DiMassimo’s rebuttal letter is fact challenge gibberish.
by Pete_Borden
 Cobb County Government
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I was really shocked to find that nobody who lives in Cobb and works in Atlanta rides in a carpool. I was equally shocked to discover that the HOV lanes, on the downtown connector, do not have one single vehicle travelling in them during rush hour traffic.

At least that it what I gather from the nebulous “past studies of operating transit systems” which Faye DiMassimo quoted in her amusing and fact challenged rebuttal to Larry Savage’s letter regarding the regional Transportation Investment Act. (MDJ – 11-27-11) Such would have to be case if her statement that 200 riders on mass transit would remove 200 vehicles from the road, is accurate. I presume Ms. DiMassimo is prepared to quote the credible source for the quoted “studies.” No? I thought not.

Do these people really think that the folks in Cobb County are dense enough to swallow that kind of malarkey?

As for the Alternative Analysis study, most of us recognize it for nothing more than a massive tax eating exercise, designed to convolute the facts. Indeed, the results of the study were predetermined. The panel’s job is to twist the data to support the predetermined conclusion.

For all their efforts to obfuscate their actions, this whole group is so transparent that a blind man could see through them with his cane. Did everyone note that one of the SPLOST projects schedule to start in 2015 is a park and ride at Cumberland Blvd. and Cobb Parkway? How very conveniently located that is in relation to the Cobb County start/terminus of the proposed light rail from Cumberland to Midtown. Gee! What a coincidence!

There is also the question of the three different surveys, allegedly encompassing the opinions of 16,000 Cobb County residents. I challenge her to produce documentation, including dates of the surveys, questions asked and the qualifications of the group(s) conducting the surveys to gather, analyze and report on the data. While I am holding my breath, waiting for this information, I would like to hear from any readers who participated in one of those surveys or know of someone who did.

Pending receipt of credible documentation, I will file Ms. DiMassimo’s letter under “Incredible Science Fiction.”

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John Glover
August 16, 2012
In a sardonic way, its almost funny reading what passes for political discourse from people like Pete Borden. Understanding nothing, offering nothing,he rambles on. Be proud Mr. Borden, the penny tax was defeated,the general welfare thwarted, progress was regressed. Since you've got no where to go, you can safely crawl back into your whole till your overlords need you to subvert democratically elected government. Galatians 6:7
December 05, 2011
--RE: JR in Mableton said --- I applaud Director DiMassimo for have the intestinal fortitude to talk about solutions.--

JR, don't be a fool. You have clearly not been attending any TSPLOST meetings or reading anything other about the TSPLOST than DiMassimos' letter to the Editor.

Dimassimo has not talked about "solutions" she has been spreading layers of incoherent and deceptive propoganda trying to garner support for nonsensical boondoogle projects that involve excessive outlays of taxpayer cash for transportation related systems that will NEVER solve the transportation issues at hand or be cost effective. They are projects bound to cost Cobb citizens dearly and take Cobb County into the realm of New York City, San Fransisco and other incredibly overly priced, densely populated hovel colonies. That IS NO SOLUTION if you enjoy space, moderate costs of living and quality of life.

JR in Mableton
December 02, 2011
So, then what is the solution to our transportation issue? I live in Mableton and have offices in Norcross and Midtown Atlanta. If I leave my house by 6:15am, it is a 35 minute drive to Norcross. If not, the commute at least doubles. I don't want to even talk about trying to drive and park in midtown.

Don't underestimate the number of people in Cobb who would ride such a train to work. So, if light rail is not the answer, what is? Building more lanes? Doing nothing?

The reality is that our leadership is asleep at the switch. In the end, nothing will get done. I applaud Director DiMassimo for have the intestinal fortitude to talk about solutions. Maybe her solutions will work. Only time will tell. Our current direction is going to lead Cobb right down the path of Fulton and DeKalb....residents will be leaving and infrastructure will be crumbling.

It wasn't that long ago that the cell phone, iPod, and the internet were "incredible science fiction" as well.

I challenge you to produce a solution that will maintain Cobb's quality of life and economic competetiveness.
Pete Borden is a retired masonry consultant in east Cobb, an ex-Marine and an amateur playwright and director.

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