Somebody tell Kevin Foley: It wasn’t an Executive Order - remaining silent and being thought a fool is better than jerking a knee and using a keyboard to remove all doubt…
by DA_King
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Should I count this as a badge of honor or just plain creepy? Kevin Foley seems to be fixated on… me. Too bad it’s not on those pesky facts. Progressive Foley also seems to be a great legend in his own mind. Count me among the group who thinks his giant self-image is massively overly positive.

At the urging of several readers, I just spent some time reading some of the comments posted below my columns and blogs here at the MDJ for the last several months. Not something I normally have taken the time to do in the past.

Holy cow! It seems that Politics Progressive  Kevin Foley has spent considerable time reading my stuff and posting (and posting, and posting and posting…) on the comments section. He even posts on his own blogs and columns! Don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing, as exposing the ego, mindset and agenda of mindless, knee-jerk, race-baiting liberals is always educational for people who haven’t been dealing with them directly and daily for more than a decade.

But Kevin Foley seems quite determined to make himself a glaring parody of the above.

Many friends, including members of the Board of Advisors of the Dustin Inman Society, a Georgia-based pro-enforcement immigration group I struggle to run, have made it clear they regard Foley as “a gnat unworthy of swatting.” But it is clear that this character wants some attention. We have decided to grant his wish.

Time permitting; what Kevin Foley writes for the MDJ will now be an occasional focus of this writer. Let’s call it “Foley’s Fantasy Follies Watch.”

That said, for today, out of many possibilities, let’s just focus on a situation to illustrate the wit and wisdom of Kevin Foley that Foley has created entirely by himself, using his arrogance and lack of research or knowledge of topics on which he pontificates.

That being presidential “Executive Orders”, what they are, and whether Ruler Obama has indeed used an EO in his DREAM Act amnesty announcement of June 15, 2012.

He hasn’t. And I wrote as much in an educational addition to a column (‘Cobb BOC not using federal IMAGE tool to protect jobs’, MDJ, July 2, 2012) that ran in the MDJ this week.

The quote from my column on which Foley has volunteered his uneducated but stern opinion: “…Obama made an announcement (it was not an Executive Order) from the White House Rose Garden that he had instructed his DHS Chief, Janet Napolitano, to “temporarily” defer enforcement action on yet another group of illegal aliens who say they were brought here as children and who claim to be less than 31 years old. With raging unemployment, “Dear Ruler” also plans on issuing them work permits.”

Kevin Foley has felt compelled to post several amusing derisive comments below the online version of my column with his typical uninformed bombastic ignorance. One of them goes like this:

Kevin Foley - Not an executive order? Of course it was: In a Rose Garden address Friday afternoon, President Barack Obama said the changes caused by his executive order will make immigration policy "more fair, more efficient and more just."

Don't let the facts get in your way, Mr. King.

I Googled the above “evidence” Foley used. It came from CNN.

It is true that many news agencies have reported that Obama’s DREAM Act amnesty was created by Executive Order and then retracted; from the LA Times on June 17, 2012:


A previous version of the headline referred to a change in the Obama administration’s deportation enforcement policy as an executive order. In fact, the policy change came as a directive from the Secretary of Homeland Security.
Somebody send this to Kevin Foley?

It is also true that many in the liberal anti-enforcement media get their “facts” right and accurate sometimes. Also true that most liberals only to hear a murmur of something in the press that they desperately want to be true to take the “almost fact” and expand it, then present their latest piece of misinformation based on that falsehood. Hello Kevin Foley.

Wikipedia has some basic information on Executive Orders for beginners ( hello Kevin Foley): “Until the early 1900s, executive orders went mostly unannounced and undocumented, seen only by the agencies to which they were directed. However, the Department of State instituted a numbering scheme for executive orders in 1907, starting retroactively with an order issued on October 20, 1862, by President Abraham Lincoln. The documents that later came to be known as "Executive Orders" probably gained their name from this document, captioned "Executive Order Establishing a Provisional Court in Louisiana."

Someone ask Foley to cite the number of Obama’s supposed EO on DREAM Act amnesty? Please?

Note that the White House keeps a (long) list of Executive Orders made by Obama and that the DREAM Act amnesty is not on it. Because Obama simply told his Homeland Security puppet not to  enforce American immigration law for yet another group of illegal aliens and then announced the pandering policy from the White House Rose Garden. Don't let the facts get in your way, Foley.

It is even more amusing that when challenged by a reader, Foley repeats his snarling contention with a quote from yet another news agency that gets it wrong. Conclusion? Make your own, but I suggest Foley takes the sage advice from writers through time “write about what you know.”

A practice which would limit him to parroting the “facts” he is able to glean from scanning liberal media headlines and quoting the far left bloggers and “foundations” that depend on people like him to spread the misinformation on which they exist.

Prediction: Kevin Foley will never admit he was wrong. And I will never get back the hour of my life it has taken to type this up.

But it had to be done.

More to come…

(Note: It’s a hard one, but forced to select just one word to describe far left anti-enforcement liberal mouthpieces, I would choose “arrogant.” “Uninformed” was a close second. I welcome your own one word description in the comments section below…)

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Gordo Meis
August 04, 2012
Kevin Foley, radical leftist, of Kennesaw Georgia, a public relations "expert" is really a wanna-be bully who is an extremeist who opposes enforcement of immigration laws. He is a typical hysterical liberal who uses name-calling to hide the fact that he has no argument.

