Hail Emperor Obama! — ‘A crass appeal for Hispanic votes’
by Cal Thomas
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Cal Thomas
Cal Thomas
“This notion I can somehow just change the laws unilaterally is just not true. We are doing everything we can administratively, but fact of the matter is there are laws on the books that I have to enforce. And I think there’s been great disservice done to the cause of getting the DREAM Act passed and getting comprehensive immigration passed by perpetrating the notion that somehow, by myself, I can go and do these things. It’s just not true.”

— Barack Obama,

September 2011

President Obama is no longer president in the constitutional sense. He appears to have elevated himself to the role of emperor, deciding unilaterally what should be the law and what should not, bypassing Congress and placing himself in the role of Julius Caesar.

First it was the revelation that he has a “hit list” from which he alone decides who lives and who dies by drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen.

With last Friday’s announcement that he intends to effectively grant amnesty to a category of illegal aliens, according to criteria he has set — their age, a spotless criminal record, a minimum level of education, and/or military service — the president has technically, possibly deliberately and it can be argued illegally, violated his oath of office in which he swore to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” so help him God. Whose help does the president seek when he acts as if he is God?

The Constitution empowers Congress, not the president, to make laws, but President Obama has bypassed that body to become a Congress of one and a law unto himself.

The president has announced his administration won’t enforce a law passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton — the Defense of Marriage Act — because he believes it is unconstitutional.

But he will craft his own immigration policy — given that the Dream Act is still in limbo — by immediately halting the deportation of and giving work permits to illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children. So not only is he president; Emperor Obama has usurped the power of Congress and the Supreme Court.

In an age of political pandering, this crass appeal for Hispanic votes has to rank near the top of anyone’s list. While the Washington Post fixates on the 40th anniversary of the Watergate break-in and recalls Richard Nixon’s disdain for the Constitution, there is silence about this president’s similar disregard for that document’s constraints on executive power.

Official unemployment for American citizens remains above 8 percent. Now, 800,000 noncitizens can work legally, in some cases for lower wages, thus robbing some citizens of what should be their priority place in the job line. Will those newly enfranchised noncitizens who can’t find work get food stamps and welfare checks drawn on borrowed money from China? You know they will. That is part of the president’s vote-buying contract.

The Obama re-election team apparently has calculated that every vote lost by an angry unemployed American citizen will be made up for with votes from Hispanics and result in a net plus for the president. That is a dangerous gamble, especially since it assumes Hispanics who are legal citizens, or legal residents, will applaud those who violated laws they had to obey when they came to America.

If a Republican president behaved in such a cavalier manner toward Congress and the Constitution he would be impeached. Again, consider Nixon and Watergate.

The president’s appeal, he maintains, is about “fairness” and other notions that have nothing to do with the law. There is a constitutional and legal way to regulate people who are “undocumented.” It is through Congress, which made the laws illegals have violated. The decree of a president who unilaterally and unconstitutionally decides which laws he will uphold, in the case of DOMA, and which laws he will create, in the case of illegal aliens, in order to cynically pander for Hispanic votes, is how dictators rule.

Cal Thomas is the nation’s most widely syndicated columnist.
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June 19, 2012
Foley, whoever you are,

You need to be saved from yourself. You fancy yourself as the champion of an underdog when there is none. You fancy the truth to be a lie when it does not fit your image of yourself as a great humanitarian. In fact, you are the perfect alinskyite. You use his rules to try to inflict some crime on others who post who are wiser than you.

You truly need counseling. You are in opposition to patriotic Americans. The best way to handle agitators like you is to ignore you, and I will from now on.

Obama owns you.
Foley a Deaux
June 19, 2012
I do not care if we give these folks a work visa, but if they are not trying to be a citizen then they should not get any taxpayer sponsored assistance and by all means not vote. But if they are arrested and convicted for ANY crime they need to leave immediately. And you may think that the vote is locked up, these things just rally the others to get out, too. What are you going to do if the Glorious one does not ascend to Pennsylvania Ave next January?
Kevin Foley
June 19, 2012
Hilarious. When Bush was issuing executive orders like the one banning stem cell research he was showing leadership. When Obama does it, he's Julius Caeser (what O'Reilly called him last night, so clearing the RNC talking points say call Obama an emperor).

Here's a hot flash for you Cal. Obama already had the Hispanic and Latino vote sewed up.

And, Pat H, nice racist comment there. About what I would expect from Thomas' followers.
Foley's Follies
June 19, 2012
@Kevin Foley aka many other nyms

Mr Foley, there you go again, making wild statements about things which are totally untrue. Moreover, you allow Limbaugh to aggravate you and now you allow O'Reilly to aggravate you. Why do you persist in listening to people who upset you? Try Chris Matthews, as he is someone you will enjoy listening to, given his extremist far left views. John Kerry was just quoted as saying that the Democrats have lost the Hispanic vote, and that is why Team Obama made the desperate move of granting amnesty to illegal aliens.
Pat H
June 19, 2012
What is even more telling is the crass "I don't care if I am a political tool, I just want more for me and my race" by illegals and legal Hispanics.
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