A warning to Georgia from the illegal immigration capital of the world: Los Angeles police refuse to enforce state law effecting illegal aliens
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News and a warning for Georgia, from the illegal immigration capital of the world. Los Angeles police, sworn to uphold the law, have made it clear they will refuse to enforce a state law. Because it affects illegal aliens.

From Fox News:

“The Los Angeles Police Department will soon start ignoring California state law, which requires police to impound the vehicles of unlicensed drivers for 30 days.


The majority of unlicensed motorists in Los Angeles are immigrants who are in the country illegally and have low-income jobs. The LAPD says the state's impound law is unfair because it limits their ability to get to their jobs and imposes a steep fine to get their car back…”

What we have here is a view into the very possible, not-too-distant future. And not just for California.

Georgians have witnessed angry mobs of as many as 10,000 illegal aliens and their organizers take over the streets in front of the state Capitol. Multiple times. The message is always the same: “We are above your laws.”

While the media refuses to report it, these events protesting immigration law enforcement have a heavy communist presence and usually come complete with socialist propaganda booklets (in two languages) that are snapped up by the crowds, raised fists saluting the communist murderer Che Guevara with angry “oppressed” marchers carrying banners heralding the coming “revolution” displaying the names of the endless lists of groups – including the communist party – that promise revenge when the marchers for “justice” are able to vote.

The word in the halls of the Gold Dome is that policy makers in Republican Central have convinced some senior Georgia GOPers that they will somehow get more votes from Georgia Hispanics if they act more like California Democrats. Which would be hilarious if it weren’t so dangerously dumb.

It is worth watching to see what that strategy does for current legislation aimed at illegal immigration in Georgia – watch the outcome of SB 458 in the last week of session.

See as much of a March 2011 illegal alien lobby rally video here as you can stand to get a handle on the attitude and tone of just one of the open-borders Marxists who claim leadership of the Georgia’s fugitives who have escaped capture at our borders and now demand “justice.”


The imported-from-the-third-world organizer of the anti-enforcement event and first speaker you see is Adelina Nicholls. Along with Teodoro Maus, former Consul General of the Atlanta Mexican consulate and Mexican citizen, she is a co-leader of something called the Georgia Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR).


She is preaching revolution in front of the state Capitol, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The rallying cry - but in a foreign language - is the same as Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan: “Yes we can!” - Si Sue Puede!


She demands what Los Angeles police are openly delivering. She wants Georgiafornia.


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April 17, 2012
Robert Johnson

While I agree with your sentiments, I think your spell check wasn't working.

".geez you are a case. But entertaining."

In my opinion it should not be entertaining, but, irritating.

He is a dyed in the wool, dotty thinking, flaming liberal, with more concern for foreign invaders than his fellow Americans.
April 12, 2012
We were sold out on this bill by Deal and Ralston!
Robert Johnson
April 11, 2012
Foley - this is the same mindless mentality that says we should allow illegals to vote so as to reduce voting fraud. But, hey, you didn't call me a nazi! Why would most law enforcement officers oppose giving a drivers license to illegals? WHY did you not use the same quote I did when you posted...geez you are a case. But entertaining.
Kevin Foley
March 31, 2012
Robert Johnson - Why would LAPD Chief Beck, with years of law enforcement experience, support driver's licenses for undocumented workers, a stand a lot of public safety officals back? There just might be a good reason but you only cut and paste the part of the story that supports your version of the "facts" (you could get a job as a Fox News producer with those skills):

"Beck believes issuing licenses to illegal immigrants would improve safety on California roads and would, for example, reduce the number of hit-and-run accidents because illegal immigrant drivers would not have fear being caught without a license at accidents, according to the Times."

Robert Johnson
March 27, 2012
Umm...do you mean the Chief Charlie Beck who backs driver's licenses for illegal immigrants?

Wading into a divisive, politically charged debate, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said Wednesday that California should issue driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.

The chief becomes one of the most prominent local figures to support the idea that state lawmakers have battled over repeatedly in the last 15 years. And Beck's stance is certain to further inflame critics who are already angry at the chief for his efforts to liberalize rules on how his officers impound the cars of unlicensed drivers. (La Times)

So...give us a break, OK? Comrade?
Kevin Foley
March 26, 2012
Lenin and Marxists and Commies, oh my!!! Give me a break. Here's what that noted pinko, LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck had to say:

"Let me be very clear, we will continue to issue citations and make arrests, when necessary, for people we encounter that drive without a license –regardless of their country of origin. We will also, in most cases, impound their vehicles and hold them until the registered owner and a licensed driver are available to retrieve the vehicle from our impound yards. The proposed change is that we will specify the particular impound authority that officers use. Additionally, we are reinforcing the requirement that under certain circumstances officers should not impound the vehicle."

Robert Johnson
March 26, 2012
The Republicans are in cahoots with these people if they don't pass the bill that stops illegals from Georgia colleges!
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