti nuclear energy

- Anti heterosexual marriage

- The "lets endanger the drinking water supply of a major metropolitan area to protect a few dozen estuary muscles 600 miles downstream" crowd

- The lets murder pre-born babies (the most innocent people in the world) but give war-time enemy combatants full legal rights crowd

- Self worship

- Even BIGGER government
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