Arctic hazards akin to voting in dark
by Ron Paramoure
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During the Cold War, the Soviet Union threatened America with nuclear annihilation. To demonstrate to the Soviets that nuclear war would be a no-win conflict, our B-52 crews flew a number of 24-hour missions to display our readiness. Part of each mission was flown over the Arctic ice pack within easy range of Soviet radar.

The Arctic can be intimidating, even from 35,000 feet up; but the Arctic winter’s dark nights obscured the peril below and gave the illusion of routine operations. The spectacular Northern Lights also provided an occasional distraction from concern.

However, in the Arctic summer’s bright daylight, the view was quite different. The massive ice field was awesomely beautiful, but its frigid vastness and huge crevasses left no doubt of just how cruel and terrifying it could be. The darkness had only disguised the reality: daylight or dark, there was little chance of surviving the Arctic cold.

The Polar Regions are not the only places where darkness conceals hazards. A “fiscal cliff” suddenly confronted America. Our Esteemed Leader said that paving our road with rich guys’ taxes was the only way to stave off disaster. The political powers negotiated this tax theft.

The fiscal cliff was a political cliché to hide the actual problem. What really lies ahead is not the overhyped cliff: it is a bottomless crevasse of unbearable debt. To fend off a collapse into the glacial crevasse we must stop spending borrowed money. Otherwise, huge deficits will continue, and overwhelming debt will push us into the chasm.

Our Leader, and his progressive comedy team (Pelosi & Reid), are well aware of the calamity ahead, but adamantly refuse to consider any decrease in spending. It is very clear that a long-term economic solution is not one of his goals. His lack of concern is incomprehensible. Unless there are genuine steps to conserve the economy, national degradation is inevitable. Does Our Leader see the massive debt as another crisis too good to pass up? Or does he some hidden, long-term outcome in mind?

What are Our Leader’s goals? His initial goal is to destroy the Republican Party. His arrogant “I won” attitude negates any need for cooperation, and destroying organized opposition would free him from inconvenient political resistance.

His ultimate goal is to reshape America to his radical philosophy. He believes that voters have given him the authority to rule: to continue his assaults on the Constitution, the Congress, and the courts; to control society through regulations; and to govern by “executive order.”

Our Leader is a prideful man who clearly enjoys the perks of office and the trappings of power. His enthusiasm for presidential goodies questions his willingness to give up power. His incessant post-election “campaign” trips suggest a strong desire to remain on center stage. Instead of working to save our economy, he continues his reign of personal supremacy. He propagandizes and abuses the “bully pulpit” to threaten and bully anyone who disagrees with him.

Every knowledgeable American knows that continuing on the present fiscal path will cause a steep, unrecoverable decline in our standard of living. But too many voters remain comfortably in the dark — blithely unaware or foolishly unconcerned. They voted for a future they didn’t understand, and won’t like when it arrives. They are in the political version of the Arctic winter night. They enjoy the comfort of the unknowing dark, and refuse to contemplate the cold light of day will bring.

Unwillingness to contemplate calamity does nothing to prevent it. In the bright white light of day, the stark reality of political deceit is very frightening. We are all together on a mission to the future and fiscal crash will have no survivors.

Retired Air Force officer Ron Paramoure of east Cobb writes on current events from a historical perspective. He is the editor of
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Kevin Foley
January 04, 2013
No, Ron, the Democrats adamantly refuse to gut the social safety net so the wealthiest Americans pay lower taxes (and, BTW, why do you care if some billionaire pays 4 percentage points more on his income taxes? That's a rounding error for most of them).

They refuse to put Social security, Medicare or Medicade on the the table and, guess what? A majority of Amnericans support them.

But since you bring your Air Force days up, we have an obscenely bloated military budget conservatives in Congress refuse to put on the table, not because of their concerns over national security, but because of the lobbying dollars the military industrial complex pours into their coffers.

The country has faced far greater challenges then the deficit. I don't share your doom and gloom, but it's going to take compromise to get it resolved.

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