The Agitator #40
by Oliver_Halle
 The Agitator
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It’s remarkable that Obama has been attacked for almost four years for making a number of promises that anyone should understand were aspirational and dependent on Congress or other factors to be fulfilled. The Republicans have had a field day with Obama’s promise of “Hope and Change.” I guess they think that it has a very definite meaning, that there is only one measure that determines if we have experienced it. If the voters decide that Romney’s promises of creating 12 million jobs and balancing the budget by 2020 is realistic, they should vote for him. (Ryan’s budget plan calls for a much longer period of time to get it into balance.) Romney has also promised to increase defense spending, restore the Bush tax cuts and add his own, and cut a myriad of regulations. Absent from all these promises is any roadmap that a voter can examine to determine if these plans will lead to prosperity or take us over the cliff. But believing on faith is very powerful. I wonder if Romney has factored into his calculations the costs that Obama inherited from Bush, and which Romney would inherit in turn from Obama: two unfunded wars, VA care for the next 60 plus years that will exceed twelve figures, and Medicare Part D. The CBO says Medicare Part D will cost more over ten years than ObamaCare, TARP, and the stimulus package combined. But not a peep from the Republicans to repeal Medicare D. Maybe it’s because they gave birth to it.

Another issue that Romney would have to face is how to pay for his promised increases to the Defense Department while cutting taxes. Of interest is that DOD requested another BRAC (Base Realignment and Closing) commission earlier this year. It was defeated in both Houses by Republicans and Democrats. The reason is that they fear the number of jobs that would be lost in the communities that the elected officials represent. The Democrats have not shied away from arguing that the government needs to spend more to create jobs, while the Republicans have countered that these are nothing more than a giveaway programs with taxpayer money. I won’t argue with the Republican logic, but it is an argument papered in obfuscation. DOD has expressed the need to close bases to save money, and that if it can’t close the bases, the money that goes to support them will be taken from needed research and development and other programs directly related to our national defense. But the Republicans defend their position with disingenuous claims while wrapped in the red, white and blue. When Obama pleaded for approval of his jobs bill to rebuild infrastructure, something we need and which would employ countless engineers, architects, construction workers, and a myriad of other skilled and unskilled laborers, that was called a welfare program. I stand with the people who probably know what’s best: Leon Panetta and the joint chiefs. I also stand with Obama and his jobs bill that would put money into the economy, ensure that technical skills are maintained, and put money back into the economy, which would create taxpayers and new jobs.

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September 22, 2012
It is nice to see that you have made major steps to come out of your liberal closet. I look forward to your growth.
Oliver Halle of east Cobb is a retired FBI agent and has law degrees from The University of North Carolina and New York University. He commanded a Swift Boat in Vietnam, where he earned the Bronze Star with the Combat V for meritorius action. While with the FBI he helped investigate and prosecute members of the Columbo organized crime “family” and later launched the investigation that resulted in the conviction on corruption charges of Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell.

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