Potential clients of Kevin Foley should beware of his temper and lack of anger management. He will ruin your product and reputation.

Lib in Cobb
July 12, 2012
Off Balance: "You pronounce me ...." You have elevated yourself to a very lofty position. "You pronounce me...", what happens next beyond my total lack of concern?
Lib in Cobb
July 12, 2012
Off Balance: Yes, you are. Arrest me!

Off Balance
July 10, 2012

1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.

2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.


1. the offense of acting to overthrow one's government or to harm or kill its sovereign.

2. a violation of allegiance to one's sovereign or to one's state.

3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

It is no stretch to say that anyone who supports the illegal entry into another and then supplanting workers of that country as well as lowering wages of that country is, in fact in violation of allegiance to one's sovereign or to one's state.

So, Lib I pronounce you a traitor. Your words indicate that.
Lib in Cobb
July 07, 2012
According to some posters here we Liberals are "traitors". That gets very old. There are many conserves who automatically believe that we Libs are un-American. Do we have to show up at the next meeting of The Guns and Jesus Club in order to document our loyalty to this country?

I will remind you all it was a conservative president who had almost every nation on earth hating us after an eight year reign. It was a Liberal Democratic president who won the Nobel Peace Prize because of his efforts to make peace with those nations which Bush alienated.
A Taxpayer
July 06, 2012
Well, we can never eradicate the twisted logic that people like Foley embrace ... but we can certainly outnumber them at the polls.
July 06, 2012
One word description - "ignorant" (i.e. - also having the option of becoming educated on a subject)
lance sjogren
July 06, 2012
Foley said:

. I was confused by the Fox News and other media stories that repeatedly called it an "executive order."

Well, Foley, I see that you are one of those right wing nitwits that get their "news" from Fox!
July 06, 2012
wait until you see DA's latest blog on Folery! hahahahaa
Frankie Lane
July 06, 2012
Name for liberals? Traitors.
Donald H
July 06, 2012
Where does criticism end and harassment start? Looks like poor Kevin is beside himself with envy over someone else's print.
Dwvlin Adams
July 05, 2012
@Lib in Cobb : I'm sure D.A. got the message. The message is that Kevin is an egotistical whiner, who fancies himself an expert on everything, but who, in reality, could fill a large library with subjects about which he knows nothing. Devoid of the ability to have an interchange with anyone who has opposing views, without trying to put them down, belittle them and insult them, he a poor communicator.

The only reason the MDJ prints his gibberish, I suspect, is for "comedy relief."
Old Vet
July 05, 2012
Good work DA. This guy deserves more. I hope people who still think that liberals are harmless rubes will pay atention to Kevin Foley. Good for the paper for putting him in.
Lib in Cobb
July 05, 2012
Kevin, Thank you again. Well written, so well written I am certain that DA will miss the message.
Marie in Marietta
July 05, 2012
Kevin, nobody "changed" jumped in and called out DA on something he has been studying for years. Note that DA knows what he is talking about? And that he has your number?

You got part of what you deserve and your whimpering about being called perfectly fitting and descriptive names is priceless in light of what you called DA when he declined your pompous offer to stop calling illegal aliens "illegal aliens." Or your attack on the Tea Party. Or not knowing that Allen West is a proud black American.

You should stay away from things you don't understand and especially from DA King. But please know how very much I enjoyed reading Mr. King's write up. I look forward to more. My (Dem) neighbor does too. :)
July 05, 2012

"I was confused by the Fox News and other media stories that repeatedly called it an "executive order."

I know, I know, it is all Bush's fault. Same spiel as your lord and master, Obama.

I can see you as a child crying, "Richie made me do it!"

July 05, 2012

As a daily reader of the MDJ, hard copy and blog site, my observation is that Foley waits until he sees an an article by you or Dr Fein and then he unleashes what he believes to be solid refutations, but which in fact are nothing more than ideological rants.

I can see him hovering by his keyboard, slavering and hoping you have an article published. I usually revisit your article and Dr Fein's a few times during the day to see when the Foley Foray into False Facts is entered, then I post or just sigh and shake my head at his words.

Kevin Foley
July 05, 2012
Mr. King- I stand corrected. I was unaware of the change. I was confused by the Fox News and other media stories that repeatedly called it an "executive order."

My apologies to you, Mr. King.

As for my frequent posts, the MDJ is over-run with far right opinion that may reflect some of the readers views but certainly not all of them and most certainly not the many progressives like me who call Cobb County home.

I think silence in the face of the far right misinformation tsunami (see my MDJ column tomorrow) is antithetical to democracy, espceiclly in Cobb where the MDJ is pretty much the only large public forum. As you said the other day, "All politics is local."

You may not know this, but blogs are supposed to be conversations, which is why I try to respond to readers who agree or disagree with me on my blog. I tend to ignore those who post anonymous personal attacks. They're the real gnats (whoever they are).

No, Mr. King, I'm not fixated with you. I'm fixated with the truth and reason. So in future I'll be careful to double check my facts.

You should be sure you do the same.

(I hope you and your followers note I didn't have to revert to sophmoric name-calling to make my point. Would you had that skill.)

Deana Dizz
July 05, 2012
I like 'arrogant'. But also 'mindless' fits so well. And 'small'. I think Mr. King has it covered here for starters.

This Foley person really is a scream! The Foley watch idea is a hoot!
D.A. King is founder and president of the Cobb-based Dustin Inman Society.

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