Obama Still Standing as Romney Shakes the Etch a Sketch
by Kevin_Foley
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Antichrist. False prophet. Muslim. Phony birth certificate.

They've taken their best shots and Barack Obama is still standing. The numbers are getting better. The president is finding his Buffet Rule stride.

Meantime, Mitt Romney, the "Massachusetts Moderate," is the presumptive GOP nominee. Other than Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, nobody's left now that Rick Santorum has quit the race ahead of the primary election in his home state of Pennsylvania, where he would have been beaten like a rented mule come April 24th.

I feel sad. I had hoped the Republican primary would grind on, the entertainment value was that good. This, after all, was the crew that gave us outlawed contraception, "oops," dance numbers by Mr. and Mrs. Bachmann, 30-foot electrified fences, and Etch a Sketch.

Now it will be vanilla ice cream every day, Mitt Romney squaring his pro-choice, pro-mandate past with his "severely conservative" presidential future. This after dropping the "loser" bomb on Santorum in TV ads running this week in the Keystone State, delivering a classy kick in the shorts to the former senator as he was heading for the door.

Romney will no doubt take a breather in the weeks ahead, bracing himself for post Labor Day campaigning  backed by the $700 million or $800 million he's likely to collect from post-Citizen United interests who will expect payback big time. And should he win, Mitt will comply. He's a company guy, after all.

I'm betting on America. My money's on the smart folks out there who work for wages, which is most of America. They look at Romney and see the guy who wouldn't give them a two-dollar-an-hour raise. He's the boss who pushed the 15 percent hike in health insurance premiums onto the employees; the absentee manager who showed up at the plant one Friday afternoon and told you to clear out your locker.

There was a time in my life I worked for wages and thought that was the way of the world. Later, I was a newspaper reporter. I wrote about the good, the bad and the ugly in the little town I covered where I developed a strong empathy for people who have to choose between filling the car or feeding the kids; between taking a child they know is seriously ill to the doctor, or waiting to see what happens; between making rent or paying the heating bill.

Mitt Romney's never known any of this. He was born into wealth and privilege, somehow avoided Vietnam as many well-connected young men did, hung around France seeking converts to Mormonism, and then slid into a job that paid him hundreds of millions of dollars before he was 40.

For Mitt Romney, life was like winning the lottery every day.

It's not "class warfare," guys. It's about a level playing field. I don't resent Mitt's wealth because I'm doing fine.  I just wish Romney would be honest and talk about helping his fellow Americans get on the same path that led him to the Promised Land instead of telling us how he's going to grease the skids to keep them from reaching it.

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Kevin Foley
April 14, 2012
Anonymous (whoever you are) - you are obviously angry. I understand. But this list of stuff you offer as proof that Obama has let you down is full of half truths, distortions and falsehoods. I could spend time here refuting each one, however, let me just pick one point you make and debunk it for you.

Re: immigration, under Obama, deportation of undocumented workers has never been higher. In fact, it's gotten him into trouble with Latinos and Hispanic voters. This is an easily verifiable fact.

Now, if hat's wrong, you should step back and say, maybe your other points are as well. You'll spend time objectively investigating because you want to be a fully informed voter and elect the candidate that best represents your interests. I hope you will.

April 14, 2012
Obama has failed me-

You say I need to offer support for that statement. That says you are either deaf,l dumb or blind. It is possible you are in a fugue state due to blind loyalty. Loyalty is good, blind loyalty7 can be fatal.

Huge debt--not anywhere near Bush's fault. A very tired argument and I did not like or trust Bush either.

Highest debt in history with Obama's numbers in 3 years significantly higher than any previous 8 year history.

Highest unemployment numbers since the great recession.

Unemployment rate for young black men at 25% in most urban areas.

Illegal immigration--nothing worse about Obama but this administration falsely claims to have reduced it, yet, per economists, the downturn in the economy is responsible for any slowdown in illegal immigration.

That is all I need to list. Shame on me for responding to your Alinsky trick.

