Progressives for Immigration Reform is a non-profit organization educating the public on the unintended consequences of mass migration…Leah Durant rocks!
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A friend of ours for nearly ten years, Leah Durant is the Executive Director head of “Progressives For Immigration Reform”, an organization that (somebody get out the smelling salts for occasionally accurate Kevin “make-‘em-all-legal” Foley) demands justice in immigration by…enforcing American immigration laws.

You can see Leah and friends in a short video from the PFIR YOUTUBE page and visit the PFIR website to see some common sense positions on immigration as related to what many in the media would like you to believe are separate issues. They aren’t.

Leah Durant rocks!

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Marie from Marietta
July 25, 2012
Oh stars. You keep doing it over and over! Don't you know that we have Google and can actually think for ourselves (that is why we aren't liberal, partisian hacks Kevin) and find real live info for ourselves? Try this (the media slipped up again) on Google Kev:

After Pei Wei Illegals Raided By Arpaio,Americans Line Up For Jobs [Video]

Does your mother know how silly you are?
Davey Jonesy
July 25, 2012
Foley, I have been reading your trash for sometinme. You aren't fooling anyone with that worn-out false "anti-immigrant" nonsense. My wife is an immigrant, which means she is here legally. She is proud of that fact. The laws are anti-illegal immigration.

AS IF you have enough brains or reason to even acccept the facts on illegals taking American jobs. Your low level of knowledge on immigration is easy to see every time you try to sound like an authority. If you want to learn about illegal imigration, you should read DA King very carefully and try hard to just look around.
Kevin Foley
July 25, 2012
There are lots of "progressives" who scapegoat others. I'd love to see the independent data supporting Ms. Durant's assertion that undocumented workers are stealing American jobs.

I did see Alabama's draconian anti-immigration legislation worked wonders for the unemployment situation over there, especially in the agriculture sector, where farmers can't find any Alabamans to work their fields.
Marie in Marietta
July 23, 2012
This website contains far too much common sense for Kevin to handle...and it is off the approved talking points he copies from Huffington Post! Good one DA!
Off Balance
July 23, 2012
I wish Leah would rock Fooley.....
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