Around Town: Alphabet Soup - News on ASO, GOP, MHS HOF, HPC and more
by Otis Brumby, Bill Kinney and Joe Kirby
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CLASSY GESTURE: The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Players’ Association is trying to salve the wounds left by management’s decision give the boot to the Lassiter and Walton high school choruses because of what those who run the ASO have described as the east Cobb schools’ “lack of diversity.”

The musicians’ group has offered to perform for free with the two schools at their schools, according to group spokesman Colin Williams. It has made a similar offer to Grady High School in Atlanta, which management has chosen to share its stage at the upcoming holiday concert rather than the Cobb schools. Each school could use the performances as fundraisers and keep all of the proceeds for their benefit, he said.

“The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Players’ Association has sat by in dismay for the past several days observing the ASO management’s disintegrating relations with Lassiter, Walton, and Grady High Schools, and the whole community,” Williams said. “As musicians who love to play with the talented choruses at these schools, we want to help resolve these ongoing issues. These good people are our children, our students, and our future colleagues and audiences. In short, the ATL Symphony Musicians are one community with them.”

Sounds like the musicians are more in touch with their audience than the management is.


MARIETTA Councilman Philip Goldstein’s latest appointment to the city’s Historic Preservation Commission has already raised hackles.

Goldstein this month appointed Kennesaw Avenue resident Martin Kendall to succeed Tom Samples, who resigned from the board. Kendall has been an outspoken critic of the HPC’s efforts to set up a Kennesaw Avenue Historic District protecting the many historic homes in that corridor.

“So this is how Philip gets his revenge on us!” remarked Commissioner Becky Paden, who has butted heads with Goldstein for years on preservation issues.

Replied Goldstein, “Martin has shown concern about individual and property rights and will add balance to the HPC.”


TROPICAL STORM ISAAC has mostly missed Tampa thus far but has caused some schedule-jugging at the Republican National Convention there. Georgia Attorney General and early Mitt Romney backer Sam Olens of east Cobb, who was originally slated to address that body at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, now reports that he’ll be taking the podium at 8:20 that evening. … September’s monthly First Saturday GOP Breakfast has been shifted to Sept. 8 on account of the Labor Day holiday. Speaker will be state Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, reminds Cobb party chief Joe Dendy.


THIS YEAR’S INDUCTION CEREMONY for the Marietta High School Hall of Fame is slated for 11:30 a.m. on Sept. 14 in the school’s seminar room, with inductees to be recognized at half-time of that night’s football game at Northcutt Stadium, reports Marietta Schools Athletic Director Paul Hall. The Class of 2012 consists of:

* Cheryl Love, an early pioneer for women’s athletics at the school who won numerous region championships as the varsity girls’ tennis coach and coached the 1990 team to the state championship;

* Hap Hines (MHS Class of ’96) a letterman in football and soccer and All-State in football who went on to an illustrious career kicking for UGA;

* Jerry Jones (MHS class of ’91), a three-year letterman in basketball who was All-State in 1991 and later was a All-American for Life College;

* Rick Evatt (MHS Class of ’67), a letterman in football, baseball and wrestling and an All-State in football in 1967, and who later lettered for Georgia Tech;

* James Morris (MHS Class of ’51), a three-year letterman in football and track who was All-State in football in 1950, and who also set state records in the 180 low hurdles and 110 high hurdles;

* Beverly Sanders Raines (Contributor), who was MHS athletic secretary from 1971-87 and coached all three cheerleading squads for 12 years.

* 2001 State Championship Varsity Girls Track Team (Team), whose members were Paris Davis, Sarah King, Dominique Davis, Sainabou Njie, Stephanie Ubon, Helen Adeosum, Michelle Callaway, Lauren Jacobs, Melissa Leake, Felicia Moultri, Mecca Baptiste, Fran Barnett, Lauren Robinson, Natasha Harney, Etasha Beacham, Danielle Davis, Christie Johnson, Marna Nell, Ashley Nicholson, Tisilli Rogers, Caroline Ndunga, Charon Gaskins, Lindsey Martin, Lynnsey Sherrod, Latesha Waters, Tiffany Turner, Ashley Jacobs and Sharon Gasket.

For tickets to the ceremony and more information, contact the athletic office at Marietta High School or email


“SEX” IS A SUBJECT that doesn’t come up very often at Cobb school board meetings, but when it does, it can be memorable. That was the case at Thursday’s meeting, when a member of the public went into graphic detail while arguing that the system had erred by allowing a Hollywood movie with lewd scenes to be filmed in part at Campbell High School in Smyrna.