"According to Alinsky, the main job of the organizer is to bait an opponent into reacting. “The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength.”

Last time for me to respond to a flaming progressive, blindly loyal, progressive party line spewer. You believe you worry more than a conservative for me? You care less or you would not support programs and a progressive socialist plan that harms many of us.

J Balfour
April 14, 2012
Mitt's pitiful response to the Rosen comments are only topped by his wife's ignorant rants about how she works as hard as a working women with a full time job and a family.It demonstrates that these richie rich folks have no clue. The issue is that Ann has never had to punch the time clock and raise kids. She had the luxury of staying home with the maids, cooks, yardworkers, and nannies. Sure raising kids is a tough job and a full time job, but many of us had to do that and hold down a full time job. As for the cancer, my daughter went through cancer treatment and a double mastectomy all while having to work so that she didn't lose her health insurance and her house. Bet Ann never had that hanging over her during her cancer treatment. As for the MS, my friend dragged herself out of bed and put her braces on everyday to work outside for the city water department just so she didn't lose her health insurance. I'll bet Ann never had to worry about that and worry about supporting herself. No, Ann, raising 5 kids with all the help and no financial worries is not the same. You don't understand and neither do those other say at home mothers who do not have to push the kids out the door every morning, rush to punch the time clock, rush home after picking up the kids day after day, then spend the evening getting them dinner, baths, homework and clean clothes. No, Ann, you, even if you had worked outside of the home, still had others to do all the work that working mothers in the middle class are doing every day. There is no comparison. When it comes to real women's issues you are completely out of touch and so is your husband.

Kevin Foley
April 13, 2012
Anonymous and Mr. Adams...I'm not clear on what your arguments are because you haven't made any. Mr. Adams in particular seems to be in the throes of serious Obama derangement syndrome.

You say Obama has failed but you offer no support for your assertion.

Do either of you know that Obama passed the biggest tax cut in history? It's true. Look it up. Are either of you making over $1 million a year? If not, do you really think conservatives are worried about you?

April 13, 2012
Mr Foley,

I read Devlin Adams post and I must confess that I am really surprised you hold the opinions you do. You are educated and seem to be possessed of good intelligence. It is reasonable to assume that what Mr Devlin wrote is true, when you look at what Obama has done to date.

Sadly, Obama has failed. A golden opportunity to illustrate how anyone can succeed in America is washed down the drain with Obama's efforts to install a system that history shows is doomed to failure.

It does seem you have drunk the Kool Aid of progressive secular thinking. What a waste.
Devlin Adams
April 11, 2012
Foley, you have really taken a plunge into the cesspeool of Obama Kool-Aid. Do you really think working class America believes Obama understands or cares about their problems? Come on, man. Be serious. Here's a guy with zero qualifications, who rode a frenzy of GOP revolt,a DNC ready to crawl into bed with the Devil to elect a president and a country swelling with entitlement

mentality folks who vote for a living instead of working, into the highest job in the land. Here's a man who has never held a job outside the government, whose only training is in how to spend money other people worked and sweated to earn,and went from a government paycheck to declaring earnings of 1.9 million dollars. Does anybody really think he can relate to working class America? Only a fool would think so.
Kevin Foley is a 1979 graduate of the University of Connecticut and a former newspaper reporter. In 1981, he began his 30-year career in public relations, working in account management for Burson-Marsteller and Ketchum, two international PR firms. In 1986, he launched KEF Media in Chicago, a firm specializing in broadcast and Internet public relations. He moved the company to Atlanta in 1993. His career has taken him around the world and to every major city in America. Along the way he has worked with celebrities and public figures like Hank Aaron, Jane Seymour, Bob Dole, Nolan Ryan and Ryan Seacrest. Kevin went into semi-retirement in 2009 to pursue his long delayed writing career. In 2008 he published his first novel, "Where Law Ends," and has three other novels in various stages of completion. Kevin serves on the board of directors at Pinetree Country Club where enjoys golf and tennis. He and his wife Susie live in Kennesaw. The couple has two grown children.

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