Lies and Damned Lies
by Kevin_Foley
 Politics Progressive
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It's easy to lie. Just ask Mitt Romney.
But it's more difficult to tell the truth, especially when you present progressive arguments in a conservative stronghold like Cobb County. When I write my columns and blogs, I know they'll be scrutinized and any error will be vigorously waved in recrimination. So I'm especially careful to get my facts straight but some scrutinizers find fault anyway.
One of them is Mr. Pete Borden who believes he "called me out" and I should now just slink away, intimidated by his soaring intellect and acid pen. To Mr. Borden, standing up to his baseless attack is "juvenile." This is the motis operandi of so many conservatives in the face of undeniable facts.
Scream "liar" and then, "I'm done talking about this."
So, Pete, thanks for the last word.
You claim I have made "untrue attacks" on Romney when, in fact, I merely presented his ever-changing positions on a score of important issues. I repeated his own words and I quoted his co-religionists and his critics. Virtually everything I wrote is verifiable.
You of course failed to back up your charge in the first blog post and then, after I called you out, came back with two bogus "examples" that "prove" your point. But anyone who has carefully listened to Paul Ryan's views on contraception knows he wants it outlawed. Likewise, anyone who has paid attention to Romney knows he'll make access to contraception harder and more costly for women if he can.
Ironically, contraception wasn't even a political issue until the far right social engineers like Paul Ryan seized control of the
Republican party and made it one.
I began voting in 1972 and I have never seen a presidential candidate as craven and as dishonest as Mitt Romney. As I noted recently, he's just an empty Armani suit reciting any line he thinks will get him elected, true or not. This is how he behaved in business and as governor of Massachusetts.
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Lib in Cobb
November 08, 2012
@Off Balance: Yes, you are.
Lib in Cobb
November 07, 2012
What a fabulous morning. I watched FOX for a short time this AM, they are talking about voter fraud.

Let the crying begin.
Off Balance
November 06, 2012
Foley do you always talk to yourself in the first person?? I mean , when you say "Lib in Cobb" , we all know you are talking to yourself.
November 06, 2012
Sweet patootie Foley "motis operandi"??? Really??

Give me a break. Pete is on top of it (and you)and you are such a leftist zealot that you wouldn't recognize a truth if you tripped over it.

Your insult in the last paragraph defines you for what you really are. A giant bag of foul wind and foul opinions about good and decent people.

PS Since you are being petty, I suggest that you are jealous that you would not fit in an Armani suit.

And to pull the "fact check" nonsense you do on Pete where is "everything" that you have checked? I have seen no proof from you. You have been exposed as being disingenuous at least weekly by other posters here.

Kevin Foley
November 06, 2012
@ Lib - Mr. Borden is worried about my "untrue" statements but is perfectly fine with Romney's long documented list of lies and distortions.
Lib in Cobb
November 06, 2012
Thanks, Kevin. I stated in one of my posts, accusing another writer of inaccuracy, or as Pete calls it being "untrue" is serious". It seems he doesn't agree with me, which should be no surprise.

The GOP for months now have lived by the statement by one of the many advisers, "We will not let fact checkers dictate this campaign".
Kevin Foley is a 1979 graduate of the University of Connecticut and a former newspaper reporter. In 1981, he began his 30-year career in public relations, working in account management for Burson-Marsteller and Ketchum, two international PR firms. In 1986, he launched KEF Media in Chicago, a firm specializing in broadcast and Internet public relations. He moved the company to Atlanta in 1993. His career has taken him around the world and to every major city in America. Along the way he has worked with celebrities and public figures like Hank Aaron, Jane Seymour, Bob Dole, Nolan Ryan and Ryan Seacrest. Kevin went into semi-retirement in 2009 to pursue his long delayed writing career. In 2008 he published his first novel, "Where Law Ends," and has three other novels in various stages of completion. Kevin serves on the board of directors at Pinetree Country Club where enjoys golf and tennis. He and his wife Susie live in Kennesaw. The couple has two grown children.

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