Amnesty would be tragedy for U.S.
by Ken Kirk
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The proposed amnesty for illegal immigrants in the United States would be a tragedy for our beleaguered nation. This proposal would benefit the 12 to 20 million undocumented aliens (illegal immigrants) currently living in the United States.

An amnesty for illegal aliens forgives their acts of illegal immigration and implicitly forgives other related illegal acts such as driving and working with false documents, rewarding them with legal status (Green Cards) for breaking immigration laws. The United States has previously granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants through one general amnesty and laws.

Prior to the first general amnesty in 1986, amnesty was available only on a case-by-case basis. That first amnesty gave some 2.8 million illegal immigrations the opportunity to change their status through the Immigration and Reform Control Act.

Amnesty may appear to be motivated by liberals’ compassion. Unfortunately, the primary goal of the liberals is less honorable and portends tragedy for our political and economic well-being. It must be considered that this amnesty is merely a first step toward citizenship and the right to vote.

Sixty-seven percent of Hispanics voted for Mr. Obama in 2012. Hispanics are projected to sway future elections even without the proposed amnesty and probable citizenship.

Obama in his recent inaugural address defended our nation’s middle class. Yet, his amnesty proposal is pitted against the best interests of our struggling middle class. Obama’s words: “For we, the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it. We believe that America’s prosperity must rest upon the broad shoulders of a rising middle class.” Actions speak louder than words and our president’s words are empty political rhetoric.

Obama failed to mention his proposal for amnesty, which flies directly against his inaugural rhetoric.

The proposed amnesty will open the floodgates to future illegal immigration, attracted to our government’s ever-more abundant socialistic offerings.

Our concerns would be ameliorated were Congress to pass more stringent immigration regulations. However, past experience has proved that Congress is inept and unwilling to enforce our current regulations.

The United States does not have the will or the means to control illegal immigration, yet it is dangling the most provocative of carrots to those millions who would undoubtedly storm our sieve-like borders.

With our unemployment rate around 8 percent and not likely to subside in the foreseeable future, these new illegals will be hard pressed to find employment. This suggests that our crime rate will soar.

The Democrat-run Senate voted down Sen. John Cornyn’s (R-Texas) amendment to the Amnesty Bill that would have excluded illegals who have been convicted of criminal acts, including gang activity.

If passed, the Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Bill will now permit convicted felons and terrorists to remain in the USA legally and indefinitely.

The above are the more obvious of our concerns, but the more subtle impact may well bear the most negative change for our nation. The strength of the United States has always been the checks and balances imposed on our government.

Until the present administration, our president has held limited powers under the scrutiny of the two houses of Congress. Now, President Obama is attempting to do everything possible to circumvent Congress. Not only is our presidency losing the checks and balances that have left our populace in control of our government, but this amnesty proposal presents the specter of dramatically altering the healthy balance that has long existed between our Republican and Democratic parties.

Personally, I care much more about the balance between our political parties than about which party maintains the current majority. You should, too. We are on the cusp of a descent into the abyss of undisputed majority governments that have so stifled those countries subjected to one-party rule.

Last September, Gallup reported that 38 percent of Americans prefer a one-party government. That is a frightening statistic in light of the liberty and freedom that we-the-people once enjoyed.

We must take a stand now, this very day, to barrage our representatives in Congress to defeat Mr. Obama’s amnesty proposal. Its passage will increase the rhythm of the death knell tolling for our besieged nation.

Failure to act now holds the dismal possibility of future civil unrest as the current administration’s divisive policies become fully implemented.

Ken Kirk of Marietta is a former professor of finance at Kennesaw State University, a former international banker, former real estate developer and former member of the Marietta School Board.

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Kevin Foley
February 14, 2013
Republicans did a splendid job of driving Hispanics and Latinos to the Democratic ticket in 2012, as I noted in my column last Friday.

Slow on the uptake as they are, GOP leaders belatedly realize they must embrace this constituency, not case them away if they are ever to win a national election again. Right Sen. Rubio?

Meantime, Mr. Kirk fails to understand we white folks will be the minority in 30 or 40 years, regardless of whether immigration reform is enacted or not.
Pat H
February 14, 2013
The good citizens of Cobb elected Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss to represent us and our wishes and they both became traitors and worked behind the scenes to appease the Chamber and GWB and the elites to craft the amnesty bill with McCain and Kennedy. After the uproar, they voted against it and then denied they had worked on it at all.

They were re-elected (why?) by the good citizens of Cobb, and now Isakson is saying he will vote for amnesty. Probaby Chambliss as well because he is leaving. They are rich enough to provide for themselves and their families regardless of the illegal invasion from Mexico.

Back in 1986, the Supreme Court ruled that we could not deny education for illegals and we had to provide "emergency" care for illegals. It has evolved into all kinds of healthcare for illegals whenever and wherever they demand it and it is provided to them free because they have no "documents" for identification for payment.

The social services costs to illegals will bankrupt us soon unless we make it so uncomfortable that they will decide that they should work to make their home countries better instead of sapping from the good people of the United States.

When criminal gangbangers are included by Senate vote in the next amnesty, we all need to take action to demand that all resources previously given to lazy people who refuse to work are put into border security and investigations into industries who are illegally hiring these people.
February 14, 2013
Thanks for an excellent column. Perfectly stated. I hope it has some impact. I have contacted my reps in this regard; I pray others do. It's amazing to watch the lineup of the usual lefty dullards who seem unable to wait for their own demise, and urge it on. They think their "compassion" in the introducing into the country a permanent underclass will make themselves "well-thought of."

It won't. Human beings universally have contempt for weakness, and betrayal of one's own kind. Look at blacks, e.g.. They're continually falling all over themselves thanking whitey for affirmative action, etc., etc. Right? Same for Hispanics, Muslims; whoever. It's never enough.

The lefties may be the last to see their folly, or is that Foley, but they will see it, assuredly.
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