Anti-Mormon column on Romney was ignorant
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After reading the guest column by the Rev. Larry Taylor in Tuesday’s MDJ (“Is it OK for Christians to vote for a Mormon?”) I took a time warp back about 150 years and between. He has judged an entire religion with one fell swoop of his misdirected keyboard. It brought back recollections of racism, slavery, Nazis, Holocaust, genocide of cultures and peoples all through history. We are not so removed by time that these horrific instances based on uninformed and evil minds still raise their ugly heads once in a while. Now there it is in my local newspaper.

Larry Taylor is not the first minister I have heard proclaim Mormons as a non-Christian religion and group. I’m Christian and I know that Larry Taylor cannot know the hearts of every Mormon. He has judged them on what is a matter between them and their Lord. He has, once again, allowed Christians to be scrutinized as a group with no tolerance of others without even looking at his own religion’s history.

He also is extremely misinformed by his stated facts as well. I don’t know where he found his polls but most Christians and the general public view Mormons as Christians. Less than one third believe that Mormons are not Christians, according to Pew Research in June 2010. And another interesting poll by the Washington Post in 2011 found that one in four ministers say Mormons aren’t Christians. It is always the leaders, isn’t it?

I suggest that Taylor go back to seminary college and study Bible 101 again, especially James 4:12.

Mikel Sutton Crowley
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November 04, 2012
The fact is that Mormons are NOT Christian.. They follow the Book of Mormon NOT the Bible.. They have a Prophet AFTER Jesus.. And they believe Aliens were involved in Mankind's Experience (Kolob).

They are most certainly NOT Christian.. But what does that Matter.. Hinduism , Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, to just name a few Non Christian Religions all have decent People within them, as does Mormonism. Why do we 'Need' for Mormonism to be 'Christian' anyway? But regardless of your 'needs'.. Mormonism is Most Certainly NOT a Christian Religion.. And those that see it as bad that Mormonism might not be Christian are in fact the Bigots... As this Denial in the face of Obvious Factual Evidence to the Contrary just shows a Level of hate towards Religions that are not Christian.. It is those that desperately seek to make a Non Christian Religion a Christian one to try and justify to themselves that Mormons are 'Acceptable' that show the true Bigotry.
November 03, 2012
I guess that we should all be grateful that this "Rev" is merely making headlines via their bigotry and ignorance. Usually, we read about them only when it has to do with the molestation of young children.
D.Arthur White
November 02, 2012
It always struck me odd how Evangelicals have said, "My Jesus is better than your Jesus." I'm pretty sure there's enough of him to go around, and the last I heard they weren't given the job to be the gatekeepers to those pearly gates. I don't tell them anymore whether I'm JW, Hindu, Druid or Pegan because I'm tierd of being beat on by them. I'm content to have Jesus judge me and not them.
November 02, 2012
... but most Christians and the general public view Mormons as Christians.
November 02, 2012
Interesting that you find it necessary to be so venomously critical of the Pastor's heartfelt religious belief!

He clearly disagrees with you on whether mormons are Christians. That being said, his writing encouraged Christians to be tolerant and support Mr. Romney.

You, on the other hand, sought to label him with terms like "racism, slavery, Nazis, Holocaust, genocide...".

Ms. Crowley, you are a socialite bully hiding behind political correctness! Why don't you try a little tolerance yourself, even if it IS for a dissenting Christian belief!

Mary Ladd
November 02, 2012
And you, Hypocrite, are hiding behind a screen name. Come out, come out, whoever you are.
Whipping boy
November 04, 2012
Hypocrite's right! The preacher focused on voting beyond concern over differences in religion.

But you people seize the opportunity to bash Christians. When it comes to tolerance, Christians are always exempt. It's always open season on them, especially fundamental believers.

BTW, fundamental Christians DO believe God is the only judge and Jesus is our defender.
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