Parts of comedian Ben Stiller’s “The Watch” were filmed at Campbell, although not the “naughty” parts. And the school is not identified in the movie as Campbell. But the board came in from criticism anyway from Lauren Faucett, who said during the “public comment” segment of the meeting that she and her husband had gone to see the movie because they knew parts of if had been filmed at Campbell and elsewhere in Cobb.

The “R”-rated movie features several explicit sex scenes, which she described in some detail to the board.

“A neighbor invites this neighborhood watch group over to his house for a party … There was this mass of people, nude people, all tangled up together, you get the picture what’s happening right?” she said. “On a table, is covered with various sizes, shapes and colors of vibrators.”

Faucett said the movie included a lot of cussing, specifically the F-word, and aliens, which she said could only be killed by shooting them in their genitals.

“Please, ya’ll, do your homework, be responsible, use integrity, like those words we see on those signs in front of our schools that we’re teaching our children,” she pleaded. “Put those words to work and to action and make sure before we ever let a movie be partly filmed in our schools and encourage our children to be a part of it, that we’ve read that script from cover to cover. We can never let our children that were in that movie, see that movie. It was unbelievable.”

School district spokesman Jay Dillon said that when the district negotiates a contract for the use of a school for filming, the number one priority is to ensure that “at no time will the Cobb School District or any Cobb school be identified in the film.”

In the case with “The Watch,” Dillon said he and district attorneys met with the film’s producers to review the script and draft the contract that provides a financial benefit to the school as well as “in-kind” contributions, adding that the principal and school community were “very supportive.”

“We review the script to ensure that the school is not identified or portrayed in a negative way. While some language and scenes elsewhere in the movie may not suit everyone’s taste, these scenes are not associated with the school,” he said. “The school depicted in the film is fictional.”
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August 28, 2012
I wonder, could it be that the ASO Musicians are being so nice to gain public support for their, so far, failed union contract negotiations?
August 28, 2012
“So this is how Philip gets his revenge on us!” remarked Commissioner Becky Paden

Ms. Paden seems to have an attitude problem. I wonder how she feels about personal property rights.

Harry Hagan
August 28, 2012
Even the account of this perversion in the paper is repugnant and vomit-inducing. When America totally falls to tyranny and/or a plutocracy, and I don't think it will be very far off, it will have been accomplished to a large extent via the degenerates who run Hollywood.

I have watched the ratcheting steadily downward of American culture and morality for almost 60 years now. There hasn't existed a more thoroughly and continually "entertained" populace since the Roman Empire.

Hollywood very purposefully has been eradicating all traces of introspection, traditional Christian morality and standards since ca. 1964.

Its measure of "success" is all around us: the family as the center and backbone of civilization (rather than the state, which Hollywood, Big Media and the Academy tout and promote, now broken and battered; all tenets of morality-honor, valor, duty, truthfulness-relegated to relativism- and self-responsibility: taking care in dress and personal appearance; cleanliness in word and deed, keeping abreast of the running of local, state, and national government, and dedication to child-rearing.

As it is true that you are what you eat, it is just as true that you are also what you see, read, and experience. If this disgusting movie-typical rather than exceptional, I'm guessing-is not evil, then what, pray tell, is? And grown-up people actually pay their own money, and take their own time, to watch! Appalling! It is also appalling that apparently, only one brave and conscientious woman, Ms. Lauren Faucett, has taken the time and energy to eloquently object.

As Rush Limbaugh recently pointed out, we could, if we had to, somehow overcome another term of Mr. Obama, who, among the vast litany of other evils-eager mendacity for one-actually approves the murder of any baby who escapes the attempted murder by abortion. But how can we overcome a population who approves of all he represents, as well as the approval and evident enjoyment of filth as represented by this degenerate movie, the making of which was sanctioned by people who live in our midst?
Faucett's head would
August 28, 2012
Spin if she knew that the twin babies in the nude scenes, in the R-rated Bateman/Reynolds movie Change-up belong to a Cobb school teacher.
Ken Kirk
August 28, 2012
Congratulations James Morris, on your long overdue recognition. You are the best MHS high school track athlete ever and should have been in the first HoF class. You won the state track championship almost single-handedly; I have compiled your points, why hadn't the selection committee. Your state records lasted longer than almost any others', proof of their achievement.

Finally, the second of the five best track athletes in MHS history has been inducted.
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