Foley, liberals need to learn meaning of ‘no’
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Kevin Foley’s recent MDJ column about Paul Broun needs a little clarification. Kevin frequently applies his PR skills of bending the truth in his MDJ columns, usually to paint the GOP in a negative light, and this is no exception. Exposing these twists may expose a little bigger idea.

In the Broun column, Foley starts with a Fox News poll that he reported as indicating “66 percent of Americans disapprove of the job Republicans are doing in Congress.” Then notes a Quinnipiac poll that indicates 53 percent of Republicans are also unhappy with Repubs. I don’t dispute the numbers.

What I dispute is Foley’s conclusion: “Voters of all stripes are fed up with GOP obstructionism.” Only in Kevin’s world does one infer the broad concept of disapproval to really mean a single cause of that disapproval. Perhaps those 66 percent of Americans disapprove of the job the GOP is doing because they have not yet impeached this president. We can only conclude that Kevin is either dishonest or lacks skills in basic logic.

Reading on, beyond the straw-man where Foley connects Broun’s concerns of “out-of-control government,” “unsustainable debt” and “economic collapse” with the word apocalypse (wow, talk about hyperbole, Kev) Mr. Foley, via the quotes of Justin Barasky, refers to the privatization of Social Security as a “scheme” — implying the idea is unethical.

If one does 20 minutes worth of homework, you would find that the historic growth of the stock market yields about 7 percent per year. If a worker making a modest $25,000 per year, getting a small 2 percent raise per year, is allowed to take the portion of Social Security that is deducted from their paycheck (6.2 percent) and invest it in a mix of government-approved mutual funds, they would retire with an annuity that paid three to four times what Social Security will pay them. And, if they die, they can leave that money (over $400,000) to their family. Doesn’t sound too unethical to me.

The 6.2 percent paid by the employer could fund the needs of those who can’t or choose not to work throughout their lives. So, either Foley doesn’t understand basic financial concepts or he simply sees the truth as inconvenient and opts to promote an agenda.

The greater point is that none of this is new. Foley’s columns are filled with these types of twists, spins and ethical gymnastics every week. And, at the core, there is a fundamental observation that needs to be pointed out. Foley does not like the GOP hindering a socialist, liberal agenda — period. He paints the GOP with words like “radical” and “extremist” in order to make the weak-minded susceptible to the feel-good message of the failed ideas of liberalism.

The truth is “no” is a great answer in many cases. When you are on the wrong path, someone has to say “no” to further steps in the wrong direction. When you have the perfect model for success (the Constitution), someone has to say “no” when others want to dismantle it. When someone wants to increase our nation’s debt and spend money that is not there (Yes, Kevin, negative numbers are real), someone has to say “no” to protect our financial viability and the economic health of our children.

When someone passes a 2,000-page bill without reading it, someone else has to step up and say “no” when it becomes clear the plan was failed in concept and content.

Kevin is great at PR. He spins the truth because his arguments don’t fly and paints the GOP as the party of “no” because it works. But remember this, it is little children who don’t understand why they can’t have everything without considering the costs, and it is left to the adults to deal with the unpopular but pragmatic truth of the value of “no.”

Jon Wilhoit


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September 13, 2013
LOL Calling out Kevin for using statistics to his advantage by doing the same is truly comical.

Your numbers on SS make assumptions about retirement needs, plans, timing, and an infinite horizon on returns in the market. Not to mention overlooking all the other things SS does that have nothing to do with retirement (survivor benefits, etc).

Make no mistake - SS is a fantastic deal for everyone. It is a promise made from one generation to the next and it has lifted millions of seniors who would otherwise live in poverty.

I think you're right about the mistake Foley made in interpreting those statistics. I'd add an example - those who disapproved of Obamacare. Those numbers included all the people who thought it was a bad idea, as well as all the people who thought it didn't do enough (those in favor of things like single payer). But, it was consistently reported as a single block of voters opposed to Obamacare. If you only reported on those truly opposed, it would have been in the 30 percent range.

Guido Sarducci
September 11, 2013
A very accurate and complete analysis of our local

liberal looney and comic relief, Kevin Foley.

In the time I have been observing him, I have come to the realization that he is incapable of writing anything meaningful and that, were it not for insults and name calling, he would be unable to write a simple sentence.

Forutnately nobody really takes hime seriously. In fact, his writings are probably among the top ccontenders for the least read contributors to any newspaper.
on balance
September 11, 2013
Excellent column, Jon.

Foley will respond with some kind of his usual PR foolishness and probably include "whoever you are", even though you have told hime.

Stand by for a specious, jejune response.
Kevin Foley
September 11, 2013
You have not been reading my columns closely enough, Mr. Wilhoit.

I very much support a healthy Republican Party because it keeps Democrats honest. There is a schism in the GOP right now, in case you hadn't noticed. The small, noisy crowd to which Broun belongs is destroying the party of Lincoln and it's a damned shame.

This country has $116 trillion in wealth. That's why China and other countries keep buying up Treasuries. Broun is completely full of bull feathers when he says progressive programs aimed at protecting the poor, sick, disabled and elderly - the least of these - are going to "destroy everything in America" (that's a direct quote from Broun).

With respect to my writing, what you call "good PR" others call well reasoned and presented arguments. As my hero Harry Truman liked to say, "I don't give them hell, I just tell the truth and they think it's hell."
Guido Sarducci
September 12, 2013
Foley, do you really have yourself deluded into thinking that you have a following that regards your blather as "well reasoned?"

Oh well, since nobody else is tooting your horn, I guess the job falls to you. Did you ever hearing the saying "Self praise stinks?" Pass the room deodorant.

As I said before, "You are so predictable."
Harry Hagan
September 11, 2013
Thanks for an exceptionally fine letter. Perfect!

And hats off for being able to actually wade through one of K's screeds. I cannot. Libs seem to have been born w/o an ability to contemplate the nuances of reality, truth, or reason. The Obama administration's dogged, ideological pursuit of proven failed policies is a sad but superb example.
agree completely
September 11, 2013
Foley's columns are not worth reading, that is, unless you are really into spin that range from half-truths, to downright lies. A total waste of time!

And this is the quality of the people who are, at present, governing us. Scary!
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